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It's transeasonal dressing o'clock. Aka draped jackets, scarves with bare legs and a whole lot of confusion around how hot or cold it is. A check shirt is the savior for seasonal dressing. Say you're heading out but not sure if you will need a jacket, simply tie a checked shirt around your waist to add some edge to your outfit while also being a nifty backup in case the temperature drops!

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Not to mention a shirt is light and versatile, making it a winning piece for layering under a leather jacket and over a band tee or buttoned up with leather pants. You can hide as many long sleeve tops or singlets under this loose fitted wonder as your chilly body desires. So basically what more could you want?! All these shirts under $100? You got it.

What do you think of these bargain check shirts? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I like no.4

  • H says:

    No.3 looks so warm & enticing. Comfortable enough to sleep in

  • Lassie says:

    Love this entire outfit :) ! Kisses from France :*

  • Lisa M says:

    Funnily enough, I like them all except the first and last. I have several in my own wardrobe, although I should say I’m not a city dweller. Even when I was I always liked a casual check shirt, I just like them to look a bit polished (like the black and white ones) or at least neat and tidy and well constructed. Shades of blue or blue and red combos are me to a T. Not a fan of the cabin patchwork look or the ombre because they’re just a bit too casual for my taste.

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