DDG DIY: Break In Case Of Emergency candy frame tutorial


DDG DIY: Break In Case Of Emergency candy frame tutorial

There's no denying that I'm a massive sweet tooth. I mean, come on people — you've seen my food galleries. Give me something filled, flavoured or covered in chocolate and I'm one happy camper. So naturally despite the best of my healthy lunching intentions no matter how I'm feeling I always reach for a chocolate snack in the afternoon. Sure some people say this is due to a poor diet and others say it is just a habit that I can break, but I like to think that I just freaking love chocolate and take the advice of Tom Haverford very seriously: treat yo'self!

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This little gift is the perfect thing to give all the sweet teeth in your life (yep, I made that into a plural because surely you know more than one person who would think, "An emergency chocolate stash? That's handy!") and it actually looks pretty cool as well! A few tips that I have for this one: cut out your transfer letters individually to really lay them out correctly and if you want it to be perfect you could even tape them into place so they don't slide around. Obviously I'm a wonky person so mine is a little bit wonky but I'm totally fine with that.



  • Colourful lollies of your choosing (I went with Smarties but M&Ms, Skittles or jelly beans would all work great)
  • A photo frame (it must be a shadow box style photo frame with space between the glass and the back or else you won't fit anything in it)
  • Transfer letters
  • A pen



  1. Make sure the glass of your frame is clean before starting.
  2. To transfer your letters, simply remove the backing sheet and place it right side up on your surface. Then scribble with a pen over the top of your letter — try to go over as much as possible for the neatest result — and it will transfer across. Apparently a pen or coin both work but the pen was easiest for me.
  3. Continue until all your letters are transferred.
  4. Remove the back from your frame and fill the cavity with your lollies.
  5. Reattach the backing.
  6. Display with a hammer — in case of emergencies.


What do you think of our candy frame tutorial? Tell us in the comments below!


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