Eat pretty: What foods should you be eating to get your beauty to shine

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Eat pretty: What foods should you be eating to get your beauty to shine

Have you ever noticed how when you're really busy at work and wind up getting greasy take away every night that your looks start to pay for it? Sure, part of that can definitely be attributed to stress, but the processed foods and lack of nutrients affects your hair and skin really quickly. By now we've all figured out that we need to be eating a whole range of foods so that our bodies can function properly, I mean there's only so many times we can be told that we have to be eating — at a very bare minimum — 2 serves of fruit and 3 serves of vegetables every day, but it's not just so all of our internal organs function properly and we should all be able to easily skate past those minimums and leave those small numbers in our dust.

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Luckily there is a lot of overlap between the benefits of certain vitamins and the foods they're found in, so it's not like I'm asking you to suddenly up your intake from a handful of vegetables to the entire fresh food section, but even just adding a few extra ingredients to the foods you're already making can make a huge difference on how your body functions as well as how you look on the outside. Think of it as healthy body dominoes — one ingredient can lead to a pile of improvements that all help each other. You'll be as beautiful on the outside as we know you are on the inside in no time.

Which of these foods are you already loving and which of them should you be adding to your diet? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • thepinkshoe says:

    Time for me to up my broccoli intake!

  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    Really great tips! I also need more broccoli lol. We eat it already but not as much as we could.

  • meedee says:

    Sadly for me bananas are the one fruit that I just cant handle.
    Its not the taste ….its the texture…it just turns my stomach…eck

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      If heard a few people say that. Would you be able to handle them in a smoothie?

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