The eyes have it: 5 of the best eyeshadow palettes where you’ll use every shade

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The eyes have it: 5 of the best eyeshadow palettes where you'll use every shade

While I'm only just starting to get back into the makeup game after about five years of the same old boring stuff there is still a lot for me to learn when it comes to this craft. Stepping back from my standard cat eye means it is time for me to start learning how to make use of all the eyeshadow palettes I have bought over the years and boy have I learnt a few things already. For instance, my wrinkly, hooded eyelids mean I need to apply way more shadow than I would like to so that you can actually see the effect. More importantly though I've learnt that I have wasted a tonne of money over the years on eyeshadow palettes where I only use one colour.

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We often get suckered in by pretty packaging (I say we because I assume that I'm not the only one who is a slave to the packaging!) and sales when we could actually get the one shade we had our eye on individually much cheaper. I had a hunt around and found 5 eyeshadow palettes where there are no random neons or colours that you will wear once and forget about. Just good old honest everyday eyeshadow shades. You're probably thinking, but most of these palettes are variations on nudes? And well, you'd be right. Brightly coloured eyeshadows are always fun but unless you tend to look like your makeup was done exclusively using colours found in the My Little Pony range then keep the crazy colours to single item purchases and save your palette buys for the ones where you'll use them all up. It's actually way more thrifty.

Which of my picks for the best eyeshadow palettes was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

PLEASE NOTE: As we are Australian based all prices listed are in AU$ and are the prices and shipping available to Australians. We are aware that some products may be available for a lower price in other countries, but unfortunately us Aussies have to pay more for cosmetics. All pricing is correct at the time of publication.

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I like them all. The Mecca one is interesting, it looks like blown sand at the beach

  • GMeers says:

    Ooh I love that Hourglass one, very different! I like the Too Faced one as well, to get away from just nudes. In terms of making up one’s own palette, I love Mary Kay mineral eye colours where you buy each individually, or similarly (from looking not trying) the Revlon shadow-links. Though I don’t think they have any matte shades, from memory? I really love a matte base colour esp for daytime when you don’t want to look like a fairy princess; or onstage when vintage make-up looks are called for

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      I also really like Inglot for individual colours – especially bright mattes. You can make your own palette from their individual shades which is a good way to make your own sets.

  • thepinkshoe says:

    I love my Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette for everyday use.

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      Me too! It is the only eyeshadow I regularly use!

  • Rachel Kapsalakis says:

    Love these and the Clinique one looks like my go to palette!

  • Fashionista8P says:

    I havent heard of hourglass before but my gosh thats one very attractive palette!!!

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      I love love LOVE Hourglass. They also have an amazing powder highlighter that makes your skin look incredibly glowy!

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