Fall favourites: 4 of the best lipstick and nail polish combos for Autumn

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Fall favourites: 4 of the best lipstick and nail polish combos for Autumn

There's something about the colder weather that makes me want to wear more makeup. Especially during the day. It's like I subconsciously think that extra layers of makeup on my face will help to insulate me against the cold winds, but for some reason that never seems to happen. I also get much better at looking after my nails and since I tend to wear gloves more often my manicure tends to last a little bit longer as well, which is always an added bonus.

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Just like I think about which shoes will match my outfit (and a lot of the time those shoes are cons) I like to subtly match my makeup to my nails for as long as my manicure lasts. This goes for any type of occasion that warranted me painting my nails. Whether it's a cold weather wedding, a night out with the girls, a first date or even just when I'm putting in a bit more effort at the office, going a little bit matchy matchy just takes my look to a whole other level. And okay, yes, there's a chance I might just be spending a little bit more time inside in the colder weather, pampering myself in my PJs and that's why my nails are always painted.

What did you think of my lipstick and polish combos? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    These are nice looks :) I have the no.2 nail polish and it goes with a lot of outfits :)

  • susieclegg says:

    My two loves, sensibly combined for every occasion 😀

  • meedee says:

    Last year i went to New York in September and it was interesting to see the makeup fashions. Bright red lips and glittery eye shadows.
    Im going again this year in August and cant wait to see what the looks are like this year. I will also be spending some time in LA and Vegas…wonder if the looks are different for each location.

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      I predict a lighter, more bronzey “beach glow” kind of look in LA and lots of eyeshadow in Vegas!

  • Fashionista8P says:

    LOVELY colours. I need an update of my colours

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