How to make eyeliner out of mascara: Beauty hack

Beauty hack mascara

How to make eyeliner out of mascara: Beauty hack

When you're a liquid eyeliner devotee like me, there will inevitably come a time when you find yourself scraping the bottom of your bottle without any success. The only way to get the smooth, stylish lines you want out of your liner is to have a good amount of product on your brush, so if you're running low — or GASP entirely out! — then you will struggle to line your eyes correctly. If you happen to find yourself in this predicament then don't worry that you'll have to leave the house with unlined eyes when you can use this easy little hack to safely line your eyes (I'm talking about not lining them with a sharpie a la Orange Is The New Black).

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While this method obviously doesn't work quite as well as an actual eyeliner it will always do in a pinch, and since mascara is made for use on your eyes it shouldn't irritate them or anything. You can do this one of two ways: if you have an eyeliner brush and have mastered the art of using them, then that will be your easiest option but if you don't have a brush then you can always use a cotton bud to draw the line on thick and then use the reverse end to clean up the line with warm water or makeup remover.


  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Cotton bud


  1. Take the wand out of your mascara and scrape some of the product (from the tip or between the bristles) onto your brush/cotton bud.
  2. Line your eye with the mascara.
  3. Tidy up any mistakes with a cotton bud and you're good to go.

What are your thoughts on this emergency beauty hack? Tell us any of your tips in the comments below!

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    Thats a good idea! I don’t think I will ever master the wings though lol

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