Just eat it: A day in the life of my tastebuds with Sharon Thurin

One of the things that is helping me wage a war on the amount of incredibly unhealthy foods I eat (this mustn't surprise you, I'm talking about my chocolate addiction all the time on this site!) has been replacing my usual treats with delicious alternatives that are choc (get it?) full of healthy ingredients so that I've got a foot firmly planted in both worlds. As the founder of Slim Secrets, Sharon Thurin knows a thing or two about finding healthy alternatives, which was why I was so interested to see what her daily diet would look like.

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While she obviously has a very healthy diet and gets loads of the good ingredients like the hero of the food world (at the moment at least) kale, I was surprised by just how normal Sharon's average diet is. Just like me she finds her days get a bit hectic and good lunches fall by the wayside and her dinner? It looks insanely delicious! Check out what her daily diet looks like and let us know what you think in the comments below!
Breakfast: My favourite breakfast is poached eggs with a side of avocado and cooked kale. Usually with a latte and on the weekends a mixed juice with apple, pear, lemon and kale. 
I am a big fan of kale and as you can see from my breakfast I can eat it cooked or in a juice. I also sometimes include it in my salads at dinner as well. The benefits of eating kale are great as it's full of essential vitamins, low in calories but high in protein and a great source of vitamin C. I could keep going, but I am sure you get the idea of why kale is on my favourites list! Whilst I mainly have kale in the mornings to give me my healthy kick start, this is one food that you can put in any meal.
The other ingredient I love is chia seeds. In fact, we use these in many of our Slim Secrets snacks. Chia seeds are a great source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and are perfect for the weight conscious. They've got heaps of benefits and are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I like to include them in my snacks as they help fill me up, so that I can stay fuller for longer between meals and not over indulge.
As you can see from my business, I like to incorporate protein (whey or soy) into my diet wherever possible. In the morning, I like to drink a protein shake because the body has been inactive for 6-8 hours, and hasn't had any nourishment. Without protein, muscles start to break down in order to create energy for the body, so I make sure I get my protein hit early to prevent this from happening!
Lunch: As life is usually hectic during the day, I confess, I don't always take time for my lunches and usually get some sushi. Quick, easy, healthy and yum!
Dinner: BBQ lamb fillets on a bed of vegetables and salad. Can never go wrong.
Snacks: Whichever Slim Secrets snacks I feel like at the time. I am loving our protein indulgence shakes after my workouts at the moment!

I also love to exercise and enjoy a protein shake or bar beforehand, as it helps my body prepare for the workout I'm about to give it. And, just for good measure, I'll have another protein hit after as this is when your muscles are more susceptible to nutrient absorption. 

Image courtesy of Damien Pleming via In The Black

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