Luxe vs less: The only Autumn flats you need for the prices you want!


Autumn is that weird transitional time for our feet. It's not quite socks and moto boots, yet our tootsies are feeling the chill with our Birks and slides. Enter the Autumn style flats. A combination of beloved ballet flats, slip on sneaker styles and even some bold espadrilles for those warmer days. Autumn is the time to make the most of your wardrobe by layering up your mix of Summer and Winter pieces. But often our feet can get forgotten, because let's face it, layering shoes has its downside (it can't be done). So get among these luxe vs less styles for whatever your taste or budget!

Blue suede shoes

1. LUXE: Repetto Navy Goatskin Suede Cinderella Flats, $305.00, vs LESSAldo Rozario Medium Blue Suede Flats, $29.98,

Nothing beats a blue suede shoe. Especially a classic ballet flat design and bright bold hue! Now just which one to add to cart ...

Glitter and glam

2. LUXEChiara Ferragni 10MM Black Eye Glittered Flats, $369.00, vs LESSTherapy Kitter Pewter Flats, $49.95,

Trust Chiara Ferragni to design the glitziest flats this side of Milan. But they are just about the easiest way to add a bit of sparkle to your life!

Pointed ankle-strap

3. LUXEProenza Schouler Ankle-Strap d'Orsay Flats in White, $750.00, vs LESSTopshop Serendipity Two-Part Pointed Flats, GBP26.00,

Clean and white. This is the Charlotte York of the flat world. Set to add class to any tailored jacket and trouser combo.

Printed slip ons

4. LUXE: Sophia Webster 'Adele' Sneakers, $263.33, vs LESSTopshop Loretta Slip Ons By Miss KG, GBP59.00,

To add some clash and mixed prints to your next ensemble, you can't go past a street style pair of slip ons.

Ankle-wrap flats

5. LUXEIsabel Marant Leo Ankle-Wrap Flats, $650.00, vs LESS: Wittner Sabino Flats in Grey Suede, $169.95,

If you love a feminine touch to your flats then this is the way to go. Ankle elegance is oh so chic.

Gold Espadrilles

6. LUXEMarenas Original Espadrille, $164.24, vs LESS: Topshop Kitten Espadrilles, GBP46.00,

Add some reflective foil interest to any outfit with this highlighted hero! Totes transeasonal and totes a winning style of the season.

Leopard loafers

7. LUXELanvin Leopard Print Loafer, $374.37, vs LESS: Topshop Klipper Slippers in Leopard, GBP65.00,

Add some subtle animal print to your weekend denim attire or mix it up with your blacks in the office!

What do you think of these luxe vs less buys? Tell us in the comments below!

Image courtesy of Sincerely Jules @Instagram


  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I find it so bizarre that people spent this much on shoes. Im all for investing for comfort but woah 😐 Having said that, I think the $650 ones are interesting :)

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      It’s a tricky thing because whenever I buy the super cheap shoes my feet definitely suffer and a lot of the time the design of some of the more expensive ones is just so unique that it’s not like you can get a good knock off of them. With that said my cap for shoes is around the $200 mark (and they’d want to be good quality for that much!) and even then it’s a hefty portion of my wage!

  • H says:

    I love a bargain when it comes to shopping however I do agree that some things need quality for comfort and durability. I tend to buy the cheaper alternatives in trend styles & save up to buy for the classics or something original. Leather flats & heels in my closet are still in good condition after years of wear. But there’s nothing wrong buying fast fashion when it looks just as good & more affordable!

    • Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor) says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! I have cheap flats and sneakers but will probably be buried in my hand made boots x

  • Fashionista8P says:

    the blue colour is awesome and totally my colour also wouldnt mind a leopard print but not those styles

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