Nourished by nature: Skin hydration without the horrors


Nourished by nature: Skin hydration without the horrors


After taking the plunge and swapping out my skin stripping cleanser for a more nourishing oil, it would be absolutely ridiculous to follow it up with a chemical batch of creams whose ingredients contains words that were created by somebody throwing a bowl of alphabet soup at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Basically this would be the equivalent of doing the dishes and then drying them with a burger.

For anybody to get the kind of glowing, ageless skin that all actresses over the age of 30 (who are still playing high school students) pine after you can't skip the all-important moisturisation stage of your skincare routine.

The problem with most of the moisturisers we see on the shelf is that those scary-sounding chemicals damage your skin, which makes it dry out in the long run. This means you find yourself using more and more product to try to fight the dryness — without it actually working.

It’s a terrifyingly effective marketing ploy that makes you spend more money without realising it and it isn’t doing your face any favours.

The nu’trir Hydrating Mineral Day Cream contains aloe vera, jojoba and green tea, which makes it rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A, B3, C and E (also known as the essential building blocks for outrageously smooth skin).

These naturally nourishing ingredients hydrate the skin on application while also protecting it from free radical damage caused by pollution, smoke and UV rays.

These power players in the natural skincare world have ensured that my skin not only feels smoother and looks more radiant, but will keep looking supple and fresh for years to come. Basically if I were an actress I'd still be playing an 18-year-old in five years' time.

If you want to be #nourishedbynature like me, then you don't want to miss out on the chance to win a skincare pack for you and your best friend thanks to nu’trir.

To enter, you need to be following @nutrir_skin on Instagram and upload an image showing how you enjoy being #nourishedbynature (don't forget to tag @nutrir_skin and use their #nourishedbynature hashtag to be eligible to win!). It can be natural food, your favourite outdoorsy place, or the natural materials you surround yourself with – just make it inspiring (and pretty of course!).

Each week for the next month, nu’trir will be selecting 3 winners to receive a nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil & Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum (valued at $199.80) for themselves and a friend, so get back to nature for your chance to win.

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How are you embracing the natural world to be nourished by nature? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    Sounds nice actually. Was worried it would cost a lot but Chemist Warehouse has it as $40 rrp so that’s reasonable. As a student, money is extremely tight and a lot of high end luxury products just aren’t obtainable. I like the sound of the natural ingredients and the bottle is pretty

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      Yeah I’ll be honest, I’d get sucked in by the pretty packaging every time, but I’m with you on needing to be smart with how I spend my money. It’s good that these ones are fairly reasonable – and my advice is to always start with one product and see how you go. That way if you love them you can expand every time you have some extra cash!

  • thecatwhosawstars says:

    I am on a mission to be true to myself and use more natural products. I have started co washing my hair with an organic conditioner, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. Instant results – softer hair.

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      OOh that sounds amazing i’ll have to give it a try!

  • Fashionista8P says:

    Looks like a beautiful brand and I am really trying to go natural

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