7 natural beauty products that are better than their chemically counterparts

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Even though we've read all the stories about the nasty things that are happening to our skin when we slather it in chemicals, making the switch to natural beauty products can be difficult. The number one reason so many of us haven't made the switch yet? My [insert name of your favourite chemical-laden beauty product here] is so just damn effective. And since the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality is so ingrained into our beauty regimens it can be tricky to get ourselves thinking about the mysterious what ifs — like what if my skin could be better.

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So in the spirit of discovering all the great things that switching over to natural beauty products could do for us we had a hunt around for the most raved about and — way more importantly — the most effective natural products that will make us ditch our old chemical loves for good.

What is your favourite natural beauty product? Add it in the comments if it didn't make it onto my list!

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