Message in a bottle necklace tutorial: DDG DIY


Message in a bottle necklace tutorial: DDG DIY

One year for Mother's Day when we were kids we got our grandmother (or probably more accurately, my mother organised for us to give her) a stained glass bottle with a rolled up scroll inside. On the note, my sisters and I each wrote a lovely Mother's Day message and the bottle (with the note inside) was brought out on almost every visit to their house. I should mention, that my "lovely Mother's Day message" was this: Dear Grandma, My knee is hurt. Love, Larissa. I was probably about 4 or 5 at the time (so yes, I was quite impressive in the writing department back then) and the whole "writing a heartfelt note in a card" thing is a skill that eludes me to this day.

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While my initial foray into this whole message in a bottle thing might have turned into our family joke (I still occasionally write it in my sister's cards), the idea behind it is quite lovely. This smaller version is super easy to turn into a necklace and can be as simple (as I have done) or as fancy (add glitter or sand or tiny shells!) as the person who would be wearing it would like. My one recommendation is this: the cork wouldn't stay in mine permanently (it might just be the cheap bottles I got) so I would glue it in there because you don't want the bottle shattering or the note getting lost. You could either let the person you're giving it to read the note and then glue it on, or have it as a secret note that they can open one day.



  • A small bottle with a cork
  • Eye screws (you can get them from craft and arts stores)
  • A necklace chain
  • Piece of paper (plus a pen and scissors to cut it down to size)
  • Small piece of string




  1. Start by cutting your piece of note paper (or pieces, if you're rolling up multiple notes) to the correct size. Make sure you check it by rolling it up, putting it in the bottle and pushing the cork down to make sure it isn't too big.
  2. Write your note, roll it up and tie it with a piece of string or twine.
  3. Screw the eye screw into the top of the cork. Be careful to screw it in straight and even so you don't chip away at parts of it.
  4. Pop your note (and if you're adding it, the sand or glitter) into the bottom and push the cork in tight.
  5. Thread the necklace chain through the eye and you're good to go. (Note: check how tight it is to find out if you need to glue it in place).


What do you think of my message in a bottle necklace tutorial? Tell us in the comments below!


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