Simple Acts that make your life a whole lot easier

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You might have noticed that we're the kind of girls who like to take short cuts. There’s a reason we love beauty hacks and recipes that look more impressive than they really are: we're lazy and we want to get the most out of every second of life, but preferably with minimal effort on our part.

That’s why we have perfected the art of 5 minute makeup; we have closets filled with outfits that can be thrown together in a pinch and most of our favourite cocktails can best be summarized as “vodka, with fruit to garnish”.

With that in mind we've come up with 5 little life hacks that will make your life a million times easier even if you're not half as lazy as I am:

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  • GMeers says:

    Such great tips! I need tricks like these to simplify my life otherwise I spend all day running around without actually achieving anything!

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      It doesn’t necessarily make it any simpler, but I personally love a list even on my days off. Having everything I need to do on a piece of paper in front of me stops me from getting distracted and helps me to feel like I’m actually getting stuff done.

  • Fashionista8P says:

    great simple tips. And good luck to all those entering the comp

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