Take time out for your hair: Week 3 of Schwarzkopf’s Hair Happiness challenge

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So we're two weeks into the Schwarzkopf Hair Happiness challenges and how are we all doing? Is your hair already starting to feel softer and look shinier? Personally, I can already feel the difference in the softness of my hair because just a couple of short weeks ago you could have confused me with the Scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz because of all the straw on my head, but now I’m happy to say that my mop can now definitely be classified as ‘hair’.

It turns out that a lot of us are mighty mean to our hair — we towel dry it too roughly, we blast it with incredibly hot air, we tie it too tightly in hair ties that snag — so is it any wonder that even when we're using the right products our hair can misbehave?

The thing about the challenges we've done so far is that they're a part of your regular routine that we've been trying to switch up for maximum effect, but it is equally as important to take some extra time for your hair to help it achieve the best results possible.

Think of it as a date night for your hair. A chance to reacquaint yourself with your locks and give them some much needed TLC. And what should we be doing on this date night? Well, much like your face, your hair needs a good mask every now and then. A deep conditioning mask will deliver an extra punch of hydration and softness to stressed-out strands, while also making it more manageable and smoothing out frizz. They don’t need to take long (my favourite Schwarzkopf one only takes 1 minute!), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't block out an entire evening to run a bath and let yourself unwind while giving your hair a whole lotta love.

This can be just as important for your own mental wellbeing as well, so make sure you take some time — be it 30 minutes or an entire evening — to give your hair the good loving it deserves this week.

Schwarzkopf have created their Hair Happiness challenge to help eliminate bad hair days and give us all more selfie-worthy moments. If you missed the chance to register for their Hair Happiness challenges (and the possibility of winning their awesome prizes) then you can follow along with the challenges right here with me.

If you have signed up for the Schwarzkopf Hair Happiness challenges, then make sure you head over to style-studio.com.au for awesome styling advice and inspiration for your increasingly gorgeous locks.

Are you taking part in Schwarzkopf’s Hair Happiness challenge? How are you finding it so far? Tell us in the comments below!

Want more ways to make your hair date night extra special? Check out the gallery below!

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