Eat me beauty: Easy beauty recipes that are good enough to eat

Edible Beauty Recipes

Did you know that your pantry and fridge contain the ticket to fabulous hair, glowing skin and flat-out hotness? All it takes are a few basic whisking, stirring and blending skills to produce a line of decadently delicious, almost-edible (actually most are totally edible … and delicious!), natural homemade beauty goodies that will barely break the bank.

I know, I know: making your own prods seems like one of those “good in theory, pain-in-the-ass-in-practice” things, but there are just so many wonderful benefits involved in using DIY food-grade ingredients on your body’s largest organ. After all, the radiance and vitality of our skin and hair is a direct reflection of everything we put on and into our body, so applying ingredients that are safe not to mention easy to pronounce is key — and you don’t need to be a green guru to do so!

Plus most of our skin-saving recipes only require a couple of ingredients, and take mere minutes to concoct … so there’s actually no easier (or more delish) way to treat yourself.



DIY coffee scrub recipe

Coffee Soda Body Scrub

I bet you’re thinking: that all sounds great, but how does a complete novice go about whipping up products in their less-than-gourmet kitchen? Never fear, achieving a more conscious primping routine is now within your reach.

We’ve done the hard yards and after hours upon hours of lathering, lotioning and glopping on various foods (soooooo much avocado!) and trialling copious different quick kitchen fixes (plus sneaking in a few cheeky bites), we’ve curated 29 easy DIY beauty recipes for body, face, hands, feet, lips and hair that anyone can conjure up.

We’ve even thrown in our favourite inner and outer glow juice recipes for added luminosity. All you need to do is mix up these natural, already-in-your-pantry ingredients for instant pretty.

A healthy toast to getting your glow on — the naturally delicious way!

And it’s all here in our brand new eBook, EAT ME BEAUTY!



Take a peek inside

PLUS it’s not just our own personal home-made beauty remedies included. One of our favourite local facialists, Lindy The Organic Therapist from Heavenly Rituals (Albert Park, Victoria), has also very kindly shared some of her tried and tested, most amazing beauty recipes too. All of which we had to roadtest first (of course), and all of which come with two very enthusiastic thumbs up from everyone here at DDG HQ (sigh … I dream about that Chocolate and Coconut Face & Body Mask).

Seriously, there’s no excuse not to whip your mug up a tasty (and glow inducing) little treat next time you’re binge watching Orange Is The New Black.

That is unless you don’t know how, but luckily your new beauty bible is just a few clicks away!

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of DDG’s EAT ME BEAUTY eBOOK NOW!

Your skin can thank us later!


Want to get a sneak peak of the gorgeous recipes on offer in our Eat Me Beauty ebook? Check out the recipes below!

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Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

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    1. There are a bunch of face mask recipes for different skin types and conditions as well as hair treatments and body scrubs. So we’ve got you covered from head to toe!