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You guys know how much we love a competition around these parts and since we get more beauty products than our tiny team can work our way through in a lifetime it seems only fair that we share some of them with our most dedicated readers. One of our favourite things to do each day is to check the comment sections and see which posts you’re loving, so we’re going to reward our readers who join in the conversation, spark a discussion and just generally make us incredibly grateful for the awesome followers we’ve got. Register your interest in this competition and then head over to our Instagram page this evening to see the first prize in this week’s hamper!


Each day from Monday to Friday we’ll post a picture on Instagram of a product we’re loving this week and at the end of the week one person will win all five products.


Firstly, register your interest in the form below so we know you’re gunning for the big prize. Then make sure you’re active on the site and across our social media all week long. To be considered the winner for the week you need to be active, engaged and creative — so going through and leaving one word comments on every single post isn’t going to cut it if you want to win. We’re far more likely to pick you as our DDG BFF of the week for one awesome comment than 1000 crap ones, but if you really want to hedge your bets feel free to leave lots of awesome ones!

But don’t just think this is strictly on our site — we’ll be monitoring all our social media channels as well, so make sure you’re liking, commenting and sharing across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!

Fill in the quick form below to register for this competition and then get commenting!

Competition conditions:

  1. Registration opens 12 pm, 3rd August, 2015 (Australia EST). The winner for the first week will be announced here and via email by 10th August 2015.
  2. This competition is open to both Australian and International readers.
  3. You must be a current, valid DDGDaily.com email subscriber to be eligible to win (if you are not already subscribed, by entering this subscriber-only comp you are also giving permission to be added to our weekly email updates list).
  4. One entry per form (per person). All comments, forum topics and social media interactions combine into a single entry.
  5. This is a game of skill — so put your thinking caps on and get creative with your comments!

Click here to get the full terms and conditions (it makes great bed time reading …)

Let’s get the comment ball rolling with a quick question — why should you be our BFF?

Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

When I'm not working on getting my first novel finished you'll find me buried under the great wall of credit card debt that I've collected over the years. I am a hoarder of shoes, jewellery, books and Disney DVDs and am physically incapable of restricting my chocolate intake.

    1. I would love to be a DDG BFF. I should be a DDG BFF because I love everything on DDG from food to fashion is ALL fabulous!!

    2. DDG’s site and instagram are always so inspiring to me! I want to be your BFF because you guys have been super cool to me! Beauty and Fashion are positive, feel-good things for me to focus on in my sometimes crazy and hectic life. MUCH LOVE. ~lex

  1. Cool comp….and im even posting from LA, USA while on holidays so I can enter…..tomorrow I shall post from Vegas 🙂

  2. Great competition! I can only dream about how any products must go through your office!

  3. What a great competition! I would love to be a DDG BFF. I should be a DDG BFF because I love all the topics that DDG is all about from beauty to fashion to food. I am also a blogger and especially love talking about beauty and fashion and trying out new products. I am also a social media enthusiast and at the moment I am really getting into a new social media platform called Periscope.

  4. DDG is like that one friend who who are always extremely jealous of cus she’s so amazing but at the same time wanna wrap her in a massive bear hug and laugh until you cry.

  5. Such an awesome incentive to get involved and active in the fabulous DDG community 🙂

  6. Because i’d be the sort of bff that’d just sit and listen to all the great things you have to tell me and even experiment all the crazy ideas you come up with lol 🙂

  7. I’m all about functional fashion atm. Since having my first child and returning to work, I don’t have time to try and work out what to wear on a daily basis or even just after my little one has smeared peanut butter down the front of my blouse. I need a wardrobe full of essentials that I can mix and match and walk out the door in, and you’re just the team to help me reach my goals. I’ve started a fashion basics HELP section in our Facebook mothers group of 100+ mothers who were due in the same month (May 2014) because we were so over wearing leggings and hoodies! We post photos of what we’re wearing each day and share tips and thoughts about our outfits. It’s an amazing group of women who tell it like it is and who appreciate the feedback. I would love to be a DDG BFF and share hints and boost the esteem of some of our lovely mumma bears.

  8. I have had DDG on my Facebook feed for a while now and hadn’t really looked into what the community was all about, until I saw a post come up which read, “DDG style shake up”, intrigued, I read on, and signed up immediately. I absolutely have a wardrobe full of clothes (some with tags STILL attached!) and NOTHING to wear. I have continued to read posts and check the website daily, it’s like checking in with my BFF everyday, and they’re always full of the good stuff, the best news, the best advice, and can make a not so perfect day that little bit brighter!!! Definitely my new BFF!

  9. I should be DDG’s BFF because it sounds like a really great opportunity. I’d be able to try products that I would not normally get to buy. Being a stay-home mum of three girls, I tend to put their needs before my own. I don’t treat myself to that many beauty products because I feel guilty that the money could be better spent on my girls, so although I have a real passion and interest in all things fashion and beauty related, I often just dream about owning them!
    I’m a huge fan of social media and would happily share images of my beauty haul if I am lucky enough to be selected.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I can promise that the role of DDG’s BFF would be received with a lot of love and gratitude if I was selected.

  10. I need you to be my BFF because I need help!! My outfits are boring and unflattering and my closet and dressers are a mess. I want to be drop dead gorgeous but need some hand holding.

  11. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I don’t 100% understand that saying, but all I know is I’m need of some good quality exfoliator that’s in this weeks prize and I’ve just been put on a budget so I’ll be anyone’s BFF.

  12. I am. Full-Figured c/d. I am passable but need advice on how to dress going shopping for clothes. What stores are c/d friendly and if I go in regular dress do I say to salesperson I am shopping for women’s clothing for myself.

  13. I’ll make the best BFF! Loyal, humorous, great listener and full of advice… And a massive fan of DDG ❤️

  14. I tried to enter but it doesn’t seem to be letting me. Anyone else having a problem with this?

    1. Hi Heidi,

      these are super quick competitions and end after just a week! Keep an eye on our Monday beauty galleries as these have the prizes up for grabs and a link to that week’s entry form!

  15. Your website is awesome! I would like to be a DDG BFF. xoxoxoxo. I am glad I came upon you gals. It makes me smile and inspires me. You also got me liking the DIY projects you have. I see so many people with this talent and I am encouraged to try it for myself one day.

    1. You definitely should try it – I have pretty much no artistic talent so they’re always surprisingly easy to do!