How to tie a head scarf for a bad hair day


It was just the other day that I said to my friend, “I wish my hair would stay clean forever”! And seriously, who hasn’t had this thought before in their lifetime? Unfortunately, my hair will only stay perfectly clean for 1-2 days max before it starts looking limp, greasy and due for a wash.

Because I have so much of it, washing my hair is an arduous task and one that I like to do as little as possible. I will drag out the time between shampoos as long as I possibly can. So I’m always looking for ways to style it that will easily hide the fact that I’ve gone 5 days unwashed. Another option is just plain hiding your hair by wearing a hat or a beanie. But sometimes this type of headwear just isn’t appropriate for whatever your daily activity is. Enter the head scarf.

Head scarves are a totally glam way to cover up any kind of bad hair day. The only problem is learning how to tie one! There are a bunch of different ways that you can choose, but for today’s beauty tutorial I decided to opt for the timeless turban style. I have always seen ladies sporting this look but have never been game enough to try it myself, thinking that it will be just way too damn hard. Newsflash! It was so totally easy! This took me all of a few minutes to master, and the best part? It covered up my greasy locks. Greasy hair will live to see another day!

What you’ll need:

  • Just a head scarf!


  1. Fold your head scarf diagonally in half so it is in a triangle shape.
  2. Place it on your head so that where the two ends meet is sitting over your forehead. You want it to be hanging quite a way over near your eyes.
  3. Grab each end of the scarf and pull it above your head.
  4. Then cross this over the top of your head and bring each end to the back.
  5. Tie the ends securely in a knot, then tuck in any excess fabric.
  6. The front points should still be hanging over your forehead. Just grab this and tuck it into the fabric. There you have it!

Zinta Smits

Zinta Smits

I love fresh flowers and hate green peas. My guilty pleasure is leopard print everything. You’ll never see me without painted nails (unless something catastrophic has happened). I am terribly addicted to Earl Grey tea and anything with 100s and 1000s on it.

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Lovely scarf! ♥


Love it! Looking good even without a bad hair day..