5 Minutes with the dogs who keep Peter Alexander running!

butch and betty

You will recognise their human’s designs from your Friday nights in with your human and you’ve definitely sniffed their famous Dachshund silhouette bag, but now it’s time to really get to know the two business dogs behind Peter Alexander — the person and the brand. Butch and Betty are always on hand to offer sniff tests, styling advice and of course the all-important cuddles session to their human, Peter Alexander. We had the chance to ask the all important questions for all other aspiring business dogs and of course get in a good butt sniff!

Butch and Betty’s Top 5 products: (All from Peter Alexander, naturally!)

Peter Alexander Blue Bunny Dog Hoodie, $39.95

Black Spot Retractable Lead, $29.95

Woof Unisex Dog Bowl, $29.95

Bunny Toy, $12.95

Small Dog Spot Harness, $29.95

1. Describe your typical working day.
– I’m too naughty, so I’m not allowed to come to work very often. Dad gets too distracted when I’m around.
 – Dad and I like to walk to work. After a morning coffee, I follow Dad around to meetings for most of the day. Dad’s office can sometimes get a bit messy with fabrics, mood boards and samples. But I’ve got a bed next to the window where I like to lie and watch Dad at work.

2. What is your favourite snack to find on the floor of your office/on the way to work?
Betty & Butch – We love doggy treats. If you walk around the office and bat your lashes, someone is bound to throw you a treat!

3. What is your top tip for nailing your adorable puppy pose on Instagram?
Betty – It’s all in the eyes. Think sad dog puppy eyes, it gets them every time!
 – We know the best tips and tricks, as we frequently feature in the Peter Alexander campaigns, we are pros. I love a big cheesy smile.

4. What is your favourite way to make sure you’re getting the most attention?
Betty – I can be a little cheeky if Butch is getting all the attention. That usually does the trick.
 – I’ll snuggle up to Dad, he’s really a big softy! Dad loves snuggles in bed with me.

5. How do you keep all the other dogs that come into your office in check so they know you’re the boss?
Butch – I’m the only pup allowed in Dad’s office, so they know I’m the boss. But it’s fun to have other pups around to play with.

6. What are the perks that come with being Peter Alexander’s besties?
Betty & Butch – The biggest perk would have to be the photo-shoots for Dad’s catalogues. We love getting glammed up, and being in front of the camera! It’s always lots of fun on set.  

7. What’s the name of the most famous hand that’s ever scratched your tummy?
Betty & Butch – The Minogue sisters have scratched our tummies a few times!

8. What’s your favourite styling tip to make sure you’re the best dressed pooch?
Betty – I love to add just a touch of bling on my collar, or just a simple scarf around my neck. Less is more. I also love the Peter Alexander leads for a pop of colour when we’re out walking.
– I prefer au naturel.

9. What advice would you give to other pooches who aspire to stay by their human’s side at work?
Betty – Play cute so everyone else in the office dotes over you!
– Behave yourself! You need to be a good companion to your Dads and Mums. If you play up you might not be allowed back — Betty take note!

10. Doggy shoes — yay or nay?
Betty & Butch – We couldn’t wear shoes every day. But a pair of P.A. pup Homeboots would be nice for chilly Winter morning walks!

You can see more of Butch and Betty when they occasionally pop up over on the Peter Alexander website or when they make appearances on their human’s instagram account (and with fluffy faces like that how could anyone resist taking pictures?). Woof Woof!

Dexter - Editor

Dexter - Editor

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