5 fashionable ways to get away with wearing your new fave ankle boots no matter the occasion

5 ways to wear your new fave ankle boots

Somewhere along the way, the black leather ankle boot became an undeniable Winter fashion staple for women far and wide. Forget knee-high boots or ballet flats, ankle boots — heeled or not — have the advantage of keeping your feet warm and toes dry all while looking sophisticated and keeping you comfortable. They are so damn practical and if you buy the right pair for you, there’s no reason that your ankle booties shouldn’t last you more than a few seasons!

So you’ve decided to take the big leap (or just splashed out on a seasonal update) and you are now the proud owner of a brand new pair of ankle boots. This was me a few weeks ago, and let me tell you that I was petrified of wearing them and ruining that brand new, beautiful leather! But they needed a little breaking in so now, a few weeks later, here I sit at my desk happy as Larry wearing my fave new shoes. And the reason I’m wearing them (other than the fact that they are the most amazing boots ever!) was that they were really quite expensive, and you bet that I’m going to get my money’s worth of wears in!

I’m making it my mission to have ankle boots as my Winter footwear staple and not let the outfit define the footwear choice. You’ve probably had the same doubts as me — that they don’t look right with skirts, make your legs look short and stumpy, or just don’t sit well with your jeans — but I’m all about overcoming these reservations cos if I only wear my boots a few times this Winter, then why did I spend all that money on them? And plus, then they’ll never get to that beautiful soft, worn-in stage where you can literally spend all day and night in the same pair of shoes.

Purchase the perfect pair of boots and you’ll be able to rock them with any outfit, at any occasion … I’m even setting the challenge of wearing them to a dressy event! Say seeya later to stiletto heels in rainy weather, my boots were made for walking through puddles and I’m too old to fully sacrifice comfort for style.

I put together a collection of style inspo featuring some of the ways you can outfit your fave new ankle boots this Winter and beyond, all kicking off with 5 key styles to look out for this season. Make sure you get a pair with a heel height that you will be comfortable in and that will fit into your current style aesthetic. Pointed-toe boots add a touch of sophistication and are great for an office environment compared to the classic and more casual round-toe shape, while choosing a suede boot will mean a bit of extra TLC down the track as they show signs of wear much easier.

So get shopping and find the joy that a great pair of boots will bring … Soon you’ll see that they are just the gift that keeps on giving!

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Zinta Smits

Zinta Smits

I love fresh flowers and hate green peas. My guilty pleasure is leopard print everything. You’ll never see me without painted nails (unless something catastrophic has happened). I am terribly addicted to Earl Grey tea and anything with 100s and 1000s on it.

  1. Love the weekender and summer looks! Having recently found the perfect pair for me I’m wearing them a lot more with skirts and dresses than with pants atm (but looking at this weeks weather, it’s time to bust out the jeans)!

    For summer, Boohoo have an even cuter off the shoulder denim dress (just purchased it and it is awesome!) which I’ve pair with my brown ankle boots for an even more casual look. (Black seems to look more serious to me.)

    Pinafore dresses are in atm so that would make a great summer or winter look too (with tights).