Oui oui, mon cherie … Books about Paris for aspiring Frenchies

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The romantic views from the Eiffel Tower, the shopping down Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the historical Arc De Triomphe, the spiritual Notre Dame, the Mona Lisa in the Louvre … wouldn’t it just be bliss to visit Paris?

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Well, we can’t get you there ourselves (save up those sweet dollars), but we can inspire you with great reads all about Parisian fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle, food, architecture and a few love stories for you romantics out there.

Why Paris? Well, French women just seem to have it made. They’re beautiful, fashionable, have flawless skin, and are thin despite seeming to live off cheese, pastries and wine …okay, we know they don’t but hey don’t ruin it. I mean, surely they get the luxury of strolling down the Seine, pulling out their expensive handbags and walking out with boxes and bags full of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Cardin … no, we’re not getting emotional over here … okay just a little. Hey, it’s Paris! We can all dream a little, right ladies? In all seriousness, we love everything Parisian, everything French really. So grab a book and a French wine, and enjoy all things Parisian from one of our delectable reads.

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French ComplexionSHOP IT: French Complexion: The Secrets to Beautiful Skin at Any Age, by  Christine Clais, $39.99, penguin.com.au

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