Brighten up your Winter walls with our free prints

winter printsSometimes I like to switch up the framed prints in my house so that they can reflect the season or the general mood of my house. Since we’re in the grips of Winter I thought it was only fair that we come up with some distinctly Winter-ised prints, but do you know what I realised? Winter is pretty damn depressing! We had to find a way to bring a little bit of brightness and colour back into our walls but still celebrate the season.

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We have three prints for you to consider that all inject some much needed colour into our lives but with the added beauty of snowflakes. Frame them, pin them to your walls or even use them as wrapping paper — the possibilities are endless!

Black and white background of weathered painted wooden plank

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Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

When I'm not working on getting my first novel finished you'll find me buried under the great wall of credit card debt that I've collected over the years. I am a hoarder of shoes, jewellery, books and Disney DVDs and am physically incapable of restricting my chocolate intake.

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