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DDG DIY: Magnetic makeup board

Here’s a clever weekend project — your very own makeup magnet board! If you are SO over rummaging through your makeup case or bathroom drawers trying…

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DDG DIY: Our 3 minute two toned concrete planter tutorial

The great thing about this tutorial – apart from how incredibly easy it is – is that you can use any old paint you have lying around, which means that you can make use of old sample pots or house paint (also making them perfectly match your colour palette) or you can top your planter with the metallic of your choosing.

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DDG DIY: How to wrap 3 tricky shapes for Christmas

For the majority of Christmas related things I am a complete and utter Grinch. I hate Christmas carols and never put up a tree or any decorations, which horrifies the rest of my family, but when it comes to wrapping presents I just can’t get enough.

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