Beauty Jet-setter: The top essential primping products you need on your travels

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Beauty Jet setter: The top essential primping products you need on your travels | feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2 sponsored  pictures


I’m what you call a serial globe-trotter, meaning I find it almost impossible to stay in one place for too long. The way I see it, those cocktails at sunset aren’t going to drink themselves in Mykonos, and who wouldn’t want to be coasting along in a yacht across the Mediterranean all day long?

Despite the fact that my thirst for far and distant places has often left me semi-broke, it’s certainly been worth it. I’ve braved hostels for a month in South East Asia, sailed around Croatia on a rickety boat, soaked up the sun in tropical Fiji and sipped frozen mojito’s by the seaside in Barcelona. Somehow, I’ve always managed to remain well-groomed and on top of my primping game while abroad (the selfies just wouldn’t be the same, otherwise!) and it’s all been thanks to a few key beauty prods.

I’m of the belief that a getaway requires a well-stocked makeup case and toiletries bag with the kind of primping must-haves that will have you putting your best face forward in any country or city. I’m not saying you have to bring along a cosmetics bag that can fit a small child or pack your entire kitchen sink to look good, but it does pay to be prepared.


Beauty Jet setter: The top essential primping products you need on your travels | feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2 sponsored  pictures

Whether you’re off on a long haul flight outta here or packing for a weekend short-stay, here are the travel-friendly prods that are top of my packing list:


A good skin hydrator is ideal for days when you spend too much time in the sun and salt water and perfect for moisturising on a long-haul flight.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Shea Body Butter (it’s spill-proof!), $23.95,


If an aromatherapy massage didn't make it onto your holiday to-do list, you can still unwind in the shower with a relaxing lather. I prefer gel formulas as they’re more refreshing on the skin, and I always make sure to choose one that’s heavenly scented so my skin smells delicious in the hours to follow.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel (jam-packed with loads of antioxidants and nutrients),  $9.95,


Before you even get to your holiday destination you must endure the flight, so a moisturising spritz should be top of your list for on-the-go hydration. It also acts as a great poolside cool-down or a pick-me-up after a night of dancing (and one margarita too many).

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist (cooling and energising), $16.95,


Though you may choose to forgo eyeliner for a lighter look while traveling, a swipe of mascara will give your peepers the pizzazz they need. I always lug along something that’s water-proof and smudge-proof and can withstand all weather conditions.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara (expect long, fluttery lashes in a few short strokes), $19.95,


Forget lugging around a heavy glass perfume bottle in your purse, it’s all about opting for a fragrance that’s TSA-friendly so you can bring it in your carry-on. It’s also a good idea to select one that you can wear in any climate and during any occasion. While abroad, I love applying my perfume of choice directly to my pulse points like the wrists or side of the neck to evoke a holiday state of mind wherever I go.

TRY THIS: Madagascan Vanilla Flower Mini EDT (perfect for applying on the go!), $9.95, the


Once upon a time, I used to be guilty of packing a thousand lipsticks whenever I travelled, which did no favours for my luggage space, but now I select a couple of statement lippies that can be popped on at a moment’s notice so I look and feel instantly polished.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Colour Crush Lip Colour in ‘335 HOT DATE’ (heals chapped lips and imparts high-impact colour), $19.95,


If you’re going anywhere particularly sunny and know you’ll be revealing a whole lot of skin, silky smooth limbs are a must. Keep your body bump-free and bikini-ready with an antioxidant-rich exfoliating scrub that leaves skin soft and plush.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub (a blend of delicious smelling oils will transform your shower room into a tropical paradise),  $23.95,


Instead of caking on the foundation, I like to let my skin breathe with a complexion perfector like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser and preferably something I can toss straight into my carry-on, so looking fabulous will always be on my itinerary, no matter the destination.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop All-In-One Instablur (has all the bells and whistles of a foundation, primer and anti-ageing moisturiser and won't budge—come humidity or high water), $21.95,


If you’re not planning to hide beneath a floppy hat for the entirety of your vacay, you’ll want your hair to remain fresh and fabulous (for the selfies, of course), so it’s always a good idea to pack shampoo and conditioner mini’s rather than rely on the hotel supplies.

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Mini Shampoo & Conditioner (nourishing oils make this the perfect mane salve from summer sun, salt water, chlorine and one too many pub crawls),  $4.95 (each),

Remember, if your beauty prod is less than 50mls, throw it in your carry-on. Anything over needs to be stored in your check-in luggage.

And that’s all you really need for your next vacay outta here. Bon voyage!

Want to WIN an adventure of a lifetime with an all expenses paid trip to Morocco, Iceland or Boreno?! Simply purchase any product from The Body Shop, and in 25 words or less, tell us which product you’re falling for and why.  Enter by clicking here. Good luck jet-setters!!! #TBSadventure

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Bargain buys: 10 snazzy saves under 50 bucks | hot 10 galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

If you're anything like me, your peepers have been glued to your phone and your thumb has been promoted to full time scroller as NYFW has officially closed curtain. So if you're feeling a tad depressed at your lack of Moschino arm candy or feeling a bit down about your shoe sitch, check out the 10 on trend buys I'm lovin' this week.

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From a pair of heels that will knock your socks off to stand-out specs and a lemon sorbet bag, if it's a quick fashion fix you're after, then you've come to the right place ...

Image courtesy of Victoria Tornegren

Which bargain buys are tickling your fancy? Tell us in the comments below!

Web want: Copper task lamp by Gloh | home sweet home lifestyle feature daily want  pictures

Web want: Copper task lamp by Gloh

While I would love to be one of those people who only picks furniture and decor that is 100% functional and practical, the fact of the matter is I'm a sucker for anything with a cool design no matter how impractical it is. Case in point: this copper task lamp by Gloh from Modern Times. I love the simple design and the bendable arm, plus we all know how the blonde wood and copper combination always sends shivers down my spine, so the fact that it uses a candle rather than a lightbulb is totally a non-issue for me.

I like to think that this will be the start of my new minimalist, low tech desk for when I want to work offline. I feel like I'd probably have to pair it with an array of beautiful notepads and pens and maybe an old-school typewriter for when I want to hammer out some correspondence. It seems like the type of cool yet marginally impractical bit of decor you always see in magazines and I totally love that. Form over function any day!

SHOP IT:  Copper Task Lamp by Gloh, $90,

What are your thoughts on this copper task lamp by Gloh? Too impractical or cool enough not to care? Sound off in the comments below!

Fuzz free: 5 ways to nail hair removal | skincare make your mug glow galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Considering it's now shorts season and soon to be swimsuit season, we're all over the hair removal upkeep to get rid of unwanted fuzz and stubble. Shaving, waxing, lasering, epilating, tweezing — it's a must. But we can't say it's an easy process, and more often than not, our de-fuzzing ventures can result in total havoc.

That's why we've reached out to Natalie Ismiel, Beauty Expert & Brand Manager for Nad's, to quiz us on how to nail hair removal like a pro and walk away without the bumpy bits, rashes or burnt skin. Bring it on!

Image courtesy of dollarphotoclub

Did you find these tips handy? Tell us in the comments below!

Makeup how to: Pink out loud  | how tos feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Spring emerges with a pop of sophisticated colour — skin is luminous with the kiss of bronze and berry cheeks, eyes are sophisticated with a vintage cat flick and lashings of mascara while lips steal the show with a burst of vibrant pink. Today's makeup how-to shows you exactly how to emulate this flirty-fun vibe:



1. Apply a small quantity of the ELES Pore Perfecting Face Primer to the face, spreading gently to even skin texture.

2. Apply ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30 to the face and neck using your fingers to warm and spread the product until completely blended.

3. Using a small concealer brushtap the ELES Dual Action Concealer beneath the eye area and on the eyelids, pat into the skin until seamlessly blended.

4. Softly dust a fine layer of ELES Mineral Sheer Bronze in Rio De Janeiro all over the face, neck and décolletage.

5. Apply ELES Mineral Blush in Mixed Berries using the ELES Duo Fibre Brush to the cheek contours, blending well to achieve a soft natural look.



1. Using a wet small liner brush, pick up some of the colour on the left side of the ELES Dimensional Cake Liner in Black Diamond palette and apply to the upper lash line, tapering out to create a soft wing in the outer corner. Repeat until you build up a solid line.

2. Using the same brush (no need to re-wet as this is applied dry) take the shimmery shade on the right and press into the line for added sparkle.

3. Apply several layers of ELES Sensitive Mascara to the upper and lower lashes.



1. Using the spiral brush end of the ELES Brow Blender Pencil in Dark Taupe, brush the lashes upwards, then outwards.

2. Using the same pencil, gently fill in the brows using soft strokes to achieve a natural yet well-defined brow.

3. Brush through the lashes again using the spiral brush end of the pencil.



1. Using a lip brush to create a perfected lip, finish with ELES Microbubble Lipstick in Flamingo on the lips, blot and reapply to achieve lasting colour.

Makeup how to: Pink out loud  | how tos feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Image & how-to courtesy of ELES Cosmetics

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Amazing arches: How to match your eyebrows to your face shape | galleries feature eye makeup and trends beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures
Eyebrows have the ability to complement and counteract your face shape and facial features, and because of this very reason, it pays to know which style suits you. In the great words of eyebrow artist Jazz Pamplingbrows should frame your face, not be the prominent feature. If your brows enter a room before you do, they may be too much.
On that note, here's how to get the perfect set of arches for your features, with thanks to Jazz's expert advice.

Visit for all things beautiful brows!

Did you learn something new about how to match your eyebrows to your face shape? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunny superstars: 7 best gradual tanners for glow tastic limbs | skincare make your mug glow galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

We all know that if you're not careful when applying fake tan, you can end up looking like a distant cousin of an Oompa Loompa — a nightmare for the more melanin-challenged among us. There is, however, one very notable exception to the fake bake rule: gradual tanner. The perfect option for commitment-phobes that want colour without the constant maintenance, these magical concoctions are known for their buildable formulas which lead to the exact glow you want. Even better, they won't dye your skin an odd shade of brorange (brownish-orange).

And so, just in time for us to get our bods beautifully bronzed before swimsuit selfie season officially kicks off, we've rounded up the all-time 7 best gradual tanners for you to slather on.

Image courtesy of Xen Tan

Which of these best gradual tanners have you tried before? Tell us in the comments below!

Recipe for awesomeness: 5 of the best healthy eating apps | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature recipes  pictures

Recipe for awesomeness: 5 of the best healthy eating apps

I'm the first to admit that I'm not exactly the healthiest of eaters. I'm terrible at using recipes (those books are always so heavy and cumbersome!) and have no real cooking skills so basically I just head for the recipe base section of the supermarket when doing my food shop. Even though these meals tend to taste alright, I know for a fact that there are ways to make them myself that don't come loaded with salt and preservatives.

WANT MORE? If you liked the look of these healthy eating apps, then check out more of our tech picks here!

The beauty of using recipes on your phone is that they take up far less space on your countertop than regular cookbooks do, plus you don't need to find storage space for your books when you're not using them. Some of these healthy eating apps cover the shopping component of your healthy eating plans with tips for finding and buying the freshest produce and some focus more on the recipe side of life, but no matter which area you go for, you'll be eating more healthy, delicious recipes in no time!

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo

Have you tried any of these healthy eating apps? Got any favourites? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Shop your shape: 3 tips for ladies with wide hips | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Shop your shape: 3 tips for ladies with wide hips

Describing body shapes isn't always as simple as an hourglass or pear. Sometimes you might have a body that is somewhere in between a couple of different shapes, or sometimes there are just certain parts of your body that grind your gears. Wide hips have been a topic of discussion in our office lately and we're not just talking about "pear" shaped ladies. You can have wide hips and no bum which presents a whole different slew of challenges when it comes to getting dressed because rather than accentuating your existing curves you have to invent them. Wide hipped ladies can still benefit from some of the same dressing tricks as their pear-shaped counterparts but here are three items that work to balance out your hips while giving the illusion of more balanced curves.

Shop your shape: 3 tips for ladies with wide hips | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Flared pants

The favourite pants from the 70s (not to mention most high school girls around my age), flares are making a comeback this season and just so happen to be super flattering on wide hipped women. The wide pant leg balances out your hips and by being tighter around the thighs, they can help give the illusion of a curvier bum.

Shop your shape: 3 tips for ladies with wide hips | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

A-line mini skirts

This cute and flirty variation on the midi skirt trend's silhouette is going to be especially great coming into Summer. Styles that sit around your waist will define your curves while the wide hem skims over your hips. Combined with a tucked in shirt you will get a defined waist and more hourglass shaped silhouette if that's what you're after.

Shop your shape: 3 tips for ladies with wide hips | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Trapeze shirts

These trapeze shirts have much the same effect as A-line minis in that they skim over your hips for a more flattering fit. Shirt dresses like the one pictured above draw the eye to your torso and the skinniest part of your body which will make you appear slimmer overall. The other great thing about trapeze shirts (such as the Leonard St Cuffed Swing Shirt available over on my site Sizeable) is that they can either be worn loose and flowing for a more comfortable fit that disguises your curves, or if they're long enough you can belt it to define your curves. It's a win-win!

Images courtesy of Thuy Bee, Nora Aradi & Sindy N

Do you have any tips for shopping for ladies with wide hips? Tell us in the comments below!

Eat this: Gooey Lemon Slice with Raspberries recipe from Petite Kitchen | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Eat this: Gooey Lemon Slice with Raspberries recipe from Petite Kitchen

My sweet tooth has been known to reach quite epic proportions and really the only way to stop me devouring whole packets of biscuits or blocks of chocolates in one very brief sitting is to never have them in our house. While this approach is good in the long run I still love sugary sweets and don't want to deprive myself of them, so I've been hunting for sweet desserts that are delicious and a little bit healthier than your standard pack of biscuits.

WANT MORE? If you liked this Gooey Lemon Slice with Raspberries recipe, then check out more from Petite Kitchen here.

Not only is this Gooey Lemon Slice with Raspberries recipe filling my sweetness quota, but I am able to enjoy it without eating all of it in one sitting (amazing, I know). Petite Kitchen always knows how to push my buttons with her recipes and I feel like this is one of those recipes I'm going to steal and then pass down to my grandchildren as though I invented it.


For the base:

  • ½ cup coconut oil or butter, chilled
  • 2 cups ground almonds
  • ½ cup rice flour
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 free range egg

For the topping:

  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • ¼ cup rice flour
  • 4 free range eggs
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 1 cup raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Head over to for the full instructions and more delicious, wholesome recipes.

What are your thoughts on this gooey lemon slice with raspberries recipe? Tell us in the comments below!

What we wear: White x grey | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Super simple look this week, teaming my fave Jeans West white skinny capris with an oversized grey top. Sometimes less is more!

What we wear: White x grey | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

This top is so light and easy to layer all year round. Definitely a basic to invest in (find similar here).

What we wear: White x grey | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Still smitten over this watch by The Horse. Classic and timeless (pun intended).

What we wear: White x grey | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

To finish it off I'm wearing my Senso boots — love these shoes with cropped jeans.

What do you think of this week's what we wear look? Tell us in the comments below!

Trend alert: The brick red lip is back in for Spring! | lip service feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

I recently scored an amazing opportunity to sit front row at this year's MSFW Designer Series, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the berry-themed lip is back in for Spring. That's right, beauties, all those burgundy tones we saw last year are making their way to a beauty counter near you, and I couldn't be more psyched.

The masterminds behind this timeless look were none other than the talented Mecca Cosmetica team. To complement the bold pout, they ensured the model's skin remained fresh, minimal, and dewy to the point of having been caught in an afternoon Spring rain shower. The models looked as though they were glistening with health, and this was achieved with Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser for an illuminated, sheer and effortless complexion. You can also use Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere for an ultra luminous effect.

Eyes were bright and wide awake, complemented by Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Sleep Artistry Eye Brightener, while the lip remained rich and show-stopping, painted on using NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below, a creamy full pigment lipstick that provides a modern twist on the 90s brick red. In one word: flawless.

Trend alert: The brick red lip is back in for Spring! | lip service feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Image courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica

Are you a fan of this minimal yet statement-making beauty look? Tell us in the comments below!

DDG DIY: Fruit Print Zipper Pouches tutorial from The Lovely Drawer | home sweet home lifestyle feature ddg diy  pictures

DDG DIY: Fruit Print Zipper Pouches tutorial from The Lovely Drawer

My mid-to-late new year's resolution (which I'm generally much better at keeping because I'm not making them through a fog of champagne at a party in the middle of the night) is to learn how to sew. I never took home economics at school (I feel as though I was aware of the classes but seriously regret not taking them now!) and basically have the most rudimentary hand sewing abilities which — if I'm being completely honest with myself — are fairly crap, so this is a skill I'm determined to master.

WANT MORE? If you liked this Fruit Print Zipper Pouches tutorial, then check out more DIYs here.

This Fruit Print Zipper Pouches tutorial from the Lovely Drawer feels like a really great beginners sewing experiment for me. It comes with a free template that you can adjust to make your pouch any size you want and since it's all straight lines with a zip it will be excellent practice with my sewing machine. Now I'm going to have to come up with uses for the thousand little pouches that I'm sure to make.

Head over to for the full instructions and some gorgeous step-by-step photos to go with it!

What are your thoughts on this Fruit Print Zipper pouches tutorial? Tell us in the comments below!


Fresh faced: How to Spring clean your skincare routine | skincare make your mug glow galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

Congrats, ladies — you’ve made it through Winter's harsh temps and are now ready to embrace the Spring sunshine. But as the weather changes, so too should your skincare regime. It's time to banish rich moisturisers and thick lotions to the back of your beauty cabinet, and opt for stronger SPF, lighter serums and all-over brighteners.

Below, we walk you through how to refresh your routine and sail into Spring with a clean beauty slate.

Did you pick up some handy tips on how to Spring clean your skincare routine? Tell us in the comments below!



Exercise test dummy: Pole dancing at Pole Divas Richmond | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

With so many different exercise options out there these days, hating the gym is no longer a good enough reason to not get moving. So to inspire you to try new things, our chronically unfit lifestyle editor is lacing up her runners and trying out every type of exercise we can find in Melbourne — from Yoga to Boot Camps and every crazy thing in between.

Got a class you want us to try for you? Hit up the comments and we'll give it a go. Think of me as your exercise guinea pig.

Pole Dancing at Pole Divas, Richmond

Okay, guys, this one might be a bit controversial for some of y'all, but my foray into pole dancing was surprisingly fun and challenging. Last year I went to see a Cirque Du Soleil show (The Michael Jackson one which was fairly awesome) and despite the costumes, cool effects and acrobats flying from the ceiling, the part of the show that entirely blew my mind was their amazingly strong and flexible acrobatic pole dancer.

Outside of the seedy strip club scene I have an immense amount of respect for pole dancers and any time I see them in a show or on TV (because every talent show on TV has to feature a pole dancer at some stage) I'm blown away by their gravity defying skills and super toned bodies — so naturally this was one class I wanted to try.

To get started in your pole dancing class you first up need to be wearing shorts and a singlet (rather than leggings or long sleeves) because you need the friction from your skin to help you get a grip on the pole. They also ask you to bring a pair of comfortable heels (this isn't completely necessary if you're terrified but it does help add a bit of spunk to your step) that you put on after your warm up.

I'll be honest: the first ten minutes of seeing my reflection in the mirror in my short shorts and skimpy top was ... confronting (especially taking into consideration my weight gain over the past year). Luckily their studio shuns bright florescent lighting in favour of a more flattering dimmed and colourful lighting scheme and by the time we got to the high heels portion of the class I was confidently strutting across the room like a champ. The fact that the instructor, Hanne, was playing "Sexy Ladies" by Shaggy also helped to get me in the strutting mood.

The class was broken up into a couple of different sections including a warm up and cool down with pole work in between. First we had a session of really getting that sticky, hip-swinging strut down pat and then we got started on the pole. Despite being the weakest human being on the planet (seriously — my arms are so weak I can't even flex the muscles!) I was able to pull off the beginners pole move of the S-shape (which involves jumping up onto the bar and clenching your inner thighs to hold your body in place while you bent your top half backwards) as well as the progression where you let go with one hand and stretch one leg out.

In the interest of transparency I should warn you that pole dancing can hurt in more ways than one. Not only do you get a solid workout — especially in your core — but you will most likely get bruised thighs from squeezing the pole. It's not an outrageous pain but the next few days you may find your inner thighs are a little more tender than usual (although they sell a bruise balm at the front counter that apparently works miracles and is entirely natural).

All up I had a really fun time in the class and would especially recommend doing this class with a couple of your sassy girlfriends for an extra kick of enjoyment. There is no judgement or inhibitions and everybody in the class is friendly and supportive. In time you build up to more challenging and impressive tricks and in the process you strengthen your whole body and improve your flexibility. Although be warned: you will find that after just one class you will be unable to walk in heels ... from now on you can only strut.

Head over to for their list of locations, timetables and more information about the classes they offer.

Have you tried a pole dancing class before? Tell us all about your experience (or your thoughts on this trend) in the comments below!

The rise of the mini skirt: Our 15 picks of this seasons saucy number | galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

It wouldn't be fashion if it didn't dramatically change more times a year than Rihanna's tresses. While our bottoms have been busy lovin' everythang modest (see: pencil skirts, voluminous midi skirts) the fashion sphere has gone full circle and now we arrive back at the 60s vibin' mini skirt.

Find more skirt styles here!

Fans of the trend include Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne and Julie Sarinana (aka Sincerely Jules) who all style the skirt to differently. Cara loves a leopard mini teamed with a leather jacket, Alexa loves flats and a 60s print (the lip print mini is our fave), while Jules opts for a leather and sneaker combo. Whatever the occasion, dress it up, dress it down, layer it up with tights or go legs eleven with sky high heels. This trend is fun with a capital F!

Image courtesy of Adriana Gastelum

Which mini skirt are you lovin'? Tell us in the comments below!

Witchery always has an element of sophistication with polished and revamped classic designs. It's the slight tweaking of a simple LBD or a strappy heel that make this week's label a subtle stand out. Take a look at the Spring essentials below ...

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Witchery | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

A nod to Grecian style and a humble revamp of the classic LBD. This midi number is spot on trend featuring pleats and a halter neck — fresh off the runway style (without the pricetag).

SHOP IT: Jersey Pleat Midi in Black, $129.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Witchery | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Is this not the chicest beach ready ensemble? A white cotton shirt dress is as essential as wardrobe items come and considering the wearability and seasonality it's hard to come by one with the perfect design. This one hits the nail on the head! Read my lips: INVEST.

SHOP IT: Cotton Shirt Dress in White, $129.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Witchery | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Ahhh ... printed pants. Don't ever change. Or do. This season's printed pant features navy stripes and a relaxed fit. Perfect paired with slides and a loose cotton tee!

SHOP IT: Slouch Stripe Pant in Ink Blue, $149.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Witchery | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

You can't go past a flattering blouse and this design takes the headache of chic layering out of the picture by overlaying for you (how thoughtful). From desk to dance floor this top is a godsend for 'what the hell do I wear' moments.

SHOP IT: Crop Overlay Tee in White, $89.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Witchery | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Nothing says Summer like a wedge, and these heels are perfect for any occasion with a simplistic and modern design in the most versatile colour in the universe, on three ... BLACK.

SHOP IT: Holly Wedge in Black, $149.95,

What do you think of this week's Australian fashion guide? Which Witchery piece is your pick? Tell us in the comments below!

Patriotic prose: 8 of the best new Australian novels to sink your teeth into | lifestyle galleries feature book club  pictures

Patriotic prose: 8 of the best new Australian novels to sink your teeth into

While I'm not sporting a Southern Cross tattoo and couldn't tell you the last time I used the word 'mate' without a hint of sarcasm, I am damn proud to be Australian. It's really no wonder Melbourne keeps stealing the title of 'The world's most livable city' — despite the rapidly changing weather conditions, Melbourne really is the best place to live. My own home town pride aside, Australia is a beautiful and diverse country (both physically and culturally), which is why the latest batch of Australian novels are able to be so diverse.

WANT MORE? If you liked our picks for hot new Australian novels, then check out more from our book club here.

These books range in time periods from the 1930s to the present and cover men, women and children. We're exposed to a broad range of characters from young kids learning about the evils of the world through to weathered adults looking to make a change. I'll admit that technically, at least one of these books isn't based in Australia but you can still see how the writer's upbringing coloured their writing.

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo

What are some of your favourite Australian novels? Tell us in the comments below!

Vote now: Help Simone Pérèle & BGM Models Discover Australia’s Next Top Curvy Models | win 2 feature fashion news fashion daily curvy  pictures

What do these curvalicious women above all have in common (besides being gorgeous)? Well, they all wear a size 12C - 16E bra, have a feminine foxy attitude paired with a sense of sophisticated elegance and a love fashion. In short, these women all embody the spirit of the ‘Simone Pérèle Woman’.

And all of these ladies are in the running to win a 2 year contract with BGM Models and a national advertising campaign modelling Simone Pérèle’s Spring/Summer 14 collection in the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (wowzers, right?).

But their fate is in your hands, so head to and vote for your favourite model now!

And why you are decided just which of these drop dead stunners deserves your vote, why not see what previous winners Natasha and Cregan have to say about this life-changing competition.


Natasha, 23, Victoria

- What has life been like since you won the Curvy Couture competition?

The industry has opened my eyes to all the people behind the scenes who pine for change and acceptance for models beyond a size 10. I was part of Natalie Wakeling’s brand Embody Denim’s show at this year in Melbourne (Natalie is one of the original curve models to break into Australian and international magazine editorials). A couple of years ago I was dressing models at fashion week; I wouldn't have thought I would ever be one of them.

- What advice do you have for people entering this year?

Be confident and enjoy it. You'll look back on your memories and remember not your fears but how you conquered them.

- What is the best piece of style advice you've ever been given?

To be honest, style advice comes and goes, but I believe if you are at peace with your body and trust your creative desires, your best style advisor is your own instinct. I love what Grace Coddington said: “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Whatever you see can inspire you.”

- Who inspires you (and why)?

Morrissey (former Smiths front-man). I love his originality, outspokenness, and his nonchalant attitude towards public criticism … It’s simultaneously terrifying, refreshing and inspiring.

- What is your guilty pleasure?

Probably best summed up by a ridiculous collection of black boots, A-line skirts and French lingerie. Oh and a cocktail called ‘Velvet Fog’ from Borsch, Vodka and Tears in Melbourne.



Cregan McDermott, 22, NSW

- What has life been like since you won the Curvy Couture competition?

I have gained a new confidence since the Curvy Couture Competition that has spread throughout all aspects of my life. Whether it's work, sport, relationships or even my own body image issues, I tackle tasks with a positive frame of mind and rarely see things as difficult but more as a challenge. The best thing I have learnt from my experiences is that throwing yourself into the deep end and giving everything a go is so important to the person you become. I am more willing to make mistakes and to ask others for help when I need it, to be more open to other people's opinions and embrace every opportunity I come across with an infectious enthusiasm.

- What advice do you have for people entering this year?

My advice would be to make it your own experience. It's not about winning, it's about the experience and what you learn from it, the people you meet and sharing your story. It's about representing women all over the world and being a voice for those who don't have one. So be proud that you are giving yourself an opportunity to push your limits and let others know that if you can do it, they can too!

- What are your 3 favourite websites to shop online?

I've always been hesitant to shop online because I like to try before I buy but I do love and ASOS!

- What is the best piece of style advice you've ever been given?

To just try it! You never know how it will look on if you don't give it a go so keep an open mind when shopping. And just as a side note, don't look at that little number on your clothing tag, it doesn't define who you are as a person!

- Who inspires you (and why)?

I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm inspired by different people every day. For example, this morning I was on the bus when a gentleman offered his seat to a lady who was standing. He inspired me to practice kindness and reminded me that I can make a difference even through small gestures. I'm inspired by the kids I coach through their creativity and enthusiasm for life. I'm inspired by my family and friends when they reach milestones or goals they've been working so hard to achieve. Inspiration can be found in everyone, you just have to be willing to see it!

- What is your guilty pleasure?

Apart from chocolate ...?


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More of the sweet stuff: 14 Strawberry recipes you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Even though there are a surprising amount of fruits and vegetables that hit their prime in the colder months, you just can't go past the Summer fruits when it comes to flavour. One of my all time favourite fruits (which I'm super guilty of buying out of season if they look good because I can't wait all Winter for them to come into season!) has got to be strawberries. While their prowess as a dessert ingredient is undeniable it is my opinion that strawberries can actually be eaten with every meal if you just know how to work it.

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We'll start you off nice and easy with the obvious breakfast options and then we'll all dip our toes into the wide world of strawberries in salads (it's a thing, and it is surprisingly delicious!). To top it all off we've got some delicious dinner options that you probably never thought of and which will definitely delight you. You might notice a bit of a trend when we hit the dinner section — strawberry salsa. Basically no matter which salsa recipe you use it will be delicious, you will probably become addicted and you will instantly start searching for more recipes that will pair nicely with it.

Image courtesy of Heather Christo

What are your favourite strawberry recipes? Tell us in the comments below!

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