What we wear: Rain Rain Go Away

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What we wear: Rain Rain Go Away | what we wear what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Unpredictable rain and freezing winds are just some of the perks of this joyful season. Until recently I never owned a puffer jacket, and can I just say wow... the warmth. But I've always wanted a light parka for transeasonal rain and icky weather. So check out how to stay dry in style with these wet weather essentials!

What we wear: Rain Rain Go Away | what we wear what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

These Converses look like your typical cool as a cucumber shoe, but they're oh so much more. These converses got jiggy with a gumboot, which besides redefining a lot of natural laws it means they are entirely rubber and hence water-proof! From festivals to trips overseas these gems are something to invest in!

This bag from Nasty Gal is super chic and minimal if you aren't usually a backpack wearing kinda gal. It's amazing quality and again festivals or travel or anything where you need hands free!

What we wear: Rain Rain Go Away | what we wear what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

A little close up of the best parka that ever lived by River Island, with the bold colour-way and graphic print it won't be hard to spot me (ah-thank-you).

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Fake it: 6 reasons to wear false lashes | galleries feature eye makeup and trends beauty 2  pictures

Not yet keen on false lashes? This gallery might change your mind!

For those occasions that call for a little oomph (or, you know, just any ol’ Monday), we call on our knight in shining armour: falsies. False eyelashes are every gal's dream come true for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they conceal lash loss, secondly they enhance the peepers effortlessly and thirdly you don't need to pile on the mascara or liner to create beautiful depth and definition with your gaze. Still sceptical? I've rounded up 6 solid reasons why you should be rocking a false fringe on the reg.

WANT MORE? Check out these false lashes.

TIP: Before applying falsies, curl your natural lashes to make sure your falsies line up with your actual lash line. Then, apply glue on your falsies with a Q-tip and using tweezers or your finger tips, place your falsies as close to your lash line as possible. Let your lashes dry for a minute before adding a few lashings of mascara to mould them together with your natural lashes.

What's your favourite style of false lashes? Tell us in the comments below!

Apps we love: Remindagram is the Insty scheduling app of your dreams | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

Apps we love: Remindagram is the Insty scheduling app of your dreams

One thing I didn't count on when starting my own business was how hard it is to keep up on social media. I don't live a particularly glamourous life and apart from the days when I'm in the DDG office I don't tend to be surrounded by anything pretty, so building up my Instagram account is proving to be a massive challenge. The fact that I try to keep my posting to key times also means that more often than not I get so caught up in the other side of working that I plain forget to post, which is why it sucks so hard that Instagram don't have a scheduling feature.

WANT MORE? If you're loving the Remindagram app, then check out more of our favourites here.

We might be a little bit biased (after all, this app was designed by our own Kate McKibbon and her brother) but Remindagram is the best iPhone app for scheduling your Instagram posts if you're a business, blogger or just a serious 'grammer. While other apps employ a system that essentially logs in for you to submit the post (so in a way you schedule it then forget about it), which makes me a bit nervous about security, Remindagram puts it all back into your hands so that you approve everything before you post it and can save yourself from many of those embarrassing social media faux pas (like spelling mistakes or poorly timed posts).

Apps we love: Remindagram is the Insty scheduling app of your dreams | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

Simply load up your images, write out your captions and schedule in your post time. When your scheduled time rolls around you'll get a notification from Remindagram to review your image and you can post it in just a few simple seconds. You can even post to Twitter or Facebook straight from the app. I love the reviewing feature because I have been burned by spelling mistakes in the past and this lets me double check my spell check before I embarrass myself.

SHOP IT: Remindagram for IOS, Free, itunes.apple.com

Have you tried out Remindagram yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Eat this: Strawberry Trifle recipe from Veggie Zest | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Eat this: Strawberry Trifle recipe from Veggie Zest

It's no secret I love strawberries. You've probably noticed by now that all it takes to make me drool and include a recipe in these posts is to make strawberries a star, but I can't help it — they're just so damn delicious (not to mention incredibly photogenic). This Strawberry Trifle recipe from Veggie Zest is definitely my new favourite dessert that I'll be pulling out for every picnic or BBQ come Summer (it just means I have all Winter to perfect the recipe).

WANT MORE? If you liked this Strawberry Trifle recipe then check out more from Veggie Zest here.

This recipe pairs fresh strawberries with their dairy soulmate and contains it all in an easy to transport jar (eating this for breakfast on the train probably isn't the healthiest thing in the world but there's nothing you can do to stop me!). The addition of pineapple adds an extra layer of sweetness that just makes it divine.


  • 2 one pint boxes of fresh strawberries
  • 1 1/2 cups cold milk
  • 1 box white vanilla cake mix, or plain 10” inch vanilla cake
  • 1/2 box jello instant vanilla pudding mix or 72 g vanilla flavored gelatin
  • 8 oz box cool whip or 226 g sweetened whipped cream
  • 1 (15 oz or 425 g) can crushed pineapple in syrup
  • 2 to 3 tbsp granulated sugar

Head over to veggiezest.com for the full instructions and more delicious vegetarian recipes.

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The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape | feature fashion daily dress to impress curvy  pictures

The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape

Of all the essentials that make up the perfect closet, one of the most important (right after jeans and a white tee of course) has to be the perfect little black dress. Once you have found your magic little dress the stress entirely vanishes from planning what you'll wear for your next event (and the one after that!). As always when shopping for your shape you need to take into consideration which parts of your body you want to accentuate and which parts you'd rather disguise, but also keep in mind that if you try on a dress and it makes you feel hot as hell then that's the dress for you — fashion rules be damned!

The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape | feature fashion daily dress to impress curvy  pictures

The best little black dress for your shape if you're petite

When you're petite you'll either want to elongate the body to appear taller or give the appearance of curves so a sheath dress is the best pick for you. A longer hemline (to the knee) and straight up and down design helps lengthen the body, while you can add curves with a peplum or a belt around the waist.

The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape | feature fashion daily dress to impress curvy  pictures

The best little black dress for your shape if you're an apple

When you tend to hold your weight around the middle you'll be hunting for something that gives you a waist while showing off those lovely legs, so look for dresses that are fitted in the bodice and flare out from the waist. Alternatively you can look for mod-styled mini dresses with detailing or contrast that run straight down the middle (rather than from side to side) which distracts from the waist and draws the attention back to your legs. You can also try the optical illusion of a dress that flares out both at the top and the bottom (like the one pictured above). The "bow" shape of these dresses gives you a faux-hourglass shape in an interesting silhouette.

The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape | feature fashion daily dress to impress curvy  pictures

The best little black dress for your shape if you're pear-shaped

Pear-shaped ladies have the benefit of a slim upper body and shoulders which are just made for strapless and halter neck styles. A fitted top then calls for a flowing skirt that skims the hips and disguises any imbalance in your proportions. Look for fabrics that are soft and flowy without being clingy — and really when you factor comfort into the mix you can't go past jersey fabrics. Alternatively, you can try a dress with a longer peplum around the waist to disguise the hips and bring out the curves.

The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape | feature fashion daily dress to impress curvy  pictures

The best little black dress for your shape if you're curvy

If you've got that enviously dramatic hourglass figure then it is your duty to show it off. There are two ways you can go about this, either with a form-fitting dress or something on the looser side, but no matter which you choose you've gotta cinch that waist! Fuller busts should stay away from super high necklines because that will just amplify their size, but you can use v-neck, square or scooped necklines to draw the eye. Wrap dresses are also great options for curvy girls because they have that flattering neckline and cinched waist built into the design. Stay away from loose dresses without definition because they'll make you look a lot bigger than you really are.

The dark side: How to find the right little black dress for your body shape | feature fashion daily dress to impress curvy  pictures

The best little black dress for your shape if you're tall and thin

If you've got a long and lean body shape the best way to show that off is with a short mini dress (get those gams out!) with longer sleeves to balance it out. Girls with a long, willowy bod can wear the trickier trends with ease — so don't be afraid of a looser fit drop waist (like the one pictured) or really strong shoulders with a tight dress.

Have you got any tips about finding the best little black dress for your body shape? Share them in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Lookbook (1. Megan J., 2. Agostina S., 3. Victoria M., 4. Kimberly K., 5. Madeline P.)

Beauty Editors letter: Ive found the secret to thick, voluminous hair! | hair styles beauty 2 feature beauty 2  pictures

Y'all are probably well-versed on how resentful I am towards my thin hair by now. I've mentioned my pancake-flat mop more than once here at DDG, and I'm sure you've even seen a few pics of its overall desolate state in my confessional posts. In a world where Kardashian-levels of fullness and extensions have become the hairstyle standard, I can't help but feel a little left out.

So it's been my one quest in life to find something that seriously saves my lacklustre locks without me always having to resort to fancy salon blow-outs or extreme (often damaging) teasing. Worse yet, hair implants (major gulp).

I'm proud to announce that I've discovered said rare gem, and it goes by the name of XFusion Keratin Hair Fibres. Nope, I'm not being paid to plug this prod, I actually came across it when I visited my local hair extensions salon. The lad weaving in my clip-ons remarked on how thin my hair seemed to be near the crown of my head. 'Genetics' I remarked robotically, preparing myself for the usual elaborate suggestions on how 'this treatment will seriously save your life. It'll change you.'

But rather than reach for the ol' 'volume boosting masque' the salon was trying to promote at the time, he presented me with this little blue vessel picture above. XFusion. Sounds like a protein powder brand, right? But rather, it's a dusting of dark brown hair fibres, friends. A dusting that has completely made over my hair in ways I never thought were possible, going to beehive extremes. I feel like I've found ... the Philosopher's Stone (my Harry Potter fans will know what I'm talking about).

How it works is that you dust the fibres on any sparse areas in your hair and then spritz with a bit of hairspray to lock it in place. It instantly disguises bald areas naturally and pumps up the volume in multiples of ten. Insane. Made from the same keratin protein as actual hair, it's durable, easy to apply and totally undetectable and absolutely marvelous for fine-haired mavens, like myself. It also just so happens to impart grip and texture, so if you are attaching hair extensions, this acts as the perfect base.

Creating volume-packed hairstyles and faking thicker hair has never been easier, and I love that it simply washes out. No-fuss, no worries.

Verdict: this is never, EVER leaving my side!


XFusion Keratin Hair Fibres, xfusion.com.au

Have you heard of this product before? Keen to try it out for yourself? What's your favourite volumising product? Tell us in the comments below!

What to wear to work: Pregnant and professional with Blame It On Fashion | working it what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily  pictures

Today we are idolising the stylish vibes of Blame It On Fashion. For more comfortable and chic maternity friendly looks, visit her fashion blog here.

This look is for our pregnant pals out there, because when your belly starts to swell and you can no longer get away with your regular work wear, hysteria often sets in. The emotions are already running high, and now you've popped the button on your favourite trousers. There is no turning back, it's time to invest in some waist stretching trousers that will leave you in a pyjama-esque state of comfort.

Whether you are nursing a food baby or a human baby this outfit oozes a cool, yet comfortable vibe. Shop the look below!

What to wear to work: Pregnant and professional with Blame It On Fashion | working it what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily  pictures

Maternity V-neck blouse, £36.00, topshop.com, Clean zip top clutch, £25.00, topshop.com, Maternity ankle grazer work pants, $43.14, asos.com, Antonia mule heel, $179.00, countryroad.com.au

Image courtesy of Blame It On Fashion, words by Kate Harper

Jet setter: How to keep a long haul flight from messing with your skin | skincare make your mug glow galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

For those of us who have been on a plane before, I'm sure we can all agree that the lack of fresh air and blasts of air-conditioner can take a serious toll on the skin. Annoying.

To prevent setting foot back into dry territory on your next plane ride, make sure you have a few products in reach that pack a punch in hydration levels and are designed to instantly refresh the skin and senses.

Creams, balms and mists are a must-have and here are a few that we like best when it comes to in-flight beautification.

By Jessica Savoia

Image courtesy of models.com

Which of these in-flight beauty products would you take along for the plane ride? Tell us in the comments below!

DDG DIY: How to clean up fake tan mistakes with lemon juice | how tos feature ddg diy beauty 2  pictures

Nothing sucks more than a botched fake tan job, or worse yet orange hands, the tell tale signs of forgetting to scrub your paws after slathering on the body paint. But fear not — if your fake tan tube has turned you day-glo orange or you've emerged with patches galore, we have a quick fix in store for you and it goes by the name of lemon juice. This sour edible is great at bleaching out the orange pigment in fake bakes and can do everything from clear up stained palms to eradicate streaks so no one will ever guess your golden glow isn't natural. Genius.


- Baking soda

- Fresh lemon


1. If your hands are dyed orange (naughty you, forgetting to wash them before they dried!), simply grab a wedge of lemon and rub between your palms until the citric acids start to fade the tan. Then, rinse under lukewarm water. You might have to do this several times for perfect results.

2. If you've seriously screwed up an area on your body, combine a tablespoon of lemon juice with baking soda to form a paste. Apply it over the affected area and leave on for a few minutes before washing off. You can also use the paste on your hands for hard-to-budge discolouration.

And now for a riddle: What do you give an injured lemon? Lemon-aid! Tee hee.

Did you know this lemon beauty trick existed? Tell us in the comments below!

Exercise test dummy: Boxing classes at Fitness Ring | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

With so many different exercise options out there these days, hating the gym is no longer a good enough reason to not get moving. So to inspire you to try new things, our chronically unfit lifestyle editor is lacing up her runners and trying out every type of exercise we can find in Melbourne — from Yoga to Boot Camps and every crazy thing in between.

Got a class you want us to try for you? Hit up the comments and we'll give it a go. Think of her as your exercise guinea pig.

Boxing classes at Fitness Ring (Richmond)

After several weeks of yoga classes I started to feel like I might need to explore the side of fitness that gets your heart pumping and leaves your legs feeling like jelly (because we all benefit from one of those workouts every once in a while), but I may have been a little bit enthusiastic about jumping straight into a boxing class.

Boxing is one of those styles of exercise that I've always wanted to try but never had the guts. The exercises are amazing for getting rid of blossoming bingo wings and toning everything up, which is really what I feel like I should be looking for in a workout these days.

The great thing about Fitness Ring's group boxing classes is that you have a mixture of men and women in both the participants (although I'd say the class I was in had more women than men) and your teachers so there's none of that hyper-masculine aggressiveness that scares a lot of women away from the boxing ring. It was just a fun — although incredibly difficult — hour spent learning new skills to some pumping good tunes and having a laugh with some other beginners.

What should you expect from a boxing class? Well, firstly you'll be kept on your toes for most of the class — literally — and will be exhausted when it's over. Even after I took off my gloves I felt like I had massive weights tied to my hands. You will also work every muscle in your body (my calves were especially sore for a few days afterwards!) and sweat like it's going out of business.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: boxing is damn hard work. It also strengthens, tones and gives you an excellent cardio workout so if you start going religiously you will definitely see results in quite a short time. If you're looking for a challenging and effective workout I definitely recommend boxing and if Fitness Ring was a little bit closer to my house I'd be going all the time!

One thing to note is that Fitness Ring requires you to bring your own wraps/gloves to class for hygiene reasons — your hands will be disgustingly sweaty at the end of the session and you don't want to think about how many people have contributed their sweat to your gloves before you stuck your hands in there.

Head over to boxingtrainingclassesmelbourne.com.au to find out more about their studio, classes and personal training on offer at Fitness Ring.

Have you tried boxing classes before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Plaid back: The print to deck your wardrobe in this season | galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

Rivaling leopard print in the versatility department, plaid (or tartan) is the ultimate chameleon when it comes to its ability to go from Nirvana listening grunge girl to swanky dress code for dinner and cocktails.

Want more new season trends? Click here!

Plaid is so much more than a flannel shirt and with some big name labels like Finders Keepers dropping plaid dedicated collections it really is the print to be seen in. So in tribute to the print that just won't quit here are our 15 favourite pieces to have your wardrobe looking plaid back.

Image courtesy of Victoria Tornegren

Which plaid piece will you add to cart? Tell us in the comments below!

Cotton On is the go-to for affordable on-trend styles (not to mention a brag-worthy collection of classic basics). Whether you need a new skirt for the weekend or want to save on a luxe-looking coat this Winter, Cotton On has you covered.

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Cotton On | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion news fashion daily daily want  pictures

Who doesn't love a slouchy turtleneck? This oatmeal colour makes it the perfect transeasonal piece to brighten up your outfit and work with florals, prints and of course plain old black.

SHOP IT: CO Fairy Floss Turtle Knit in Oatmeal, $59.95, cottonon.com

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Cotton On | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion news fashion daily daily want  pictures

Where comfort and denim collide. These deluxe sporty jeans are the laid back bottom halves you need in your life. Wear them with trainers, flats or even sandals in Summer — what can't they do?

SHOP IT: Deluxe Sporty Jean in Bright Blue Blast, $49.95, cottonon.com

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Cotton On | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion news fashion daily daily want  pictures

Take these flats from brunch to shopping to work to everywhere you can think of because they as useful as toothpaste! Not to mention as necessary — I mean leopard print, come on, we're only human.

SHOP IT: Camille Pointed Flat in Leopard/Black, $19.95, cottonon.com

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Cotton On | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion news fashion daily daily want  pictures

Attributes of a bubble skirt are endless, but the main one in particular? Legs eleven! If you want to party like it's 1999 and look like a 1990s supermodel while you're at it then invest in this super chic skirt.

SHOP IT: CO Bubble Skirt in Black, $39.95, cottonon.com

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Cotton On | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion news fashion daily daily want  pictures

Collarless coats a huge and what better way to rock one than in a tonal top deck grey. The roomy fit makes it the perfect layering companion to your Winter wardrobe and the super-soft wool-blend melton means you'll be a toasty cinnamon bun.

SHOP IT: CO Top Deck Melton Jacket in Grey Multi, $89.95, cottonon.com

What do you think of this week's Australian Fashion Guide? Which Cotton On piece is your pick? Tell us in the comments below!


Share your Brite Organix hair colour review & WIN! | win 2 subscribe comp feature beauty 2  pictures

Have you tested out the awesome range or Bright Organix temporary hair colours yet? If you have and you share your review with us you could WIN an pamper day for two at Endota spa (you can thank us later!)

Even if you weren't in the first 100 entries who scored a free Brite Organix  product to try, you can run out to Woolworths and pick some up to enter!

Once you've put the colour in your hair, there are three ways to enter.

1 - Snap a pic and head over to Instagram and tag #DDGBriteOrganix and #colouredhair

2 - Make a video and post it on YouTube using #DDGBriteOrganix and #colouredhair in the title

3 - Upload your pictures to the comment section of this post!

There's no reason not to give it a go, and who doesn't need a relaxing day at the spa with their best friend? After you each enjoy a 2 hour relaxation package, you can add come colour to your hair to complement your healthy glow! The contest ends on August 18th!

Competition conditions:

  1. Entries open 10am, 29 July, 2014 and close 10am, 18th August, 2014 (Australia EST). Winners will be announced here, and via email by 25th August, 2014. (All reviews must be submitted by 18th August to be eligible for the Major Prize)
  2. This competition is open to Australian residents only.
  3. You must be a current, valid DDGDaily.com email subscriber to be eligible to win (if you are not already subscribed, by entering this subscriber only comp you are also giving permission to be added to our weekly email updates list).
  4. One entry per form (per person).
  5. This is a game of skill — so put your thinking caps on and get creative with your reviews!

Click here to get the full terms and conditions (it makes great bed time reading...)

Kera what?: All you need to know about keratin hair treatments | hair styles beauty 2 galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

As a hairdresser, I often get probed about keratin hair treatments, which some of my clients have described as life-changing so today I thought I'd discuss exactly what this alleged miracle-maker is all about.

Keratin is a protein that is naturally produced in hair, however with years of colouring and straightening and endless changes in season and hormone levels, the hair can be stripped of some of its natural keratin. This equates to more porous, weakened and lacklustre locks.

What keratin treatments do is supplement the natural keratin and fill in those areas that have become porous which results in straighter hair. Being that it is NOT a chemical straightener, the in-salon process is a lot gentler and less invasive and so is said to be more of a relaxant than a straightening service.

By coating the hair, keratin treatments combat frizz and transform out-of-control manes to tame-able tresses for at least three months. The strands are left super smooth and shiny and takes less than half the time to dry or straighten.

If the $300+ price tag doesn't appeal to you, many brands have released various products that contain this miracle ingredient and can have you on your way to Gisele locks in no time. Check out my faves below.

By Jessica Savoia

Image courtesy of Elnett

Have you learnt more about keratin treatments and are you keen to try? Tell us in the comments below!

Have a ball: 15 of the best meatball recipes on the web | lifestyle galleries feature recipes  pictures

Have a ball: 15 of the best meatball recipes on the web

Ever since we opened the floodgates to the joy of meatballs with our meatball toasted sandwich last week we've developed a little bit of an obsession with those balls of deliciousness. Everybody in the office has chimed in with their favourite variety and we got all the main meats covered (with a few vegetarian options thrown in for good measure) but it was the hardest task in the world whittling the list down to only 15, which means that there are so many of the best meatballs recipes that we missed on this list.

WANT MORE? If you want more delicious meatball recipes, then be sure to check out our meatball toastie from last week.

The best thing about meatballs is that there is a flavour for every style of food and preparation. You have your lighter Asian-inspired chicken varieties. The gooey, cheesy varieties with turkey to lighten it up just a tad. And you have your traditional beef varieties that are perfection on a plate. I feel like the next fortnight is going to be filled with me testing out new variations of meatball until I find the ultimate recipe. And really, could anyone think of a better use of their time?

Image courtesy of Knead To Cook

Which of these meatball recipes was your favourite? Or did we miss your favourite recipe? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Real Girl Beauty: 5 minutes with makeup artist Mia Connor | feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Queen of the smokey eye, Mia Connor is definitely making waves in the beauty world. One peek at her addictive Instagram page is a testament to this. Aside from working with some major brands, Mia has had her makeup mastery published in numerous magazines all over the world and has even released her own set of makeup tools. Talk about doing it all! Today we chat to The Makeup Bar founder about which prods she simply can't live without.

1. Can you please walk us through your career as a makeup artist?

I did my first makeup course back in 2003 just to learn how to do my own makeup properly. After this I was completely addicted, underwent another course in 2005 and then opened my store The Makeup Bar in 2007. I am now venturing into education and have been running Masterclasses for existing makeup artists wanting to brush up on their skills. Soon I will be opening up The Makeup Academy by Mia Connor for newbies wanting to learn!

2. What are your top 5 can't-live-without beauty products?

- I can't live without VanityMark Brow Powders, “Blondie” is my go-to shade.

- Erin Bigg’s Gel Liner Pot in Onyx, great liner and a great base for a smokey eye.

- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is my current foundation squeeze.

- L'Oreal Telescopic is my favourite mascara.

- NARS bronzer in Laguna is the best bronzer!

3. What's your favourite hairstyle to rock during the week?

Centre part LOB AKA the Bingle LOB.

4. How do you keep your skin in shape?

Eve Lom cleanser, Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels and MECCA Hydrating Sunscreen.

5. Which beauty secret do you swear by?

A spray tan will even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, freckles and sun damage!

6. What's the best beauty advice you've ever been given?

“Too much on the mouth goes south” by Rae Morris referring to the longevity of lip wear.

7. How do you unwind on the weekends?

I work every Saturday so I wrap that up with a glass of red and a quiet night in, Sunday is my fun day where I will catch up with my friends for a few drinks in the sun.

8. Describe a typical working day.

I work by appointment only so every day is different. During the week will see me doing more commercial work such as photoshoots etc. whereas weekends will often be a wedding in the morning followed by back to back appointments in store for people going to events etc.

9. Favourite fragrance? What does it remind you of?

Chanel Chance, reminds me of my nan as she loves it too.

10. Favourite beauty brand and why?

Would have to be MAC as across the board they are great with all their products and on trend.

11. If you could wear one colour of polish for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Red, because red goes faster. Classic, timeless and goes with everything.

12. Walk us through your daily makeup application.

I always keep it simple, SFP plus foundation, liner and mascara with a touch of blush, lip balm and I’m out the door.

13. Who inspires you?

I seek inspiration from other makeup artists, photographers and models.

14. What's the best thing about being a makeup artist?

I love my job, it's definitely a feel good job, making people feel good about themselves; it's very rewarding. I love the flexibility and the endless creativity.

15. Favourite celebrity hunk?

Paul Walker – RIP!

16. If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

Lara Croft — Tomb Raider so I could wear that outfit every day! hah

Got a question for Mia? Ask away in the comments below!

Try it white now: The white blazer 3 ways | working it what to wear fashion daily night owl feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

I always chucked the white blazer in the too-hard basket. For the simple reason that I thought it only sung one tune of polished preppy and I would look out of place wearing something so sophisticated with anything but over a cocktail dress. So in a bid to help me help you help me, I've found the best three reasons to give this elegant and modern look a go. Whether it's day to day errands, the workplace or cocktails out and about!

Risky business: Beachy, fresh and Summery, I can't wait until it warms up to give this pants-free look a whirl. Whether you style it with a shirt dress or an oversized shirt and shorts underneath, make sure you keep the emphasis on loose fits and legs for days.

SHOP IT: Witchery Relaxed Boyfriend Blazer in White, $189.95, witchery.com.auRiver Island White Roll Sleeve Poplin Shirt, $50.00, riverisland.comTopshop Month Chelsea Boots in Black, GBP45.00, topshop.com, Bardot Gold Treadlink Bracelet, $19.95, bardot.com.au

Top deck: This ensemble is a bit more polished, I love the contrast of the black and white. Swap the jeans for trousers and tee for a shirt to wear it to the office.

SHOP IT: Sportsgirl Tailored Tux Jacket in White, $129.95, sportsgirl.com.auCountry Road Cap Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt in White, $39.95, countryroad.com.auTopshop Mini Tara Holdall in Black, GBP38.00, topshop.comWitchery Ashley Gusset Boot in Black, $199.95, witchery.com.au

White hot: Holy moley this look is smoking! Nothing screams sex appeal like an asymmetric cut skirt and blazer combo. The metallic belt adds a bit of attitude while the white barely there sandals put the bow on this look.

SHOP IT: Bardot Tropez Blazer in Ivory, $99.95, bardot.com.auRiver Island White Platform Barely There Sandals, $100.00, riverisland.comSportsgirl Lola Jewel Ear Cuff, $14.95, sportsgirl.com.auExpress Center Bow Metallic Skinny Belt, $19.90, express.com

Images & outfit inspiration courtesy of Katarzyna Smok SmoczyńskaGenesis Serapio & Annabelle Fleur. Thumbnail courtesy of Victoria Tornegren

For more outfit ideas click here!

Which way would you style a white blazer? Tell us in the comments below!

Book club: 8 raunchy books you dont want to read in public | lifestyle galleries feature book club  pictures

Book club: 8 raunchy books you don't want to read in public

While public opinion is generally divided on the phenomenon that is the sexually charged Twilight fanfiction known as Fifty Shades Of Grey, one thing we can all agree on is that it was super weird to see people reading it on the train. Since the kinky side of the book is so well documented it meant that every time you saw somebody reading it with a little smirk on their face you just knew they were reading a sex scene, and with the publishing industry regurgitating similar covers to take the guess work out of your book-buying experience there's no hiding the fact that your book choice comes with a dollop of kink.

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While erotic fiction isn't the first genre I reach for when choosing a book (mostly because I read almost exclusively on the train and blush like a bandit at anything remotely sexual) I have to admit that as long as a book has well-crafted characters, a good storyline and some good old-fashioned conflict then that's what really matters. For now, let's just say that what happens between the pages is between the characters, me and that guy with the knowing smile sitting in the chair opposite.

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo Club

Have you read any of these raunchy books? Or do you have a few picks of your own? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Lunch club: A fancier ham and cheese toastie | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Lunch club: A fancier ham and cheese toastie

While there's nothing better than a saucy, leftover-filled toasted sandwich (have I mentioned how in love with the meatball toastie I am? Because it is my one true love.) sometimes you just have to appreciate how great classics can be. There's a reason why most people think of ham and cheese when they think of a toastie - and that's because it is the champion of classics and the leaders in toasted sandwich flavours.

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To kick things up a notch (and to embrace the delicious yet slightly fattening side of toasties) we've added 2 types of cheese and some creamy full fat mayo to give it that deliciously decadent flavour. Add diced tomatos (so you don't burn yourself!), fresh chives and salt and pepper to the mix and you've got yourself one awesome tastebud party.


  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Full fat mayo
  • Ham
  • Vintage chedder cheese
  • Gruyere cheese
  • Chives
  • Salt and pepper

Compile your ingredients and toast until golden brown and deliciously melted.

What are your thoughts on our fancier ham and cheese toastie? Tell us in the comments below!



Concrete homewares that wont weigh you down | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

Concrete homewares that won't weigh you down

There's a new homewares trend that is taking off big time and like all the best trends it started in the world of DIY and then blossomed into an all-encompassing juggernaut. I'm talking about concrete homewares. Admittedly my first taste for the greatness that is concrete inside the home came from my one glimpse at last year's season of The Block where the sister with the killer eye for decor purchased an insane concrete kitchen benchtop. I remember almost nothing else about that show (not even the names of a single person involved) but that benchtop was just so damn amazing it instantly made its way into my dream kitchen imaginary pinboard.

WANT MORE? If you're loving the look of these concrete homewares then check out more awesome decor here.

Ever since then I've had a little soft spot for concrete. Lighter shades of the stony stuff give a lovely neutral grey feel to a room and the texture works well with natural wood and rose gold accents. If you're after a pop of colour it's also super easy to paint (or alternatively comes painted) and can be worked into any type of room. Just please be careful not to drop it on your toes because good decor is still not worth sacrificing the ability to walk.

Image courtesy of Down that Little Lane

Which of these concrete homewares caught your eye? Tell us in the comments below!

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