Bargain buys: 10 brand spanking new buys under 50 bucks

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Bargain buys: 10 brand spanking new buys under 50 bucks | hot 10 galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

It may be smack bang in the middle of hot chocolate and questionable fashion choice season (fleece long johns, anyone?) but just as we're starting to enjoy the coziness the calendar does this wacky thing where it speeds up and before you know it ... Splendour in the Grass is next week.

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So for those of you who have some sense and would rather some one-on-one time with sweet lady marshmallow we have a delightful check coat that should be to your liking. For those braving the cold for some seriously good live gigs check out the best oversized grunge tee and for those up north printed shorts to make moshing slightly more comfortable as that hairy dude without a shirt invades your personal space.

Image courtesy of Alex's Closet

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DDGs Immune Boosting cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

DDG's Immune Boosting cocktail recipe: It's happy hour at DDG!

One of the main reasons I start finding it hard to keep going out in Winter (apart from the fact that I straight up don't like the cold and definitely don't feel like I look good rugged up like the Michelin Man) is that I feel like a slight breeze is going to get me sick. I have such a terrible immune system I may as well live in bubble. So that's why I created this immune boosting cocktail recipe to try to even out my immunity playing field.

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This cocktail recipe combines fresh orange juice, honey and ginger for that classic immunity trifecta that I usually use to eliminate a sore throat, but combining it with a splash of tequila for a lovely Winter buzz. Play around with the proportions of honey and ginger until you get a mixture you like.

DDGs Immune Boosting cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures


  • Hot water
  • Honey
  • Orange juice
  • Ginger
  • Tequila


  1. Add a teaspoon of honey to a tablespoon of hot water and stir to help it dissolve.
  2. Squeeze the juice out of 1-2 oranges, leaving it as pulpy as possible to get the fibre.
  3. Get a little bit of ginger and finely grate it into the juice.
  4. Add a shot of tequila.
  5. Stir through the honey mixture and garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

DDGs Immune Boosting cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

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What to wear (under $200): Chic comfort with MAJA WYH | feature fashion daily bargain buy  pictures
Today we are swooning over this perfect weekender look by MAJA WYH. Check out her blog here for a never ending feed of chic style posts.

This look is ideal for the inner lazy girl in all of us, the girl who screams for comfort and will not settle with jeans that give you a muffin top, or shoes that leave you with aching and swollen feet.

Welcome to the perfect weekender look, and welcome to an outfit that you won't want to rip off the moment you step foot into your house. This outfit is anything but suffocating; we're predicting that once you get this fluffy, soft and dreamy cloud of a cardigan on, you'll never want it to leave your back! Also, did we mention that this cult-worthy outfit can be all yours for $150?

So go on, fetch yourself a bargain, gurl, and shop the look below!

What to wear (under $200): Chic comfort with MAJA WYH | feature fashion daily bargain buy  pictures

White framed round sunglasses, US$14.00,, 3 chain gold necklace, $12.95,, Fluffy longline grey cardigan, $54.90, Y.A.S,, Light wash boyfriend jeans, $40.00,, White slide on sandals, $29.95,

Image courtesy of MAJA WYH, words by Kate Harper

Sheer beauty: 13 best sheer lipsticks that double as balms | lip service galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

Introducing the very best sheer lipsticks that double as balms

I'll always have a special place in my heart for tinted lip balms. It started in primary school when Lip Smackers were all the rage (Bubblegum being my fave), and continued on into high school when I was finally allowed to wear proper lippie — a glossy electric pink from Priceline that was all wrong for my complexion (cringe). Now, despite living in some super-matte times, sheer lip tints are still my favourite makeup item to reach for when my kissers need a bit of respite from heavy lipsticks. And despite not being as bold, they still have the ability to instill in me a Sasha Fierce-like level of confidence.

WANT MORE? Check out these best sheer lipsticks

So without further ado, here are a range of tinted bullets that double as balms thanks to their sheer, hydrating properties. Think of them as lipsticks with a lighter touch.

Image courtesy of dollarphotoclub

Which of these best sheer lipsticks will you be slathering your kissers in? Tell us in the comments below!


That time that I discovered I wanted to be a Beauty Editor | featured hp main feature beauty news beauty 2 sponsored  pictures

Post brought to you by Dr Lewinn's

It’s a funny thing, trying to work out what you want to do for the rest of your life.  On the one hand, you’re faced with pressure from your parents and teachers who know what’s best for you (apparently so) and then on the other hand, you’re faced with pressure from society, which tells you that if you’re not making a certain amount of money or if your job status isn’t of great importance, life is pretty much over. And then there’s of course that inner voice which is just so damn confused, wondering what the best path is to take. Should you opt for the cookie cutter, everyone-else-is-doing it trail? Or the, I-may-fail-but-screw-it-I’m-going-to-do-it-anyway adventure? I chose the latter, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I still remember the first time I discovered I didn’t want to be a classic news journalist. I’d just burst into the uni lecture theatre (late, as usual) to a sea of students bent over their news quizzes. My lecturer looked at me with mild distaste, and all but shoved the test sheet into my sweaty palms. As I tried to remember the names of Australian politicians with bushy eyebrows who I cared nothing for and relay what had happened in parliament that week, I was hit with a sinking feeling in my stomach, a little like the one you get when you’ve just watched the last episode of a long-running TV series that will never return to television again.

Oh yeah, you know that feeling.

‘There has to be more than this’, I thought in dismay. There just had to. I hated studying the news and learning how to write to a ‘pyramid’ formula and I despised reading newspapers (positive vibes only, man!). While I had severely high respect for the industry itself, it just wasn’t for me. And I knew it was time to find out exactly what was.



Step away from your comfort zone!

And so, after the alarming realistion that I didn’t want to actually do what everyone had told me to do my whole life, I decided to release my inner Yonce and embark on a quest to find my dream job. Failing the test may have also had something to do with it.

During that period of self-discovery, there was the bittersweet feeling that came with trading in the relative safety and security of a university experience for a future of opportunity, possibility, plenty of unknowns and potential failures. For years, I didn’t have to think too hard about what to do next, aside from sleep in and skip my morning lecture, and now suddenly I did. Graduation was approaching and either I accepted a work placement in a newspaper somewhere in the middle of nowhere or do the total opposite and maybe be faced with no graduate job at all. Cue: freak out mode!

Being honest about my true feelings and paying attention to my gut instinct was a great starting point. I looked at my strengths, what I was passionate about, what made me happy and what my hobbies involved and went from there.  In short, these included: shopping, lipstick, travel, shopping, writing, social media, shopping, lipstick and #selfies. And rap music.

So since my preference towards painting my nails far outweighed my knack for discussing world affairs, I started to question whether the glamorous magazine world might be for me. But then again, I was a bit of a computer nerd (as in and Facebook were totes my fave bookmarks) and moving to Sydney wasn’t really a realistic option, so I decided to try my hand at finding an internship at an online magazine. And that’s when my love affair with Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily began.


An affair to remember

I was still slugging it out in at uni, working almost illegal hours at a nursing agency (5 am starts and 11pm finishes? Kill me now!), but my one day per week internship at DDGD served me well. It fed my shopping addiction, my beauty obsession and I was being mentored by the greatest gal in the world – Kate! – and the whole experience solidified what is now something I hope to be doing until my dying day; working as a Beauty Journalist and Social Media Whizz! As the internship progressed, suddenly my elusive ‘dream job’ was just within my reach, and after throwing my graduation cap in the air, travelling around the Greek Islands and returning home with a heart full of hope, I was offered a paid position with the company. I took a leap of faith and the rest was history. Since, I’ve managed to accrue a number of freelance positions whilst still wearing my weekly Beauty Editor cap and the opportunities have been endless.

Figuring out what I didn’t want was a critical aspect in figuring out what I did want. I recognised that it was okay if I didn’t know what my life was supposed to look like, and the beauty of it all was that I got to map it out exactly as I pleased – which is pretty much what I did.

Ten years ago, as a slightly hyperactive (okay... really hyperactive) disruptive teenager with mountains of insecurities, I would never have dreamed I’d forge a career being constantly surrounded by a slew of some of my favourite beauty products, working in an office of ridiculously inspiring gals, winning fragrance journalism awards, interviewing dreamboat celebrities (hey there Miranda Kerr, ‘sup Barbara Palvin) or being flown over to Bali to review a day spa, but such is my reality and as I type this I’m actually preparing to go on a trip to Uluru that I scored through work (okay, I’ll quit the bragging now, promise… plus I gotta’ pack).


Looking back

What I’ve discovered about myself since leaving high school (almost 10 years ago now – I’m pretty ancient!), is that life is full of ebbs and flows and you just have to ride the waves. There’s a reason why Jay Z, Iggy Azalea, Kanye, Beyonce and dare I say Kim Kardashian are bat-shit famous and thriving, and that reason comes down to taking a chance, have loads of confidence and what I like to call ‘hustlin’. I have not stopped hustling to get where I am right now, and I have big plans to go even further. I pinch myself regularly because I can’t actually believe that every single day I’m living out my dreams surrounded by the most beautiful women who help my journey. But most importantly, I always follow my heart, because ultimately it has always lead me to the right place. And that place is definitely not a news quiz.



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The 20 most inspiring entries will win their bundle of goodies each week and also feature on the Dr Lewinn's #iDiscovered Facebook tab (which you can suss out here:!

It gets even better than that, I'll be awarding my favourite one with a $100 Westfield gift card and you can find out if it's YOU in my follow up editorial.

 Coordinated by The Remarkables Group

Boot ilicious: The best boots for your body shape | sole mates feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

While my personal reasons for avoiding most opened-toed shoe options tend to fall into the "terrified of my toes" category, once Winter hits having a good pair of boots is just a necessity of life if you want to avoid frostbitten tootsies (especially if you're like me and have to take public transport to get around). Finding the right pair of boots is a lot harder than you think it is going to be when you start boot shopping and half the time you'll find yourself looking at your reflection in those little mirrors, wondering why it looks weird. Sure, there's nothing stopping everybody from buying the same pairs of boots as you see on the model set, but if you want to really flatter (and balance) your figure you need to take the rest of your body into consideration when boot shopping.

Boot ilicious: The best boots for your body shape | sole mates feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Best boots for your body shape if you're petite:

If you're a shorty wanting to look a little bit taller the first thing you should look for in boots is a little bit of height. Platforms and chunky heels add height without making you unstable and the thickness means you can get to staggering heights without toppling over. For longer-looking legs stick with ankle boots (anywhere from the ankle bone to the bottom of the calf) as longer boots can make your body seem too short and out of proportion by comparison. Stick with solid colours and minimal embellishments (like buckles) to help elongate the legs and if you're pairing your boots with pants, then you can make them look even longer by matching the colours.

Boot ilicious: The best boots for your body shape | sole mates feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Best boots for your body shape if you're an hourglass:

Ladies with an hourglass figure looks best when their style has a little bit of vintage flavour (which is one of the many reasons why curvy gals look so good with a cinched waist!), so channel a little bit of Marilyn with a rounded toe — the curves of the shoes subtly echo the curves of the body to keep everything lovely and rounded. Look for heels or wedges that have a tapered, conical (or slightly V-shaped) bottom as another nod to your curves while still providing stability. As for length, a short ankle boot works great if you have shapely calves that make knee-highs a nightmare and lets your lovely legs get the attention they deserve.

Boot ilicious: The best boots for your body shape | sole mates feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Best boots for your body shape if you're an apple:

I hate these fruit-based body descriptions, but until somebody comes up with a less ridiculous way to say that you're top heavy or rounded at the top with skinny legs, I guess we're stuck with them. If you fall into the "apple" category then we'd like to encourage you to get those gams out ALL THE TIME. While you've got the legs for the longer boots, we'd hate to see you covering them up so much, so stick with ankle biters, but if ever there was a body shape that called for a chunky boot, it's yours. Apple shaped ladies can look like their feet are disappearing if they wear a delicate shoe, but a thick wedge can balance out any volume you have up top without swamping your frame.

Boot ilicious: The best boots for your body shape | sole mates feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Best boots for your body shape if you're a pear:

Another term for my body shape fruit salad is the vividly named "pear shaped" which I think we can all agree should just be changed officially to bootylicious. If you carry your weight in the lower half of your body then you should be looking for a nice long boot (just below the knee or higher — anything mid-calf will make your legs look bigger) in a solid colour to help elongate your situation. Another good trick is to look for stacked heels to help lengthen your legs while making your ankles appear teeny tiny. If your calves make it tricky to buy knee-highs, then keep an eye out for loose-fitting slip on ankle boots — the space they create around the opening makes your legs look skinnier (gotta love a fashion optical illusion!).

Boot ilicious: The best boots for your body shape | sole mates feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Best boots for your body shape if you're tall and skinny:

Since you tall and skinny ladies don't really need the height you can easily forgo the heels in favour of a flat without looking like you're too short to ride the rollercoaster. Riding boots look great with skinny ladies with the added benefit of being crazily comfortable to boot. With legs like you ladies are packing there's not a whole lot you could do that would make them look anything less than long and lovely — so don't be afraid of the extra-long over the knee styles. When wearing these long, lean styles it's best to have a little bit of volume up top (such as a cozy night jumper) so that you don't wind up looking like Jack Skellington.

There are no real hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion and just because one style of boots looks amazing on a girl with a completely different body shape to you, that doesn't mean there's no way you could wear it. Fashion is at least 80% attitude so buy the boots you love and rock the hell out them. But if there's anything about your body that you'd prefer to disguise (or enhance) then these tips will definitely help you do that.

Images courtesy of (Petite, Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Tall)

Got any other tips for finding the best boots for your body shape? Share them in the comments below!

What we wear: Double denim | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

While a loose chambray shirt and distressed denim short is one thing, wearing what can sometimes be referred to as a 'Canadian tuxedo' is quite another. This week I decided it was time to do the double denim (Winter edition). Of course I was a bit nervous so I layered with a scarf and anorak to play it down but I still felt totally fearless like some sort of Western super hero.

What we wear: Double denim | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

I'm so smitten with this watch by The Horse which the girls at DDG gifted me for my birthday! Amazing quality and design, plus it could go with anything you pair it with. Anorak is by Nasty Gal but find similar here.

What we wear: Double denim | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

This scarf has been a godsend the past 5 years or so. I snapped it up at Bardot once upon a time and the size, fabric and reversible neutral leopard print is seriously a wardrobe must-have (find a similar one here). Denim shirt is by Topshop (honestly the best investment!).

What we wear: Double denim | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Jeans are by RES Denim and of course to cap it all off my fave Senso boots!

What do you think of this week's what we wear? Would you rock double denim? Tell us in the comments below!

Eat this: Roasted Baby Beetroot with Grilled Freshwater Salmon recipe from Petite Kitchen | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Eat this: Roasted Baby Beetroot with Grilled Freshwater Salmon recipe from Petite Kitchen

My fish intake is incredibly minimal. Apart from the occasional tin of tuna for lunch or grilled flake from the fish and chip shop, I stick to the land and leave seafood in the sea. I'm aware of the many benefits of fish though and am doing my best to integrate it into my cooking routine (much to the chagrin of my fish-phobic other half), which is why I'm relying on delicious salmon recipes that are on the easy side.

WANT MORE? If you liked the sound of this Roasted Baby Beetroot with Grilled Freshwater Salmon recipe, then check out more from Petite Kitchen here.

This flavoursome recipe from Petite Kitchen celebrates the ingredients — as they'd say on MasterChef — and is a great way to get yourself used to the flavour of salmon if you're a newbie to fish. This is also more inspiration than recipe so you'd have to figure out the times and whatnot, but definitely head over to her site to check out more mouth-watering inspiration. I'd also recommend buying her cookbook because the recipes are delicious and stuff you'd actually want to make!

Head over to for more delicious recipes or to purchase her amazing cookbook.

How do you normally prepare your salmon? Share your tips and tricks (or your thoughts on this recipe) in the comments below!


Match maker: 10 super flattering eyeshadow and lipstick combinations | galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Fancy-up with these eyeshadow and lipstick combinations

Ever discovered the most perfect lipstick only to realise you have no idea which eyeshadow to pair it with? You run the risk of going over the top with a shadow that's too dramatic or selecting a colour that's utterly mismatched.

But don't fret; experimenting with new makeup combinations can actually be quite fun, and today we're walking you through some of our favourite lipstick and eyeshadow duos that work so well together, you'll want to sport them every day of the week.

Image courtesy of Guerlain

Which eyeshadow and lipstick combinations do you love wearing? Tell us in the comments below!

Work those thumbs: 5 of the best home fitness apps | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

Work those thumbs: 5 of the best home fitness apps

Going to the gym regularly is hard enough for most of us folk, but combine the fact that it is just so damn cold outside with increased chocolate consumption (or is that just me?) and you have a recipe for piling on those Winter pounds. Luckily the wide world of technology has got you covered with all the exercising you could want right on your smartphone (well, it will be on your phone once you download them).

WANT MORE? If you liked these picks for home fitness apps, then check out our favourite organisational apps here.

These apps have everything you need to work out in your loungeroom — whether you're after a relaxing yoga session, a burst of cardio or some equipment-free strength training. I personally like anything that lets you set a Tabata timer (that's where you do interval training in short, but insanely intense 4 minute bursts) but that's mostly so I can get some exercises done during my TV ad breaks. Isn't that all you really want a fitness routine anyway?

Image courtesy of Pocket Yoga

Have you tried any of these home fitness apps? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

Let's set the scene: a stretch of burnt orange sand peppered with bristly spinifex plants that seep endlessly into the horizon and a ginormous terracotta-tinged rock rising from the plains, lending itself to the already breathtaking landscape. Ayers Rock, peeps, Ayers Rock.

I was recently given the incredible opportunity to go on an impromptu vacay to Uluru thanks to Jet Star's newest Melbourne to Ayers Rock direct flights, and I jumped at the chance — who wouldn't?! Despite never actually visiting any kind of desert before, I was keen to explore a bit of Australian native culture and break away from the drone of Melbourne's non-stop city noise, so going to the middle of nowhere suited me just fine.

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

I think what got my blood racing from the very beginning was spotting the great monolith thousands of miles in the sky. As our plane soared over Australia's ancient heart, I was absolutely blown away. Even from high up in the sky, it looked positively ginormous, and I felt touched if not a little humbled to bear witness to one of Australia's most recognisable World Heritage listed icons.

I definitely wasn't expecting it to be negative 1000 degrees when exiting the plane though — aren't deserts always dry and hot? — but luckily I came prepared with Winter gear from head-to-toe.

Our super friendly, super informative Voyage Indigenous Tourism Australia hosts planted us at Sails in the Desert Hotel, a recently refurbished resort boasting 228 luxury five star rooms and suites, and decor that features traditional Anangu creation stories and complemented by the desert landscape outside and Indigenous artwork and artifacts. Read: luxe oasis.

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

I was lucky enough to trial one of the resort's beauty treatments at Red Ochre Spa, and lemme tell you, it was something else. From the deliciously relaxing scalp and aromatherapy massage that helped dissolve aches and pains in an instant, topped off by a super hydrating Elemis facial which gave my skin a kiss of radiance, it's no wonder I fell asleep and snored in my poor facialist's face. The modern decor coupled with energising scents of essential oils made the retreat a true sanctuary to attend, enhanced by the tranquility of the desert silence.

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

Over the three days of desert bliss, I was able to experience some of the rare beauties of Uluru including cultural performances by the Wakagetti Dance Troupe, garden walks through local native flora, a stargazing adventure of the southern night sky, camel rides (I aptly named mine 2Pac) to remote desert dune tops where I watched the sun set over Uluru and munched on bush inspired delicacies (and a little too much bubbly), meandering walks observing the many changing colours and moods of the awe-inspiring rock and — my all-time fave — Harley rides around Ayers Rock Sunset Strip, where I experienced a bit of Sons of Anarchy moment (see below).

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

Uluru has so much deep cultural significance to it and a particular sense of peaceful stillness that's all-encompassing and wondrously soothing for the soul — it almost feels like a dream. It's no wonder Prince William, who visited the Northern Territory earlier in the year with wifey Kate Middleton, said, 'It's nice and peaceful down there, very peaceful'. Right you are, Will, right you are.

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

You haven't truly experienced the great Australian Outback until you've seen Ayers Rock, and thanks to the legends over at Jet Star, this is now all the more possible. I'll defs be back soon.

Visit Jet Star to book your next vacay to Uluru's epic Sails in the Desert Resort.

Beauty Editors letter: Three glorious days in the desert (aka Uluru) | feature beauty news beauty 2  pictures

Featured images courtesy of Discover Uluru

Have you been to Uluru before? What do you think of the new Melb - Uluru direct flights? Tell us in the comments below!

DDG DIY: The liquid liner credit card trick | how tos feature eye makeup and trends ddg diy beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Try this liquid liner credit card trick

Liquid liner is like the LBD of beauty; a surefire makeup staple. But if you haven't yet mastered the perfect flick, today we're teaching you a quick and easy fool-proof way to create the perfect cat eye silhouette without smudges or spills.


- Liquid liner pen

- A credit card/debit card (any kind of card really!)

WANT MORE? If you think this liquid liner credit card trick is cool, you're going to love this!


1. Hold a credit card flat against your cheekbone on an angle and veering upwards past the tip of your eye out to your hairline.

2. With your liquid liner pen, trace along your upper eye line, and once you reach the corner of your eye, trace along the card's edge to create your flick.

3. Remove the card and there you have it! A polished winged line with perfect definition.

Ta daaaaa!

Have you tried this liquid liner credit card trick before? How do you create the perfect winged liner? Tell us in the comments below!

Trench coats: The 15 dapper designs to have you looking swanky | how to wear galleries featured hp main feature fashion daily  pictures

There's something about a trench that always makes me think of London town (the place I stalk on Pinterest and will one day visit). This staple coat can be seen as proper and timeless but lately style gurus have been pairing the all-time-fave piece with ankle booties and shorts (granted, us Aussies have been leading the way due to our "Winter weather").

Find more Winter style inspiration here!

While the trench is usually reserved for casual layering with jeans and boots you can switch it up and take a leaf out of Victoria Beckham's book by pairing with heels and a dress (I'm assuming as you can't actually see it). Or even work the coat open with a smock dress — the options are endless! So embrace the transeasonal treasure and get trenched!

Image courtesy of Aliya Akhmedeeva

Which trench coats do you adore? Tell us in the comments below!

DDG DIY: Make your own studded beanie tutorial | home sweet home lifestyle feature ddg diy  pictures

DDG DIY: Make your own studded beanie tutorial

I was like a kid in a candy store when I went to spotlight to find ways to decorate my beanie (honestly, there were so many options I could probably keep doing this every week for the rest of the year!) but one of the things I was most excited about were the press studs. Personally, I've never been much of a rhinestone gal and all my years of dancing competitions dulled any excitement I had for sequins and tiaras, but studs have always held a special place in my heart.

WANT MORE? If you liked this studded beanie tutorial, then check out another beanie DIY here.

Blame it on rock music or the fact that I was an absolute bedazzling fiend growing up (seriously, what happened to my bedazzler?) but this was my favourite DIY yet! This studded beanie tutorial is super easy because all you need to do is line up the studs and push them in and hey! Presto! You've just studded something, no bedazzler required!

DDG DIY: Make your own studded beanie tutorial | home sweet home lifestyle feature ddg diy  pictures


  • A beanie
  • Claw-clasp studs (I have pyramid and round)

DDG DIY: Make your own studded beanie tutorial | home sweet home lifestyle feature ddg diy  pictures


  1. Start by arranging your studs on your beanie to get an idea of how you want to lay out your design. I personally favour symmetrical designs because I'm a little OCD like that but I have seen some beautiful clusters of studs on some beanies. Basically do what you think looks good (you can always change it later!)
  2. When you've got your design in your head remove the studs, unfold the brim of your beanie and flip it inside out so that you only put the studs through the one layer of beanie and they don't scratch your head!
  3. Lay out your studs again and start pushing them through — the table should bend the claws inwards with a little bit of pressure so that they grip on to your material.
  4. Use needle nosed pliers to remove any studs you don't like without damaging your beanie. Fold and flip your beanie and you're done!

What are your thoughts on this studded beanie tutorial? Tell us in the comments below!

Spa chic: How to be your own at home facialist | skincare make your mug glow galleries featured hp main feature beauty 2  pictures

How to be your own at-home facialist

I gotta confess something. I'm usually pretty OCD about my skin health, but the past few weeks I've been neglecting my mug in favour of being a total lazy pants. Each night, there's nothing more I want than to sink into my sheets and not have to worry about any kind of primping or preening, mainly because I'm so damn tired. Save for maybe whacking on some moisturiser at night and SPF during the day, makeup wipes have suddenly became my new best friend, and my lonesome bottle of cleanser is beginning to gather dust. As for that vessel of exfoliant and the exxy face masque sitting on my basin? Pft. Totally cannot be bothered.

Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

My skin has gone into full-blown meltdown mode and is currently sprouting all sorts of nasties like a veggie patch on pesticide steroids. We're talking pimples — but those really nasty ones that bubble under the skin and refuse to pop — and dry patches galore. Gulp.

WANT MORE? Even more advice on how to be your own at-home facialist here

And so after this little fortnight of dermal abuse, I've decided to get back into my strict skincare routine, and treat my mug with full respect, starting with a mini at-home facial each week. I've done it before and the results have been epic. I highly recommend you do the same, especially if you're trying to combat certain skin woes that just won't go away.

Below check out my step by step guide to being your own at-home facialist. It's easier and quicker than you think, plus cheap and totally zen-worthy.

Image courtesy of dollarphotoclub

Did you pick up any handy tips on how to be your own at-home facialist? Will you be indulging in some DIY zen time? Tell us in the comments below!

5 Charity supporting fitness events that will make money from your pain | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

5 Charity supporting fitness events that will make money from your pain

Sometimes the promise of tighter buns or the ability to run 50 m for your train without collapsing from exhaustion isn't enough to motivate us to get out there and exercise. Even if you're of the extra lazy couch potato variety where the only thing that will motivate you is having people dressed as zombies chase you through the course as though your life depended on it (which incidentally is totally a thing and actually sounds like lots of fun!) there's a fun charity event that will get you moving while also raising money for a good cause (which actually earns you lazy points for knocking off two things at once!).

While some of these events definitely fall into the hardcore exercise category (meaning you'll need to train for a while to compete or else risk your limbs falling off from overuse; I assume that's what happens from exercise, I personally have never worked that hard), there are options for all fitness levels to compete in most of them. You can also participate in a lot of them as teams so it can turn into a fun day out for you and your friends. So start working out so you can take part and support your favourite charity (or go be a spectator and donate if you're basically a professional couch potato).


Image courtesy of Tough Mudder

Have you participated in any charity supporting fitness events? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Always feminine and elegant, Forever New knows how to make a girl feel like a million bucks. Whether you have a wedding, a graduation or special occasion, these designs are always flattering — plus they do some killer casual wear! See our five favourite picks from Forever New's current collections and embrace these ladylike looks.

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Forever New | finds feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

This vivid emerald green is an out-of-this-world party dress. While the hue is eye-catching the never fail cut is super flattering, modern and timeless (think: Kate Middleton).

SHOP IT: Bailey Tiered Short Sleeve Dress in Vivid Green, $89.99,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Forever New | finds feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

So we're all obsessing over the midi skirt right now and this fluted style skirt fits the bill. Featuring voluminous fabric to create the perfect A-line silhouette its besties include (but are not limited to) a black cropped evening top, a printed casual tee and cons and of course a pastel knit.

SHOP IT: Sophia Fluted Midi Skirt, $79.99,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Forever New | finds feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Print parties are better with a white sweater! We can't get enough of this transeasonal floral design. Work it with shorts or jeans for a more casual look and a skirt to add some effort (see: skirt above).

SHOP IT: Leonie Printed Sweat Top in Dark Floral, $59.99,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Forever New | finds feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Show off your womanly curves with this all over lace pencil skirt featuring a trending sheer bottom panel. Style it with sandals in Summer or with a black cropped top and a killer set of heels for a night out!

SHOP IT: Cara Lace Pencil Skirt in Black, $79.99,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Forever New | finds feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures


The do it all basic works its way seamlessly into your wardrobe with its trending characteristics and flattering fabric. We love this top matched with highwaisted black jeans, heavy boots and a shaggy cardigan or with a pencil skirt for cocktails.

SHOP IT: Milly Long Sleeve Crop Top in Black, $39.99,

What do you think of this week's Australian Fashion Guide? Which Forever New piece is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!


Just tested: Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream | skincare make your mug glow featured hp main feature beauty 2 sponsored  pictures

Post brought to you by Dr. LeWinn’s

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be reaching for a flacon containing an age-old lotion my mother has been slathering onto her skin for the past ten years. But such has been the case for about four weeks now, and I have to say, I’m sold. Like 100%, fallen-in-love, where-the-bloody-hell-have-you-been-all-my-life-you’ve-got-some-explaining-to-do-mate sold. Dr. LeWinn’s, my friends, I’m talking about Dr. LeWinn’s.

Now before I begin walking your through my (rather epic) experience with their latest skincare newborn, I need to point out a few important things:

1. I’m 25, going on 26 (over the hill?) so I’ve just entered that arena where anti-ageing prevention is paramount. Therefore, this beauty trial could not have come at a better time.

2. I don’t like to budge from my current skincare products. Yeah, I’m pretty stubborn like that. Spoiler alert: that changed rather quickly after two weeks of consistent use.

3. My star sign is Pisces, and yes I do like long walks on the beach.

Now that you know those crucial facts, we can get started with today’s review on the prod that’s gaining widespread recognition in Beauty Land - cue *blockbuster movie voiceover*: Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Cream.

For most of us in OZ, it has been brutally cold. Freezing rain, record low temps and the like, so my skin has not been very happy with me. The arctic blasts have been turning my visage dry, flaky, red and dull and I’ve even noticed some slight peeling which never happens to me. Just damn wonderful, isn’t it?
Now if you’re a good little skincare buff, you’d know that it’s important to tweak your winter beauty regime each to cater for the change in weather conditions. Enter: thicker, emollient moisturiser containing renewing ingredients that can work wonders on your skin.


The Eternal Youth Cream contains complexion-nourishing ingredients like Diamond and Black Pearl (said to help make the skin look younger, also sounds like what I’d call my Pirate Ship if I owned one), Vitamin A and Patch H20 (for an intense moisture boost that lasts 48 hours) while JuvefexoTM, despite bringing up visions of a fierce character in a Marital Arts animation show, helps rejuvenate and refine the skin tone. These components all sound incredibly fancy, like my cream will suddenly spur to life and take me on a yacht ride through the Rivereira if I asked it nicely, and they surprisingly mesh really well with my skin. It’s been one month, and no noticeable qualms, and particular no evil pore-blocking going on. I think I’m falling in love. Gulp.

The product disclaimer says that consistent use will boost the skin cell’s performance by 10 years, slowing down the process of ageing entirely and while I don’t look like my 15-year-old self yet (drats!), I can most definitely attest to the natural glow that’s been bestowed upon my complexion (how very medieval of me). It’s a bit difficult to describe what said glow actually looks like; but I can say that my skin doesn’t look dull or angry anymore. That bland tinge that has come from late nights, weekend cocktails, eating crap and traveling interstate, has lifted and there’s an overall brighter look to my features. I guess those fancy ingredients really do have the effect of turning back time and did I mention how smoother my makeup glides on? I didn’t? Okay, well it goes on like a breeze, and everything feels and looks all nice and luminous. This shiz seriously has the ability to remedy anything from annoying combination skin to pesky hyperpigmentation, and I’m a wee bit addicted.


Just tested: Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream | skincare make your mug glow featured hp main feature beauty 2 sponsored  pictures


As for the packaging, it’s stolen my heart too. Aesthetic on a product is extremely important to me. It’s a bit like selecting the right home décor; do those chevron cushions go with that couch? Will those peonies look good in that Reject Shop vase? I think much the same way when selecting which prods to add to my beauty arsenal. ‘Which vessels and tubes and little pots of creams will look pretty on my basin? Which will make me want to actually reach for them each day? Is it possible to lick my elbow?’. I think it’s all very psychological. Doesn’t it just make more sense to want to reach for something that looks pretty and dare I say, sexy, than something bland and boring? Exactly.

Well, kittens, Dr. LeWinn’s has most defs nailed it in the exterior department. Their newest packaging upgrade, celebrating their 25th anniversary, is one which will send shivers of delight down a beauty afficiando’s spine. The luxurious, diamond-like lid is complemented with an ombre grey and black dome-like vessel where the cream sits decadently inside and FYI to all my clumsy ladies (read: me), there is no way the product can tip out or spill.

Now we move onto consistency. I hate heavy creams that don’t blend well. There is nothing worse than a lotion that sits on the surface layer of my skin and refuses to disappear, like a zit that won’t go away. Peeves me off! But this stuff is fast absorbing, thick – yes – but beautifully blendable and thoroughly moisturising, plus it feels light on the face and neck. It sinks right into the skin, and I always marvel at how well my dermal layers just lap it all up. My mug is quite literally left feeling rejuvenated, soft and supple.  No greasy shine or nose-resenting after-smell here. And the scent? Divine. A bit fruity and refreshing, like melon or cucumber.

I’m going to admit it; once upon a time, I used to think the Dr. LeWinn’s skincare range was rather daggy and not suited for someone my age at all. I’d see it on my mum’s basin and ignore it as you would Robin Thicke’s latest album. That’s not to say my ma is old and daggy, in fact she’s a really cool chick, but it just didn’t seem to appeal to me at the time (although, I do love their anti-aging concealer, it’s the bomb!). But alas, when it comes to beauty products, sometimes the most unlikely candidates can be the best.


As a mid-20s lass looking for new ways to preserve my youth, this is a cream I’m pretty sold on. It ticks all the boxes in what I look for in a good 24 hour face hydrator, and the packaging is just so rad. Would I call it a complete anti-aging powerhouse? Yes, I would, and if my mum’s skin is anything to go by, then we have a winner ladies and that one gent in the back.


This cream is happiness in a pot – quite literally. It makes my visage so cheerful, so replenished, so Ryan-holiding-a-baby-excited. Of course, I will continue to dutifully try out new skincare products (because, you know, #werk), but this stuff is currently taking the lead. Looks like the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, hey mum?




Have you been uploading your personal discoveries to Instagram & Facebook? It's not to late to enter and be in the running to win a bunch of awesome Dr. LeWinn's prizes! Simply post a pic of your new discovery with #iDiscovered and don't forget to tag us @ddgdaily. I'll be announcing my fave reader entries and the overall winner of a $100 Westfield Gift Card next week so keep checking in

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Real Girl Beauty: 5 minutes with Trophy Wife nail artist Chelsea Bagan | feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

1. Can you chat a bit about your career as a nail artist?

I started as a total hobbyist, I doubted myself for a long time that it could become anything too serious, but I threw my whole self into it and am so proud of where it has gotten to. We are just about to open our first street fronted salon!

2. What are your top 5 can't-live-without beauty products? 

- Bloom Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black

- Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

- Clinique Pore Refining Serum

- Chi Chi Matte Lipstick in 'Bling It On' (the colour is amazzzing and lasts so long!)

- Clinique Exfoliating Face Scrub

3. What's your favourite hairstyle to rock during the week?

I usually just rock a messy bob, it looks good and is super low maintenance.

4. How do you keep your skin in shape?

My face does not like too much going on, I usually just wash my face with water and then apply a moisturiser, and drink lots of water. Once a week I use Clinique Exfoliating Face Scrub.

5. Which beauty secret do you swear by?

Lip liner is a true god!

6. What's the best beauty advice you've ever been given?

Less is more. I am a big fan of blusher, and I've been taught to not go too overboard.

7. How do you unwind on the weekends?

I like to get out of the city for a night or two away with friends, sometimes we camp or rent a house in the middle of the country to relax. But if I'm in the city, I love a good brunch and some Game of Thrones!

8. Describe a typical working day.

Lots of nail painting, lots of emails, lots of social media, phone calls, admin. DIY — it's a one stop shop around here.

9. Favourite fragrance? What does it remind you of?

I really loved Jil by Jil Sander. It is hard to get ahold of these days, but it reminds me of Summer and fun times!

10. Favourite beauty brand and why?

I think Illamasqua is really great. They always have really great bold coloured lips and nails.

11. If you could wear one colour of polish for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

A little bit of self promo here but Trophy Wife x Kester Black 'Gold Digger'. I've always hated glitter polishes that are sparse with glitter; this one pretty much fills you nail with glitter after just one coat!

12. Walk us through your daily makeup application.

Wash with water or exfoliate, then moisturise. I use a primer by Too Faced, a little cover up to hide the sleep bags under my eyes, and sometimes I use a Bobbi Brown Mineral Powder Foundation, or nothing, followed with some pink blush, a volumising mascara and either a black cat's eye or bright lip.

13. Who inspires you?

My parents are the best, they both have their own businesses and work SO hard and expect so little in return. To me they are the ultimate success.

14. What's the best thing about your job?

Getting to try new colours every day and meeting so many new people!

15. Favourite celebrity hunk?

Hmmmm, I feel a bit cliche saying this but who doesn't love Ryan Gosling?!

16. If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why?

Wonderwoman, what a babe!

Visit and don't forget to follow Chelsea on Insta @trophywifenailart

Got a question for Chelsea? Ask away in the comments below!

Some like it hot: Poached fruits to keep you warm this Winter | lifestyle galleries feature recipes  pictures

Some like it hot: Poached fruits to keep you warm this Winter

I have always been terrible at eating fruit because I forget that I have it in my bag until it has been squished. I just never remember to eat an apple. Ever since I started eating my yogurt and berries in the morning over the Summer I finally feel as though I'm at least nudging my fruit target, but now that Winter is upon us and the idea of cold fruit and yogurt is significantly less appetising (not to mention the fact that a punnet of raspberries costs like $10 and lasts me only 3 days max!) I've been hunting for a delicious alternative.

WANT MORE? If you liked these poached fruits recipes, then check out these recipes.

Luckily I discovered the greatness of poached fruits. While I would typically have reserved things like poached pears for fancy desserts, it turns out that they would also work quite well with breakfast options like yogurt, porridge or even waffles. I like to make enough to get me through a week (which, even though most of my favourite poaching fruits are not technically in season, still works out to be cheaper than my berry obsession) and reheat them before serving for a warm and filling breakfast. Or just have them for dessert with ice cream, because you should always have ice cream.

Image courtesy of Island Menu

What are your favourite types of poached fruits? Tell us in the comments below!

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