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Sale alert: 30-50% off sale

What: We know what you’re thinking. Sometimes $30 is just too much to spend on a jacket/dress/pair of shoes. Luckily Forever21 (basically the only place where $30 is a high price tag) are now having a massive sale…so it’s 30-50% off a huge range of stock. When: On now  

What to wear (Curve edition): Doing denim

What to wear (Curve edition): Doing denim

Denim can prove to be quite a challenge for curvy ladies and many steer away from the skinny jean, but don’t! The skinny jean should be an absolute basic for every gal’s wardrobe, no matter the size. If you’re not crazy about your curvy bottom half, opt for darker denim — you can’t go pastREAD IT >>

What to wear: Summer stunner

What to wear: Summer stunner

  This ’50s / boho inspo infusion is perfect for enjoying the last days of Summer sunshine. Feel cool and breezy in this beautiful flowing maxi and lightweight shirt. The red shoes add a cheeky pop to the pastel colours.   SHOP IT: Floral maxi skirt, $71.27, , Sleeveless shirt, $10.80, , Sunglasses, $35.65, , Heels, $49,  Image courtesyREAD IT >>

What to wear (Under $200): Black out!

What to wear (Under $200): Black out!

  Not sure about you, but I am obsessed with an all black outfit. There is something so chic and edgy about this look, and the best part? It is so unbelievably easy to put together! My favourite piece of this outfit has to be the gorgeous dainty lace bralette. It adds a touch ofREAD IT >>

What to wear (curve edition): Crop it, crop it good!

What to wear (curve edition): Crop it, crop it good!

Who else has noticed that crop tops have gone mad? They are trending big time, and personally, I love them! But for you charismatic curvy gals, you may have thought that this look was a no go zone. Well why should you miss out? The answer? You shouldn’t!! This look is perfect for those ladiesREAD IT >>

What to wear (Curve edition): Summer lovin’

What to wear (Curve edition): Summer lovin’

Here is a nice colourful outfit to brighten your day! Being a curvy gal, do you stress when it comes to Summer time? The clothes get tighter and shorter, which means it’s the time of year to show a little more skin. Well don’t fret, we have the perfect Summer’s day outfit for you! A-lineREAD IT >>

What to wear (Under $200): Girl meets grunge

What to wear (Under $200): Girl meets grunge

  This outfit is perfect for those gals who love a fresh look without looking overly feminine. I personally never wear overly girly outfits — I just don’t feel comfortable in them! For whatever reason I end up feeling like a ruffled up Nanna and I’m not sure about you, but that is definitely notREAD IT >>

Reader Q&A: Best fashion staple item you’ve ever bought?

Reader Q&A: Best fashion staple item you’ve ever bought?

As part of DDG’s Real Month, we decided to ask some of our favourite readers (ok, you’re all our favourite… but you know) to share some of their own nuggets of fashion & beauty wisdom, and today’s topic was ‘Best fashion staple item you’ve ever bought? ‘. It’s like taking a sneaky Big Brother-esque peekREAD IT >>

Daily look: Neon ballroom

Give a very dressing-by-numbers outfit a 2012 twist by adding some unexpected neon elements. We are all kinds of obsessed with neon denims right now (thanks to Christopher Kane and TEXTILE Elizabeth & James), and this pair from ASOS are an absolute steal. We are also loving the neon-meets-Nana updated cameo necklace, even better whenREAD IT >>

Street style: Spring fever

We actually think one of the things we like most about this outfit, is Amanda’s gorgeous beachy/balayage locks. But as you can’t really buy those online, we’ll just assume that you are already well stocked up on sea-salt spray and that you have already purposely neglected your regrowth for the last few months, so basicallyREAD IT >>

Lovely locals: French, American & Dijon

  It’s getting to that time of year when spring is so close you can almost taste it (it’s kind of like chicken). So it’s time to wave goodbye to your blacks, greys and camels and start reembracing colours. A happy hue of mustard is a great place to start, as it’s still bright andREAD IT >>

Casual Friday: Upside-down denim

Oh Spring, where fore art thou Spring?! We’re sick to the back teeth with cable knits (almost), fur trims and leather everything else. Now we’re pining for the days when bare ankles are not only not scandalous but also no longer frost-bite-inducing. And when a cool breeze is a welcomed, and not swore at (maybeREAD IT >>

Lovely locals: Fleet week

There are many reasons to be hanging port-side in Sydney right now. To start with you might have a thing for sailors (or just sailor stripes). You might be hoping to snare a millionaire as he polishes his yacht. Or you could even still be waiting for your ash-cloud-delayed flight to be rescheduled and mightREAD IT >>

Celeb stalker: Olivia Palermo does high-low fashion at Fashion Week

  Oh, she’s a clever little  minx that Olivia Palermo. And her wily ways make us extra sure she must have a new project up her sleeve a la the fashion blog we’ve been hearing whispers about. And why is it she’s so clever? Well apart from turning up to all the right events lookingREAD IT >>

If you only buy three things this month…. June, 2011

All those end of winter sales can only mean on thing… it must be the first week of winter (it’s weird right?). Get your wardrobe instantly on track by honing your shoppers eye on these three key pieces ; the knitted cape  (throw it on over pretty much anything and you’ll be so 2011!), militaryREAD IT >>

Offline news: Clear your closest, it’s Topshop Australia (and H&M Australia, Marc by Marc Jacobs etc.. )

How excitement – Topshop Australia and H&M Australia are on their way! , Topshop, H&M, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Forever21 are all apparently readying themselves to open stores in Australia in the next few years (thanks to the lovely ladies over at for the tip off on this). Alex Alamsyah, associate director atREAD IT >>

Next season, now: Big bright maxi skirts

When Jil Sander sent out models in simple white tees coupled with simply brilliant fluoro maxi skirts at her Spring Summer 2011 show a trend was instantly born. A trend that is destined to be so everywhere come next summer you’ll probably be sick of it in a few short weeks. But as it looksREAD IT >>

Under $250 outfit: Animal instincts

The neutral palette may be hot-enough-to-fry-an-egg-on right now, but it can sometimes leave you feeling a bit blah. Which is why we love the unexpected pop of animal print in this outfit. This hint of leopard takes the other wise chic ( if not slightly dull) combo up a notch or three and is uncannilyREAD IT >>

Looking street: Not just for convicts

Maxi dresses are basically the only thing we can bear wearing right now, with the heat, humidity and the constant rain making putting together any sort of ‘outfit’ just too-hard-basket. And if it’s a striped maxi you just happen to be throwing on, then you have the added bonus of it being not just can’t-be-botheredREAD IT >>

Cover style: Jessica Alba for Harpers Bazaar Australia

Now wait a sec. Before you get all ‘But I can’t wear that’ on us, we’re not suggesting that you pop out for some milk in leather hot pants at all (but more power to you if you do!). Rather we think you should take inspiration from the over all vibe of the latest HarpersREAD IT >>

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