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Web want: Itsy Bitsy Fondue for one!

Web want: Itsy Bitsy Fondue for one!

There is a neglected chocolate fountain collecting dust in the back of my cupboard because no matter how much I love dipping things in melted chocolate the idea of cleaning the contraption afterward is enough to send me straight on a diet (Okay, not quite). But this handy little fondue kit is easily maintained andREAD IT >>

Finger painting time with Crayola nail varnishes

Finger painting time with Crayola nail varnishes

If your childhood was defined by your enviable crayon collection (I’m proud to say I always had the most colourful bunch in my class), then you’re going to swoon over the fact that you can now relive your favourite kiddie pastime on your fingertips thanks to Crayola. The signature art supply brand has released aREAD IT >>

Pretty things: Rock on

If this amazing ring proves anything at all, it’s that you don’t have to wait to get to married to own a rock! If you’re already smitten, sit down while we tell you that it can be yours for less than the price of a large pizza…Who knew ditching carbs could be so fun?! PutREAD IT >>

Casual Friday: Upside-down denim

Oh Spring, where fore art thou Spring?! We’re sick to the back teeth with cable knits (almost), fur trims and leather everything else. Now we’re pining for the days when bare ankles are not only not scandalous but also no longer frost-bite-inducing. And when a cool breeze is a welcomed, and not swore at (maybeREAD IT >>

Home, sweet home: Hello my wine is…

Unless you’ve been savvy enough to create your own unrepeatable lipstick shade you’ve probably misplaced the odd wine glass in your day. Which is why a very clever (most likely lipgloss wearing) person has created these super cute  reusable wine glass tags. SHOP IT: Wine glass name tags, US$12 (set of 6),

All the best shops for… making the most of the strong Aussie dollar

Whether you are planning an overseas trip or not, the sky rocketing Aussie dollar is definitely something you should take advantage of… even better if it’s just from the comfort of your own couch. Whether it’s finally taking the plunge and upgrading to a designer tote, treating yourself to something special and sparkly or justREAD IT >>

Budget buy: Cute is the new black

Cute is most definitely not just for kids! SHOP IT: Pocket locket watch, US$22,

5 great sites for… costume jewellery

If it’s a bit of bling you are after, we know just where to look! A great Australian site for anyone who likes their jewellery to walk on the (slightly) tough side.  Brands featured include Stolen Girlfriends Club, Alex and Chloe and d_luxe. If you’re in the market for something a bit unusual,READ IT >>

Web crush: Getting lucky

You know how rare it is to be wandering along the street, glance down and see an unwanted $50 note glinting at you in the sun?  We’ll it’s just as rare (and makes you feel just as good) to stumble onto a new amazing website, one that sells gorgeous and interesting items, and won’t breakREAD IT >>

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