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Best for: Clothing, bags, shoes Brands: FCUK Budget: Mid Shipping details:Free shipping in AUS Leave your review of French connection below!

Promo alert: Score the ultimate shopping experience with French Connection

And now a word from our sponsor… Is your local Westfield just not doing it for you anymore? Sick of seeing your new favourite top on everybody else just days after purchasing it? Or maybe you just need a bit of a break! Well click this way ladies, we’ve just stumbled across an AMAZING compREAD IT >>

Dress Dilemma!

So here’s my dilemma.. I fell in love with the French Connection Wendy Ruffle Dress, started bidding on the maroon version on ebay, and as a spur of the moment decision bought the black version from their online store… I then won the bidding on ebay, and have the same dress in 2 different colours!READ IT >>

Release the lions!

Gladiator flats have a long and proud lineage. Early models were used to part seas, tame lions and make your feet look huge! More recent updates (like this white version from French Connection), are better suited to sauntering along promenades, reclining on yachts and peeping out from under bold-patterned maxi dresses (they’re still capable ofREAD IT >>

What to wear to work: Tasteful trousers

What to wear to work: Tasteful trousers

  Trousers have long been an office staple, but if you think whacking on a pair of trousers to cater to the corporate crowd is a quick ticket to chic — sister you are downright ditsy. Don’t get me wrong, trousers can give you that effortlessly fashionable vibe that every women lusts after, but they canREAD IT >>

Hey baby: There’s no Muumuu in maternity wear!

Hey baby: There’s no Muumuu in maternity wear!

Post brought to you by Blackmores  Is it just me, or does there seem to suddenly be babies, and baby bumps, and baby stores, and baby commercials absolutely everywhere right now? The fact I am 31, as are most of my friends, probably has something to do with it, I’m sure (shhhh ovaries!!). And alongREAD IT >>

Daily look: Short and sweet

Legs don’t normally talk. But these ones do. And absolutely everything that have to say goes on for miles and miles and is undeniably fabulous!
And if you’re not wanting to let your legs get quite this chatty, swapping out the shorty-shorts for some cigarette pants (in any hue) will still speak volumes. READ IT >>

Blogger crush: More style than a Prada-clad herd of Buffalo

According to Kaitlin Isabella, the blonde beauty pictured and the brains behind fashion blog A Buffalo Stance, this outfit is all about channelling the cheeky street smarts of a much younger Jodie Foster (circa Taxi Driver of course). According to us, this outfit is all about tapping into every trend that matters, circa right aboutREAD IT >>

1 item 2 ways: Hard to wear frocks made easy

It’s one of those frocks. Yes we all have them. They’re gorgeous, a bargain, and a little bit different, so we swear we’ll wear them all the time. But then they sit at the back of our wardrobes unloved because just how many occasions call for a slightly tulip-shaped, bold-hued embellished frock? And actually allREAD IT >>

Trend to try: New winter neutrals

Is it just us or do fashion trends come back around crazy fast these days? It seems like only yesterday that we were waxing lyrical about the hot new summer trend – neutrals – and now it looks like it’s all back again for winter. And we know what you are thinking, isn’t it justREAD IT >>

5 of the best: Rainbow bright winter frocks

Give the moody winter blues the flick, unless of course they are of a bright, rich or happy hue. Winter does not have to be all about black, grey and a bit more black. Did you hear that Melbourne? Just because the sky is gray does not mean that you need to be, and hereREAD IT >>

One item two ways: The new leather skirt

You know the old saying, good things come in threes. Well so do good trends. As in once you see an item flaunted by at least three of your favourite style icons it is officially a ‘good’ trend. For example the relaxed fit leather skirt. While its skimpier cousin has been bashing around the fashionREAD IT >>

We love: Bunny loves jersey

“Hop into the cutest jumper we’ve seen all year!” SHOP IT: Bunny love jumper, $69.95,

Two ways to wear it: The simple things in life are often the best

You know how we call somethings a wardrobe staple? Something like a blazer or a LBD or even a tummy trimming set of swimmers. Well these can’t-really-be-worn-everywhere items are about to lose their throne to a much more deserving contestant, Ms Grey Jersey Dress 2010. It’s the real must-have for your wardrobe. You truly canREAD IT >>

3 of a kind: Seriously striped

Make like a Parisienne sailor on shore leave this season and get a bit of horizontal action into your  repertoire. The only thing hotter than the weather right now is a good lashing of black and white stripes. And hey, if it’s good enough for Lily Allen (pictured), Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, pedestrian crossings andREAD IT >>

Style stalker: SJP’s on set blues

  With all the rumours surrounding her and husband Matthew Broderick, it’s no wonder SJP has the blues (or alternatively as really she is playing Carrie in this shot, if any of the rumoured plotlines for SATC2 are true, then she has even more reason for flaunting all things cobalt). And we must add, weREAD IT >>

In the style of: A little bit Balmain for a little bit of cash

  It’s probably one of the most replicated styles this season, so we thought we’d play sheep and throw our own version into the ring. Actually, this all started when we saw the fabulous faded slash bleach-dye skinnies from Sass & Bide were 50% off. Then we got a little carried away… Buy it nowREAD IT >>

Pretty things: Crest fallen

The private-school slash punk movement is getting less and less subtle. Case en point, this crest-adorned cardi which says ‘hey, I’m sweet, rich and ride a pony’ but also hints at being a safety-pin-wearing, hair-spiking, wrist-tattooing  bad-ass on weekends. Buy it now link: Cardi, $79.95,    

Five under $50: eternal flame

  You know what they say, it’s all in the wrist. And there is just nothing quite like the jingle, jangle of a stack-o-bangles to ring in the start of a gorgeous weekend. And because these are all so super-cheap you’ll be able to stack ‘em up to your elbow (or beyond!) without breaking theREAD IT >>

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