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PeepToe Warehouse Sale – Online Now!

Morning DDGDers Thought I should share the love, I just took advantage of a fabulous warehouse sale over at (whoops, just broke my spending ban!!) There sale covers their shoes, handbags and jewellery too, check out what I picked Happy Sale Shopping xxREAD ME>>

Review: sleeping eye mask

Price: AUS$ 26.49 Brand: Mary Green What: Special needs products Found by: Tess

Help me win so I can buy lots through the dShop?!

Heya DDGDers So a little while back I entered a comp through SurfStitch called 4K in 24 hours, you had to write how you would spend $4000 in 24 hours for a big adventure. I was selected as one of four finalists (yay!) The winner will be chosen by the most “likes” their entry getsREAD ME>>READ ME>>

Spending Ban =(

This seems almost an inappropriate for DDGD but I’m hoping you style obsessed ladies out there can relate…. As of today, my man & I are entering a Fudge-We-Are-Old-Better-Save-For-A-House-Savings-Plan. February 1st was the deadline for me, no more “unnecessary” fashion purchases…. oh gosh, I’m half a day down and struggling already!!! Anyways, I’m looking toREAD ME>>READ ME>>

Spring Essentials for less?

Heya fellow DDGDers So I’ve been on this crazy spending ban for what feels like forever (actually only 2 months) and the new season’s weather and style arrivals have joined together to seemingly make me want to buy EVERYTHING…. This is where I need your help, obviously I can’t and shouldn’t buy everything I fancy.READ ME>>READ ME>>

What’s on your ultimate “key pieces” wish-list?

Howdy! A question that Sandhya asked recently, has me thinking about my all-time-wishful key pieces – items that will never go out of fashion, for a reason. I’m always on the look-out for these items, whether genuine or knock-off as the latter category is certainly where my budget holds me for now! Some of myREAD ME>>READ ME>>

Travel Style ~ glam, relaxed or other?

Hey gals, I’m starting to think (a lot) about my upcoming trip to Hawaii in March. More specifically it’s got me to thinking about what I will pack to wear whilst in the tropical surroundings. In the past I’ve done travelling solo and for extended periods of time, so it’s been all about packing light,READ ME>>READ ME>>

How to dress down this skirt?

While my office dress code is super relaxed, I generally like to pair semi-corporate pieces with more casual pieces to keep my look professional. I recently grabbed this skirt off ebay & I’m suddenly struggling with ideas of how to dress it down well. Specific examples (and shopping encouragement/enabling) highly encouraged!!!READ ME>>

Swag Disappeared?

Am I going cookoo? I love the site re-design – well done DDG but but but…. what happened to the beloved SWAG??READ ME>>

What would you wear to a Salt N Pepa concert???

I’m going to see these fabulously booty shakin’ chicks tomorrow night @ The Palais (St Kilda, Melboure) and have a few thoughts but nothing that’s sticking… What would you wear? Image examples heavily encouraged! Cheers, TessREAD ME>>

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