Community FAQs & Guidelines

A bit confused? Having some DDGD type issues? Check out out FAQs below, and if they are absolutely no help at all, email us at [email protected] and we'll try and help you out.




1- DDGD is a place for loving, not hating, any harassment or nastiness of any kind is just not cool (and users will be banned)

2 - DDGD is also a place for to bookmark, share and discuss their favourite fashionable things online. People who Spam (aka add lots of rubbish), who add items that are deemed off-brand (racey, tacky, rude, stuff-your-mum-would-wear or not even slightly fashion-related etc..), who are are adding 100s of items per day (just so they can claim prizes) or who clearly work for a store or brand (and are just here to be sneaky and promote their own products) will be shown the door (aka banned and all items & points removed).

3 - DDGD Swag is open to be claimed by everyone, but only one item per week. Patience is a virtue ladies!

4 - Keep DDGD beautiful - Any items that are added that are off-brand or just "not DDGD" (see point 2), or are added with broken images etc..  will be deleted, and all points for those items removed.




Is it free to get join the DDGD community?
Yes, totally free

I stuffed up and added something twice/wrong/that I hate?
DDGD Staff members patrol the site daily removing items with no images, bad images, massive spelling errors or that are just plain ugly (so don't worry about it).



DDG$ are reward points for interacting in the DDGD community. You can earn points for the following activities;

  • Commenting:  DDG$10
  • Just turning up (daily check in) : DDG$5  (per day)
  • Asking a Q in the forum:  DDG$ 20
  • Answering a Q in the forum: DDG$10 (per comment)
  • Submitting a post (that is approved and posted) : DDG$500
  • Submitting original images with your post (that are approved and posted) DDG$500 (on top of the DDG$500 for the post)



How  do I claim swag?

Easy! Just click through on any item you like (once you've earned enough DDG$) and fill out the quick form. The points will then be deducted from your account and your goodies will be on their way!

How much swag can I claim?

Each user is limited to 1 swag item per week.

Does it costs anything to claim SWAG?

Only the cost of the postage.



Why didn't my post get approved?
Sometimes posts won't get approved, and please don't take it to heart. Just read over these guidelines and better luck next time!

1 - Image included was of poor quality, too small, or was a copyrighted image (ie red carpet, runway or papparazzi pic) that we didn't have the rights to publish.

2 - Not enough text.You need to earn your DDG$, so one or two short sentences just won't do.

3 - Incomplete text. If you are going to post a recipe  or DIY of yours etc.. please make sure you post ALL of it.

4 - Content was off brand, or out of date. Sometimes we might have already covered something, OR it might just not fit in with the DDGD brand.

5 - Content was spam, aka was just submitted to promote your own blog or brand.

6 - The content wasn't Fun, Friendly & Fashionable (the DDGD mantra).

7 - The content didn't have a clear purpose. If you want to post about your fave new season colour, make sure you tell people why you love it, were you've seen it and even how you're going to wear it.

Why did my post get changed?

Just like if you were to submit to any publication, our editors will always check over posts, and might make adjustments to include important information or bring the copy more in line with the DDGD tone of voice.

Why did it take a while for my post to get published?

Maybe you submitted an item on easter, and it's still 5 weeks away, so we will hold on to it until it's closer to the time.

Or maybe someone else submitted something similar, so we want to space them out.

There are methods to our madness, trust us!