A bit confused? Having some DDGD type issues? Check out out FAQs below, and if they are absolutely no help at all, email us at [email protected] and we’ll try and help you out.




1- DDGD is a place for loving, not hating, any harassment or nastiness of any kind is just not cool (and users will be banned)

2 – DDGD is also a place for to bookmark, share and discuss their favourite fashionable things online. People who Spam (aka add lots of rubbish), who add items that are deemed off-brand (racey, tacky, rude, stuff-your-mum-would-wear or not even slightly fashion-related etc..), who are are adding 100s of items per day (just so they can claim prizes) or who clearly work for a store or brand (and are just here to be sneaky and promote their own products) will be shown the door (aka banned and all items & points removed).

3 – DDGD Swag is open to be claimed by everyone, but only one item per week. Patience is a virtue ladies!




Is it free to get join the DDGD community?
Yes, totally free


DDG$ are reward points for interacting in the DDGD community. You can earn points for the following activities;

  • Commenting:  DDG$10
  • Just turning up (daily check in) : DDG$5  (per day)
  • Asking a Q in the forum:  DDG$ 20
  • Answering a Q in the forum: DDG$10 (per comment)
  • Submitting a review as part of the DDG Trial Teams: DDG$20
  • Being selected as the featured review in DDG Trial Teams: DDG$500



How  do I claim swag?

Easy! Just click through on any item you like (once you’ve earned enough DDG$) and fill out the quick form. The points will then be deducted from your account and your goodies will be on their way!

How much swag can I claim?

Each user is limited to 1 swag item per week.

Does it costs anything to claim SWAG?

Only the cost of the postage.