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Hey Girls!
I'm going to a hens night and the theme is 1920's.
I want something classic that doesn't look like a Halloween outfit.
All ideas much appreciated!

Posted by: Alise

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  • boo says:

    LOL! Sorry to laugh – I had this same issue a couple of weeks ago! Except mine was a ball! Here is what I ended up with….


    Then I got a lace headband from Diva (came in a pack of 3 – I used the light cream one) and wore it around my forehead with this flower pinned it!

    I was so happy how it all looked in the end, as like you I didn’t want to look costumey & tacky!

    Check out this site for some other ideas & pics from the ball I went to!

  • makeupmaven says:

    Check out this link from asos, its currently out of stock, but contact them..its awesome!


    Go to polyvore.com (my saviour) and look up flapper…there are so many options for you.

    Have fun!

  • prittykitty says:

    I went to a 1920’s themed 21st this year! Basically to modernise the 1920s look I went for a shorter hemline, tall shoes and not-too-costume-y makeup.
    I wore a loose black singlet dress and (like the picture on the left) a nice scarf tied low on my hips. I also had a headband from sportsgirl (the kind that goes across your forehead) and just some plain black pumps. It was great as it didn’t look too costume-y for clubbing after the party! And you can always take off the scarf and just wear the dress if you feel to ‘done’.
    Also leaving your hair down and your makeup modern takes to look out of ‘costume’ and into ‘now’. I did give myself a beauty spot though, couldn’t resist!

  • heather says:

    If you have a facebook account you should join “Alter Your Image Costume”. They have a heap of costumes to choose from yet they don’t look too over the top and if you post on their wall explaing what your looking for they do there best to try and find it for you. The one problem is theres normally a wait on getting your items.

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