Agh need to know to tan or not to :s

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Basically, I am going back into working in a Adult industry and My stupid stretch marks are holding me back does anyone know a good way to hide them?

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  • KP24 says:

    I would say tan! Not crazy dark or umpa lumpa orange – try a sun kissed look!

  • Peta says:

    Tanning is probably the easiest way. I totally agree with KP24, not crazy dark, just a nice sunkissed look. Otherwise some brands sell specific moisturisers to help deal with stretch marks but I cant say how well or how fast they work. Palmers Cocoa Butter have a range of products that might be able to help in the longer term. Their prices are usually pretty good, so they are probably worth checking out.

  • troon13 says:

    Is it possible to wear sheer stockings with something skimpy? Nothing beats silk for improving look of legs!

  • alexandrajayne says:

    Often Bio-Oil can do a lot to help with stretch marks! Like everything it takes a bit of dedication to remember to apply it every day, but it’s worth it!


  • troon13 says:

    Dr Lewinn’s Instant Body Bronzer is unreal. It is an instant drying pleasant smelling tanning product which washes off with soap and water. I find it is easy to use and because it washes off you don’t get the awful faded yello look of more permanent self tanning lotions. I bought mine on sale for $20.

  • Atrisha says:

    I would suggest using bio-oil or something similar.
    Be careful if you do decide to tan, at times this will only make the marks appear worse.

  • heather says:

    Try any products with vitamin E to help them fade or use Bio oil but for a quicker way to hide them get a tan cause that works for me. You could also possibily try makeup thats specifically made for your body instead of your face ( Iv neve tried the body makeup but i have a friend who swears its covers everything)

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