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Yes or No? I say NO! granted some designers have made pieces with this print that are somewhat acceptable, but I think the majority of pieces featuring Aztec prints are not a good look - and they seem to be going viral! Please let this trend pass as quickly as it came...

Posted by: bebbageorge

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  • tamika

    I’d have to agree, im not really into it – although i do own a Aztec print scarf, but its full of pastel colours that i bought a few weeks back which im yet to use. I think you’d have to have a certain look to pull it off, its not for me personally, but im sure some would look good in it.

  • Tess

    each to their own! :)

  • rhiannon1993

    No I dont think the aztec look is good

  • Alishes

    Personally I don’t like that dress, but there are some Aztec print inspired pieces that I do like.

  • LadyInLace

    I really think it depends on what the item is and what colours have been used in the print. I agree that neon or primary colours are just too much for this style but I have seen things (such as draped wool jacket) in greys and I like it. I do have to qualify that aztec should be contained to a single piece – a whole outfit of it would just look train-wreck-ish/slave to a fashion trend!

  • troon13

    My problem with big bold prints is you need to be really aware of where the pattern appears on your body…if a big shape sits over your tummy it can make it look bigger…not a fan.

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