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Hey Girls, :)
Im heading off to bali at the end of the year to celebrate new years with my boyfriend, and i cantttt wait!!!
does anyone know of any good events that happen for new years?
thanks in advance ladies :) xx

Posted by: tara barrett

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  • prittykitty says:

    I’ve been to bali and I can safely say there will be a LOT of parties on for New Years, especially around the main beach/shopping/nightclub areas. So don’t worry about finding a celebration! Just watch out for drink spiking and pickpocketing and make sure you stay close with your partner so you can look out for each other :)

  • Miss Rikki says:

    Waterbom is an awesome water park screams the child in me hehe 😉

  • tara barrett says:

    thanx girls :)

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