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I recently started a beauty/fashion blog on blogger, and was wondering if anybody else has any blogs or knows of any good ones?

I'd also like any tips that might help my blog be good haha :) Thanks!

Posted by: tamika

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  • fengari says:

    Congrats on your new venture! What’s your blog link?

  • lalacoco says:

    Hey! welcome to the world of fashion blogging! some amazing ones are Theyallhateus, 4thandbleeker, songofstyle, manrepeller, tuula, garypeppervintage, stockholmstreetstyle, and oraclefox. Try them out! x

  • anniehbay says:

    lookbook google it !

  • Lolita_Stylez says:

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to share my blog with you all…its fairly new and just wanted to try my hand at it..let me know what you think ?

    • Lolita_Stylez says:

      My apologies .. Several of my readers complained that the print was too small so I adjusted it to large print, I personally don’t like it and am thinking of changing it back soon.

    • LadyInLace says:

      This is just my personal preference but when I read about beauty I like the layout to be light and airy (there’s a reason why beauty sections in the department stores are all white tiles and lights!). I’d also increase your margins for what you post – it will look less like a block of text. I do like your writing style though so please don’t feel disheartened. You should let the personal style you display in your blogging in the actual design of the blog.
      If you’re looking to increase your following I would suggest regular commenting on the posts of those with larger followers and be sure to include your link to your own blog in every comment – it’s how I find many not-as-popular blogs. Hope this helps.

    • Lolita_Stylez says:

      Thank you so much this comment really helps me a lot. I so appreciate it and will make changes ASAP and will remember your wise words!

  • fengari says:

    Looks good so far, but I only have one criticism – it’s very hard to read large chunks of print that are all in capitals. Is there any particular reason you’ve chosen this way?

  • LadyInLace says:

    Some other great ones are Lady Melbourne, LLYMLRS/ETC LLYMLRS, Gh0stparties, Capture the Castle, Fashion Hayley, Fashion Toast, Sea of Ghosts to name but a few!

    PS you should really post your blog link! I’d love to check it out.

  • tamika says:

    Sorry for the late response!
    My blog link is:
    Im feeling kind of nervous now that people are reading it, haha.. Its mainly a blog about beauty, im yet to get into the fashion side of it. For two of my blogs i used the reviews i did on here, just to get me up and running for some inspiration. I hope u guys like it – completely new to this, and honestly, dont really know what im doing haha!

  • tamika says:

    Also, i havent yet put many photos up. My webcam and my phones camera is useless, and i dont own a camera. I just got my Iphone back, so i need to take a few pics and update the blog a tad :)

  • Dana says:

    Hey Tamika, your blog looks like is coming along quite well. :) You can check out mine if you like.

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