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I love nail polish and would really love to try some butter london polishes- the glitters look especially beautiful. Where can I buy these in Australia? I'd prefer to buy from a physical shop- I live in Perth- as I like to see the colours against my skin, but if I have to I'll buy online!

Posted by: allybee

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  • vavoom

    Online might be best.

  • GMeers

    They are gorgeous! Not sure where you could source them., but I have found several similar shades in the Essence (by Priceline) collection – I’m sure the Butter London ones kick the pants off a cheaper brand in terms of quality and longevity, but the price is right, especially for some of the more out-there shades! :)

  • Jem Maher

    Butter London is stocked in plenty of boutique stores. I’m not sure specifically where in Perth, but there are plenty in Brisbane (and if they are in Brisbane I am sure they are in most other capital cities!) Good luck.

  • allybee

    Just in case anyone was interested, you can buy Butter London throughout Australia at the Co-op- the bookshop at pretty much every uni in Australia! For $17.50 instead of $22 as well!

    That must be the most bizarre place I’ve ever picked up beauty things.

  • jessikins

    Its at Princess Polly stores, if you’re near any of them. Also I’ve noticed a few boutiques that stock Princess Polly clothing and accessories so some boutiques might also have stock Butter London.

  • nettyballs

    i buy butter london from online retailers as i hate going to shops ha ha! i love it it is long lasting

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