Can you cut the baby hairs around your forehead?

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So can you cut the little tiny hairs that don't seem to grow and are all around the forehead area? Supposedly Marilyn Monroe did...

Posted by: GrizzlyFawn

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  • monisme says:

    You could, but there is a high chance that they will stick out and emphasise the “frizz” even more if you chop them really short. I remember asking my hairdresser if there was anything I could do and they advised me not to for that exact reason.

  • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

    I wouldn’t, as they just have to grow back eventually, and like with any hair, when it is cut is can grow back blunter and actually look thicker/more obvious… eek!

    If you are really concerned about them consider lightening them, or maybe even laser?

    Although it’s most likely that they are only really noticeable to you, pretty much everyone has them, and how often do you notice them on other people? x

  • MidnightBlueRose says:

    I wouldn’t either! I suggest you avoid trimming it as it won’t look any good after it grows back.

  • Rebecca says:

    I wouldn’t try it. I can only imagine that buy cutting them and hence blunting the ends of the hairs you risk them feeling more noticeable and generally standing out more. If you want them gone because they’re dark perhaps you could try bleach? Just be careful if you have sensitive skin. It would probably be best to ask about it next time you are at your salon. Otherwise it might be wise just to leave it.

  • rhiannon1993 says:

    I wouldnt try either especially if you have frizzy curly hair.

  • Zerotolove says:

    Consult your hairdresser! x

  • Dani says:

    It’s not a good idea, i asked my hairdresser and she said its not a good idea. but baby hairs are very annoying!

  • nettyballs says:

    i wouldn’t do it, i have them too and they are annoying but if you cut them they will just get worse! As Kate says if they are really bothering you you could maybe get them lasered off, i see Kim Kardashian does (apologies for bringing her up ha ha!!

  • janelleb.xo says:

    this is such a good question because i have always wondered the exact same thing! i decided not to because everyone has them so it’s not a huge, obvious fault or anything!

  • vavoom says:

    I wouldn’t do it unless I had to!

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