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Hey girls so you know those daily deals that they have out there well I came across one that has a deal on Benefit Cosmetics. Here is the link would you guys buy from here?

Posted by: Sandhya

Posted in: Beauty

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  • jamieconnolly says:

    Kinda looks legit, like one of those “grabone” type websites where a company sells their product cheaper to make more customers. But then again I do not 100% trust any company if it isn’t their actual website. So I guess it Is upto you. Maybe read the websites terms and conditions to see if the brands are legitimate

  • boo says:

    I always skeptical about these deals.
    You know how there’s brands exclusive & such and you know they are selling last seasons fashion that they are trying to shift, so when it comes to deals on cosmetics and the like I always wonder whether the stock is old and therefore not the best of the high quality brand you think you are getting!

  • Tess says:

    It looks like a great deal to me, I’m tempted to click buy now myself! I’ve bought off these type of sites before, and never had any issues. Although I do get the dealicious newsletter, I haven’t actually bought off this one before. It says the selling company is called Latte On Sturt, from quickly looking at Google, it seems they use these types of sites to move stock all the time, so I’d go for it.

    • Sandhya says:

      Tess, I broke down and bought the deal. After reading the rave reviews on Makeupalley I decided to give it a go.

    • Tess says:

      Good on you!! Be sure to let us know if it’s the real deal, I’m sure it is :) fab bargain!

  • Elly says:

    It should be ok! I bought food, like dinner deals and they were all good.

  • kimee says:

    I saw this deal too but was hesitant since there are many Fake Benefit products being sold on Ebay. I was about to buy one on ebay but realized it was a fake upon closer inspection. Just be wary, I say. I ended up going to Myer to buy it, just to be safe.

  • Zerotolove says:

    Usually they’re just clearing colors or trends that haven’t sold so well. If you like it, get it! x

  • misspriluvsu says:

    I only trust websites like, they are legit and have amaaaahhhhzing deals xx

  • vavoom says:

    I’d be really careful. I’d buy something smaller to test them out!

  • emsanta says:

    I reckon it looks pretty legit, I have bought off these websites before and I think it’s just because they have excess stock and want to get rid of it cheap considering they’re expensive products and the sellers get a lot of profit anyway.

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