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Okay so I know its closing, but I'm still confused as to what its all about. Are you supposed to add stuff you've bought or are going to buy? Or can it just be stuff you like?

Posted by: Lucy Margaret

Posted in: Fashion & Shopping

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  • Hi Lucy,
    The dSHOP is a place to share your favourite fashion & beauty things that you’ve found around the web (and you can also browse what other people are loving, and create wishlists as well)… but we never seemed to be able to explain it quite right, and lots of people were confused, which is one of the reasons we are getting rid of it (but there will still the options to share other things.. they are coming soon) x

  • Moonstone says:

    I loved the whole concept of the dshop and would regularly browse through all the beautiful items, i was trying to get a hang of how to add my own goodies but never managed to figure it out.
    It was sad to read in the last email from the DDG team that dshop will soon be no more.
    But i am loving the DDG boutique :)

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