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I'm on the lookout for a new fragrance for the New Year. I'm open to any scent whether that be fruity, floral or sweet ! But preferably not as expensive as Chanel ! What's your favourite perfume ?

Posted by: Louise

Posted in: Beauty

This is a question for: The DDGD Community: I need everyones help!

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As a university student I rarely have the time and money to purchase beauty and fashion products, I am always searching for the affordable alternatives. But once in a while I believe spoiling myself is always reasonable. x
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  • DDGD - Kate

    I just bought the new updated Marc Jacobs Daisy (it’s a bit pink… can’t remember the name though..), and I LOVE it!

    Also loving Versace Bright Crystal, and any of the Chloe fragrances (but only for night time/ winter).

    • DDGD - Kate

      It’s called So Fresh!

  • laladaniiexo

    Marc Jacob Lola in Purple or Pink both are amazing floral smells, Also Jennifer Lopez – Deco has a nice coconut “just got back from a holiday in the bahamas kind of smell” and it is only about 40 dollers and long lasting!

  • Peta

    I love Miss Dior, it really wakes me up and makes me feel happy about the day ahead. When getting a new fragrance I love buying the packs of 4 or 5 mini perfumes and see which one I like the best wearing it for a while. Sometimes I love a scent in the store but hate it by the end of the day, so minis really work well for me, and there should be loads around at the moment for Christmas.

  • jaz36

    I just bought myself Vera Wang Princess 100ml for $50 at United Discount Chemists, as well as the small Eclat D’Arpege by Lanvin for $35 at Terry White Chemists. Both smell gorgeous and make me feel beautiful and confident. :)

    • Amelia Murden

      I recommend Vera Wang Princess as well, my mum has a bottle & I absolutely love it! (I occasionally steal a squirt of it because I love it so much)

  • Maria Alyssa

    I love Victoria Secret Dream Angel for autumn/ winter… While D&G Light Blue for spring/ summer

  • Linda

    Both Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Nina Ricci L’air du Temps are my summer faves. Both light and airy. Light Blue is slightly citrusy and the Nina one almost smells like a waft of baby powder!! I dislike anything heavy or too strong.

  • Sandhya

    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is to die for! I just recently started wearing this scent and I’m always having people asking what perfume I’m wearing.

  • amyxx

    right now im really liking the ralph by ralph lauren. it smells amazing. (:

    • Laura

      My favourite!!!! It just reminds me of summer!

  • amyxx

    gucci guilty smells divine. but i think its a bit more of a special night out purfume. it smells more of romance to me.

  • glamshell

    Recently purchased J’adore by Dior on strawberrynet for less than $100. Loving it.
    Also rotating with Flora by Gucci

  • Juanita

    I’ve just brought 7 different scents from an online company called Symbolic Imports, they are all hand-made. I brought the following scents
    – Gingerbread Cookie
    – Clean Cotton
    – Brown Sugar & Fig
    – Dragons Blood
    – Fireside
    – Oatmeal Milk and Honey
    – Pink Sugar

    They all smell amazing in their own way .

    • DDGD - Kate

      Gingerbread cookie, that sounds amazing!!

  • KaijaS

    I love Romance by Ralph Lauren, since I got a small version as a birthday present. It’s sweet but not sugary, and not over-powering!

  • jarjar

    I love vanilla scents

  • luxebylulu

    My summer/day time fave has been around for a long time but I keep coming back to it – Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

    For winter/night time, I love Incredible Me by Escada.

  • Tess

    I’ve recently reawakened my love for Chanel fragrances with Coco sitting firmly on the top of the list; it’s got just the right amount of sensuality for Summer nights & Coco Mademoiselle does brilliantly for daytime.
    Fragrances: yet another thing I can never seem to have to much of!!

  • boo

    My fav is Hugo Boss Intense….but I think they stopped making it
    Does anyone know or have seen it anywhere? I’m rationing the last little bit in the bottle.


  • imoni22

    I’m in love with princess by Vera Wang – its sweet without being sickly sweet and just right for summer :) oh and the bottle is gorgeous too :$

  • supersarah11

    I love Marc Jacobs Daisy, the original one, however am very keen to try the black and pink ones too. I also love Bulgari Rose Essentials.

  • sexylady

    Fantasy by Britney Spears

  • jamieconnolly

    My fave fragrance of all time is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, smells amazing but its super expensive and now that I have run out I found another perfume that I love which is so cheap. Its christina aguilera’s By Night perfume smells sweet and fruity like berries with vanilla

  • MidnightBlueRose

    I love Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf too! Such a beautiful scent!

    • joburkey

      Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf is my favourite too, i love how sweet and feminine it is

  • kimee

    I have way too many perfumes but my absolute favourites in my collection are by Lolita Lempicka. (L De Lolita Lempicka and Lolita Lempicka) Have fun shopping!

  • mzabsolutelyfabulous

    Ok these are my secret weapons :) :

    Pace Robanne- Lady Million
    Dior- Pure Poison (favorite)
    Dior- Miss Dior
    Versace- Glam (Gold and pink diamonde bottle) sadly discontinued but you can find on ebay
    Chanel- Coco had a lil sample vial and fell in love with it

  • Zerotolove

    Eau so fresh by Marc Jacobs, Daisy! x

  • rhiannon1993

    kylie minogues perfumes and sooo? fragrances

  • vavoom

    Burberry Body is amazing – I can’t imagine anyone not liking this one!

  • GraciRose

    Stella by Stella McCartney is my signature frangrance. People have told me that they can tell whenever I am in the vincinity because of the smell- but they always say that it is a very pleasant scent!

  • Tashy79

    I just brought a new fragrance for my wedding. I am very sensitive to strong smells and tend not to wear a lot of perfume. I found a gorgeous fragrance by Jimmy Choo, they have 2, a parfume and an eau de toilette which is my absolute favorite. It is so yummy I am trying to stop myself from wearing it everyday before the wedding, and it is quite reasonably priced too.

  • Samdri

    Love Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and Lola by Marc Jacobs

    • Bree01

      These two perfumes are at the front of my collection at moment! Can’t get enough of Love Flowerbomb..just such a pretty smell!

  • Reply

    Gucci by Gucci – heaven-scent! pardon the pun xx

  • amylim_1

    gucci guilty men and women! The women is more of my “night” scent
    and daisy by marc jacobs is my daily scent
    hope that helps!

  • rachelmont10

    Dolce and Gabbana – Light Blue (for daytime)
    Dolce and Gabbana – L’eau The One (for evening)

  • emsanta

    Rihanna’s perfume is beautiful!!! it’s sweet and cheap too xx

  • Tahrin

    My favs are:
    Paco Robanne lady million
    Burberry the beat
    Vera Wang princess
    Dolce and gabbana #3 l’imperatrice

  • Cleopatraargh

    I agree with what has been iterated about the gorgeous scents ‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf and ‘Princess’ by Vera Wang. My personal favourite is ‘Femme’ by Hugo Boss because it smells amazing (slightly musky) but it’s not too potent so I never get tired of the scent. My friends bought it for me for my 19th birthday and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

  • Carla

    I personally heart:
    Bright Crystal by Versace (approx $50 per 30ml)
    Miss Dior by Dior (not sure of the price)
    Alien by Thierry Mugler (approx $150 per 100ml)
    And last but definitely not least Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolfe (approx $120 per 100ml)

    Another great idea is to go to a perfume shop and purchase a hole heap of 15ml tester bottles, that way you can afford to purchase some expensive perfume’s and see which ones you like and those that adjust to your ‘personal scent’ the best (some perfumes as we all know don’t suit everyone). And you won’t get sick of wearing the one signature perfume. Although as one lady to did say to me along with being a woman and the beautiful creatures we are to make a scent one’s own is truly alluring…. xx

  • greenbeans

    I love Gucci Guilty Intense for women.
    I also am quite fond of Marc Jacob’s Oh Lola!

  • troon13

    I luv Miss Dior Cherie – someone needs to buy it for me!

  • Lucky

    I adore Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Scarlett by Cacharel
    The top of my wishlist are JB’s Someday, Miss Dior Cherie and Princess by Vera Wang. Looks like I’d better start searching for a pt job to pay for these!

  • troon13

    I managed to buy Juicy Couture on sale a few months ago and it smells great. The bottle is lovely too.

  • alexandrajayne

    Dolly Girl by Anna Sui!!

  • troon13

    The new Bulgari fragrance sounds nice – haven’t had a chance to sample it yet.

  • shellstar

    my fav is 24 Fauborg by Hermes, its sexy and feminine and has a floral, amber scent. as far as expensive as Chanel, well it can be but if you check out some of the online stores you’ll be able to buy most fragrances at a fraction of retail prices

  • Razerpops

    Christian Dior’s “Addict”…it’s an oldie but goodie, I think. It’s a pink scent, very floral but not over whelming.

    If you’re looking even less expensive Sephora has a roller ball kit with quite a few good ones for $32 so you can sample a lot w/o a huge commitment.

  • mandyleigh

    Narciso Rodriguez for Her is my number one! :)

  • rochellemara

    I love philosophy ‘falling in love’ and kiehls ‘original musk’-i bought both overseas but I think theyre still available as Mecca Cosmetica. Falling in Love is sweet and lovely- a little like Angel but not as heavy-I first was interested in it after reading a story about a girl who wore it and fell in love, and this happened to everyone she knew-no luck so far but a great new perfume for me! Original Musk is also not too heavy but a beautiful soft musk.

  • Liza

    I love love love Flowerbomb by victor and rolfe. My bf bought me a bottle for v day a few years ago and I havent used anything since.

  • LoveCase1

    I luv Addict by Christian Dior and Angel by Thierry Mugler.

  • Rebecca

    Essence by Narciso Rodriguez – really amazing pure clean pretty scent.
    Gucci by Gucci – the eau de parfam not eau de toilette – warm, expensive and elegant. Completely intoxicating fragrance!
    For the day time (especially Spring days) I love Vera Wang’s Flower Princess. It’s girly and fresh and totally unlike the rest of the Princess range.
    Elie Saab’s le parfum is also to die for!

  • thecatwhosawstars

    I adore Donna Karan – Cashmere and Prescriptives Calyx.

  • Wonderwoman

    I am using L’Eau de Neroli by Diptyque, it is so pretty in summer.

  • janelleb.xo

    I’m so in love with Harajuku Lovers G by Gwen Stefani, although the bottles are so tiny 10mL for $40 at priceline, but they frequently have half price sales on them! Lovers G in particular smells like coconut.

  • KR1

    Every time I buy a new fragrance I always want to go back to my fave Dior J’Adore.. I always have a bottle going as it suits every occasion and season :)

  • GraciRose

    Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci is just gorgeous- and can be found at a very reasonable price at your friendly mychemist warehouse. i also love the cute bow-style bottle lid. just adorable!

  • Andy7819

    Angel by Thierry Mugler is my favourite.

  • allybee

    Lanvin Eclat D’Arpege

  • Brides

    Ralph Lauren Romance, Pleasures Estee Lauder, Miss Dior Cherie. My favourite atm.

  • MelanieD

    Flora by Gucci smells beautiful!

  • bubbleybecci

    Definitely DKNY be delicious range – theyre sweet but not overpoweringly so and are just downright gorgeous!!

  • Jayzee

    Try Vera Wang!! Not the princess or anniversary etc., try the original. It’s just called Vera Wang – you may have to ask for the original. It’s almost shaped like a square shaped pyramid, light peach in colour and smells AMAZING, and lasts more than the day – you can wear the same top again the next day and theres no need for a second spray.

  • Supriya Pkn

    I love the L’occitane Spring cherry EDT which came out for valentines day….Ill be using up until winter. I also purchased the britney spears mini perfumes and they are not bad for a celebrity frgarance

  • Sparklehorse

    My two new perfumes this year were Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift (smells fruity/cake like) and Hypnotic Poison by Dior for night time

  • Kendelle

    I’ve been wearing the same perfume since I was about 16/17. Took me about a year to find one I loved and wear it almost every day. Whist this isn’t for everyone I really liked the idea of being associated with a certain scent – and it works! Whenever I go home or catch up with old college friends they all exclaim “omg you smell like Kendelle – I’ve missed this!”.
    I wear Poem by Lancome. A little exxy, but I go online to save money and I’ve never had half empty perfume bottles going old in the cupboard, so no wastage.

  • Nikki Rajkovic

    My new lush fragrance of the moment is Versace- Yellow Diamond, it is long lasting and wearable day or night. I have people comment and tell me that it smells amazing. It is my signature scent for the season. I reccomend purchasing it from David Jones, as it comes in a splendid four pack, which includes a body wash, arm roll on and body lotion. It is just devine.

  • sarahssbabiee

    OMG! MY FAVE PERFUM WOULD HAVE TO BE: ANGEL BY Thierry Mugler . it comes in a cute star bottle and it smells absolutely amazing and its long lasting. its a bit pricy but its most definetly worth it!
    MY Other Favorite Fragrances would be: Reveal by Halle Berry, Twilight woods from Bath & Body works, Juice couture and Dior J’adore for women smells absolutely amazing. Try them, you”ll like them:)

  • GMeers

    My perennial favourites are YSL “Parisienne” EDT for everyday or special occasions; Christian Dior “J’Adore” EDP for evenings of formal events; and Versace Pour Femme EDP for everyday.
    Add to that CK One Summer and Versace “Bright Crystal” in warmer months, and Cacharel “Promesse” for cooler months :)

    …and I have about 20 other scents, some opened and some waiting for me. I love perfume!! 😀

  • TriedandTested

    My fave perfume for the colder months is Lady Million by Paco Rabbanne. It lasts and lasts and the smell evolves over the course of the day!

  • aislinmcleod

    My two favourites are Oh Lola – Marc Jacobs and Flowerbomb – Viktor and Rolf. They are both so perfect for me and I’m so glad I have them :)

  • Lucy Margaret

    I love Beyonce – Pulse

  • Marisa Robinson

    Givenchy ‘Dahlia Noir’ is my fave at the moment. It has a sweet, fresh, floral scent and it makes me feel ultra girly.

    It has been described as…
    Dahlia Noir or the “Black Dalia” is a powdery fragrance of dusty chypre – floral structure. Top notes of mandarin, pink pepper and mimosa lead to the extensive and intensive core of rose, iris and patchouli. The base wraps up the composition in a mysterious veil, made with notes of sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean.

  • beautybabe1

    My fave is Angel by Thierry Mugler, have loved it for years.

  • Amelia Murden

    Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture is a gorgeous scent, it smells exactly like berries! I got a squirt-card sample thing of it the other day and had it in my bag all day & it made it smell amazing.

  • prittykitty

    My fave is Jean-Charles Brusseau’s Fleur de Ombre Rose, which is sweet and floral and perfect in every way….except that DJs don’t stock it anymore! If anyone knows where I can find it shout out!

  • Aisha Aizee

    Well, i don’t know if this for you but my favourite is Estee Lauder’s Pure white linen :)
    All the best for you

  • RobbieC

    An oldie, but a goodie – I can’t go past Glow from JLo

  • neverendingdreams

    i’m really loving rihanna reb’l de fleur atm, get compliments when i wear it and it lasts well too

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