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Can you please tell me what your favourite mascara is?

I have used Clinque forever but it's time for a change. Please let me know what you love and the price range it is in. Cheers & happy Friday :)

Posted by: Brides

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  • Zerotolove

    Bobbi Brown! x

    • Brides

      Me too! I just started using Bobbi Brown No Smudge. It doesn’t smudge for me and my lashes look so much thicker. The only annoying part is it seems to take me forever to get it off.

  • misspriluvsu

    Yo, my fav mascara has to be either the rimmel dial up one or anything with a false in the name, and usually under $20 :)

  • DDGD - Kate

    I love Lash Injection by Too Faced, and the Kevin Aucion “The Volume” mascaras are amazing as well!

  • DDGD- Kristina

    I’ve been using L’Oreal Paris Lash Architect 4D False Lash mascara this past week and it’s fantastic! It leaves you with long, fluttery lashes that look like falsies x

  • janelynette

    My two fav’s that never fail me would have to be Clinque High Impact Mascara and Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Mascara! Love them both and at the moment in Duty Free the Elizabeth Arden Masacara is only $15!! Bargain!

  • Larissa Thorne

    I am a huge fan of Covergirl lashblast (in a chubby purple bottle). The brush lets you reach every lash without clumping, leaving you with long lashes and heaps of volume. I have also recently tried Revlon Custom Eyes mascara which also gives you impossibly long lashes.

  • HannahO

    I can’t go past the Maybelline mascaras – they are honestly some of the best on the market, and since you should be replacing your mascara every three months it won’t break the budget! I use The Falsies for a subtle, daytime look (amazing at separating lashes and giving great length) and Volum Express for night (lots of volume without clumping).

  • Laura

    I’m a huge fan of Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte. It has great volume, it seperates, doesn’t clump and makes my lashes oh so fluttery! I picked it up from Sephora in the US for only $19.00. I now have a US mailing address so that’s how I keep myself instock with it!

    • Zerotolove

      Never heard of that brand, will check it out! x

  • cathi123

    I love Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Building Mascara. It has a volume building brush and is safe for sensitive eyes. It’s about $12.95. Great for those on a budget. I hear the new Maybelline One By One is another great one. I’ve been happy with Maybelline mascaras over the years, but still like to try others, as long as they suit my budget.

  • TaraLeeCupcake

    I am a big fan of Rimmel mascaras, particularly their Maxx Volume ones. I recently bought the Scandaleyes one they just brought out and am pretty happy with it =) it gives lots of length to my lashes and thickens them up. The good thing about Rimmel is all their mascaras are under $20 and good quality =)

  • claudia.xx

    At the moment I love Maybelline’s the colossal volum express mascara! It has good coverage and is 100% clump free. I love how it can make my lashes look extremely thick with only a coat or two.

  • coldtearsx3

    Apparently the Model Co Fibre lash one is good

  • Juanitajade

    Maybelline Volume Express (I think that’s what it’s called, it’s in a yellow tube anyway)

  • clareolaoi

    MAC’s False Lashes is amazing. Only got on to it lately but it is great. Go lightly for lovely lashes or apply properly for amazing length…lashes seem to appear out of nowhere!

  • Tanyabrew

    I have been a long time fan of Maybelline Great Lash but recently tried the Maybelline Colossal Volume one.Its great if your on a budget and my lashes looked longer and thinker than with the great lash one.

  • stephalison

    I’m definitely going to try some Maybelline ones after reading all these comments! Here are some of my favourites:

    *YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils
    *Covergirl Lash Blast Volume
    *L’Oreal Telescopic
    *Lancome Defincils
    *Dior DiorShow (if you like spidery lashes)
    *Max Factor Masterpiece
    *Clinique High Impact

  • kimee

    I’ve tried quite a few and I alternate between Covergirl Lashblast (the orange one) and Max Factor False Lash Effect. I usually go for the Max Factor one when it’s on sale but otherwise the cheaper Covergirl Lashblast, provides nearly identical results.

  • silvefox

    Personally I love Maybellines XXL pro Volume Mascara, its inexpensive, widely available but most importantly it works well, for me anyway. I also really love ALMAY® intense i-color™ Mascara with light interplay™ technology it goes onto the lash really smooth and gives an even coverage, also very innexpensive but not so widely available in Aus.

  • lakshmi.95

    I love the ‘Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara’. It gets even the really fine lashes at the inside corners of your eyes without having to manoeuvre it around too much.
    For a subtle look, I prefer Mirenesse Cougar Mascara. It has a clump-free formula and a unique looking brush which works wonders.
    When I’m going all out, and can’t be bothered with false lashes, I use L’Oreal Paris’ Volume Shocking. It makes my lashes look incredible. It’s a dual ended tube; one end has the High Def Base Coat which lifts and separates the lashes, and the other end is the Exact Brush, which thickens and lengthens. It really gives a falsie effect without all the hassle

  • MidnightBlueRose

    Chanel Inimitible Waterproof mascara!

  • vonda0413

    I’ve recently discovered Rimmel Lash Accelerator serum with avec grow lash complex and Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara with avec volume boosting complex. These are supposed to not only look great but help your eyelashes grow. You are supposed to be able to see results in a week. If it’s all in my head so be it but my lashes ARE looking longer and better even when I have no mascara at all on now. I’ve used all the others and right now – this is my favorite of all time. The grow complex is used morning and night. It is worn under your mascara during the day and on bare lashes at night. The cost is reasonable at only around $10 or so each and it’s not like the growth serums you can get at the doctors which has the risk of darkening your eye color. I have blue eyes and do not want to risk them turning brown.

  • Tamina Ostling

    answering the question on a good mascara…. I believe YSL’s “Shocking” range is amazing!

  • ShelleyB

    MAC False Lashes Extreme Black is the best mascara I’ve ever tried by far! Instantly curls and gives lashes more volume I find. Think it is about $48 in NZ. Worth every penny though!

  • Tamika Mackenzie

    Im in love with the L’oreal False lash effect – 3D dimention. Comes in a futuristic case, and works a treat. I havent seen my lashes so long in a very long time. I picked mine up in a gift pack containing lipstick, eye shadow and the mascara for $15 at Priceline. It was a great buy. The mascara alone is under $30, deffinantly recommend it to anyone if you want va-va-voom lashes!

  • moxey

    Currently using a lash primer first and am definately noticing my lashes are so much longer without adding the usual 4 layers of mascara.
    Im using Estee Lauder if that helps xx

  • Carla

    I’m a eyelash extension addict and couldnt reccomend them more! If you do however wear a lot of eye make-up this option is probably not the best as the wear and tear caused by applying and taking off make-up does not fare well with the lashes. I however hardly wear any eyeshadow, etc. And there perfect for me! I wake-up in the morning pop on some tinted moisturiser, bronzer on my cheeks a little lip balm and I’m good to go 😀 Getting back to mascara though, my favourite is by Napoleon Perdis – Madame Curl Curl, I buy this off eBay for around $30! 😀

  • vavoom

    Waterproof are the best for swimmers or emotional people! But my fave is Bobbi Brown and the Maybelline Lashblast in water resistant. They are both similar but one is a lot cheaper!

  • GraciRose

    one of my favs at the moment is Maybelline One by One Volume Express- for such a reasonably priced mascara it really adds some va-va-vroom to my eyelashes. I’m not the most talented make-up artist but this one is so foolproof that even a clutz like myself can put it on without any clumps or annoying flecks on eyelids! I think it’s priced at Safeway between $10-17, I highly recommend it! Another amazing (and pricier) mascara is DiorShow by Dior, my friend recently purchased one for about $60, however I bought mine from MyChemist in melbourne for $10! it is seriously worth checking out the discount chemists for make-up!

  • amylim_1

    well, i don’t have a favourite, but I can tell you that Maybelline’s falsies volum’ express was the biggest disappointment! It was very gloopy and wet.
    What’s a good waterproof mascara that isn’t too thick? Whenever I curl and apply mascara, the curl is straightened by the heavy thick mascara!

  • LadyInLace

    An unexpectedly good mascara I’ve found is Innoxa Perfect Lash. It really defines my lashes and makes my lashes look fuller. I would recommend this as an everyday mascara rather than a going out mascara. It’s around $20 and I know Priceline and Myer sell it.

  • Samdri

    I’ve recently discovered Dior Show its around $50 but its awesome – so smooth and silky no clumps.

  • Claudia9753

    My favourite mascara at the moment is Maybelline One by One Mascara. It’s very good at defining your lashes and it doesn’t clump like some mascaras I have tried.

  • karzwholovescupcakes

    A really inexpensive amazing mascara is the Rimmel London sexy curves. This mascara is a really great defining and lengthening, and gives a really natural finish. If you are looking for a more volumous mascara I really like the Covergril Lashblast Volume and Benefit Bad Gal Lash.

  • prittykitty

    Bloom, without a doubt! It never clumps or smudges but comes off with any gentle cleanser at the end of the night. Bobbi Brown would come in a close second though, and as it’s way more expensive Bloom always wins out!

  • Soozieq35

    I really like Mirenesse and the new Fibre Lash Mascara from Model Co which is a tad more on the expensive side but really increase lash length. Both are easy to wash off although the Mirenesse one comes off in little tubes.

  • Dana

    I know this topic was a while back but I just wanted to add my fave mascara to the list. :) I like Clinique’s High Impact Mascara.

  • makeupmaven

    Rimmel day 2 night is by far the best mascara I have ever used. I don’t have long lashes, and they are quite fine, so i always try to look for a volume or legenthing one, its really hard to find one that does both.

    Rimmel day 2 night immediately is set apart from others, it has two wands, the day time wand, this really lengthens the lashes. The second wand is for night (however I use it after the day wand to give it an extra kick!) it really creates volume.

    I didn’t realise how good this was until I received a few comments asking for the brand or if I had extensions!

    I am never buying high end again.

  • pumpkin88

    Im a mascara freak! Honestly, i tried so many …. My favourite of all time was lancome Fatale before they discontinued it :( a couple of years ago. Now im searching for THE ONE to replace it but nothing just yet….Lash blast by covergirl and 2000 calories by Maxfactor are reasonably good for the time being…

  • jessikins

    My fav mascara is Max Mactor Masterpiece. It doesnt clump or smudge and it defines my lashes nicelyl. Overall, its great for everyday use.
    However, I wouldnt recommend it if you’re looking for a mascara that adds a lot of volume.

  • cherg

    I now always buy Maybelline Falsies it works for me. I find the more expensive mascara’s don’t last as long.

  • thecatwhosawstars

    I also am on the hunt for a holy grail mascara. I have heard awesome tales of Dior Show and Dior Hypnose Dolls Eyes mascara’s. So when I have used up my average current ones (Revlon and Jane Iredale) I will try these 2 out for sure.

  • ichigo

    I’ve got really oily eyelids so non-waterproof mascaras tend to smudge everywhere for me. Now I always use Covergirl Lashblast.

  • brookemopolitan

    I’m a big fan of Sexy Curves by Rimmel (which is the dumbest name ever, but it gives me super long lashes so *shrug*). One tip I’ve discovered is to put your mascara in your bra. Before I even start my base, my mascara goes to visit the girls and by the time I’m ready to use it, the mascara has warmed slightly and goes on much easier and doesn’t clump. I absolutely swear by it :)

  • allybee

    Hypnose Doll Eyes!

  • Emma Steele

    The brand new BENEFIT mascara is amazing!! I have attached the link.

  • Sparklehorse

    I use Shiseido Majolica Majorca, my housemate got it for me for my birthday went she went home to Singapore. I now have to buy it online cause I can’t find it anywhere in Australia, and it’s the best range of mascaras I’ve ever found. It’s smudge/waterproof, not clumpy, and if you forget to take it off, it will stay on your lashes for like 3 days!

  • smashleighbeauty

    I have several.
    1. MAC Studio Fix mascara.
    2. Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes
    3. Lancome Definicils.
    4. Benefit They’re Real mascara.
    5. Max Factor 2000 Calorie.
    6. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide mascara

    These are the ones that are currently in my make up draw. They’re all fabulous! I work in cosmetics and I would recommend any of these in a heart beat. :) Hope this helps.

    • Sarah Lamberton

      I use to use Max Factor 2000 Calorie back in the day… I prefer the ones I use now but that was the best one of Max Factor

      I now use Maybelline Great Lash ($10-$16) and now I use YSL Shocking (approx $60)

  • Brooke Elyse Gerrick

    Clinique High Lengths Mascara is my go to but if im feeling splashy DIORSHOW !
    Plus if its looking manky, a couple of eye drops loosens up the lascara and sanitises it !

  • sarahssbabiee

    My favorite mascara would be L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara:) its just simply amazing!

  • Cara

    I <3 Clinique Lash Power Mascara!!
    It does't run and comes off with warm water. Great for people with sensitive eyes – No makeup remover needed.

  • TriedandTested

    Mine would be Benefit’s Theyre Real or Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Black Drama! They’re both very similar but I struggle to to remove Benefit’s with a normal eye makeup remover which is the only downside of that mascara. Both dont flake, smudge and give great volume and length

  • snowpea

    I really like the Clinique high impact mascara for everyday use and I like Napoleon Perdis’ ‘mesmereyes’ for weekend wear.

  • ArththyS

    My absolute favorite is Dior Diorshow. It looks amazing, but I would highly recommend it for evening wear.

  • aislinmcleod

    For natural looking lashes, Maybelline Full N Soft, oh my gosh this stuff is just so amazing! I have a back up tube ready to go already. Beautiful lashes – just enough volume and length and not even a bit crunchy :)

  • StyledByNatasha

    They’re Real by Benefit, though will be trying out the Lancome Hypnose Dolleye’s mascara soon when it arrives.

  • Marisa Robinson

    I have used a lot of mascaras but so far nothing beats Cover Girls LashBlast in the orange bottle. The rubber wand and bristles really work when it comes to adding volume and length to my lashes and I find it doesn’t get clumpy at all!

  • TripCostello

    Avon SuperDrama.

  • Edwina Lindsay


  • beautybabe1

    Benefit They’re Real mascara is great.

  • Amelia Murden

    I’ve been using Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex for ages now, & it’s a great, cheap mascara that makes my lashes look huge!

  • Nadia

    My current favourite is Maybelline Mega Plush. Its got a flexor brush which enhances the natural look if applying during the day, but also allows for a much fuller night look. Its so easy to apply, doesn’t smudge and also works great for bottom lashes. It removes easily though, so when you’re tired at the end of the day you don’t need to scrub your eyes to get rid of it.

  • Aisha Aizee

    There are lots of different favourites of every girl but my all time buddy is Volume Express
    waterproof mascara my Maybelline. I just luv it.

  • India Weaver

    maybelline illegal lengths is my all time favourite!
    for the summer i love revlon grow luscious, as it gives a natural look and curl that isnt too heavy :)

  • prittykitty

    Bloom Full’n’flirty – gives great definition and length and doesn’t irritate my eyes like most maybelline etc brands do! Also comes off with a gentle cleanser, no makeup remover required for this low-maintenance gal!

  • Steph

    I like the Mirenesse 4D – doesn’t run or smudge, good staying power, and it helps the lashes grow (a little anyway), I really want to try the Avon Mega Effects mascara- the different brush has me intruiged

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