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"A little bit of the boring stuff to make sure the DDGD forums are a fun and spam free place to be."


1 - If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

Please be nice to each other, anyone found to be posting abusive, insulting or just plain nasty things, or harassing anyone (or us) in anyway will be blocked from the site (and all points will be forfeited).

2- Don't spam

Spamming is when you either post a whole bunch of repetitive things, or when you post up about a product/site or brand that you actually work for. Both are pretty obvious, and again will end up with you being banned.

3 - Don't post anything illegal or offensive.

Not that we really should have to say this, but if anyone is found to be posting anything illegal, pornographic etc.. you're outta here!

4- Don't post any  personal details.

Please make sure you never post your email address, phone  number, home address, credit card details etc..

5- Anyone can comment, but to add a new topic/post you must be a DDGD member.

By participating in the DDGD forums it is assumed that you have read these rules and you are agreeing to abide by them.

Happy posting xo


Posted by: DDGD - Kate


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