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Heya DDGDers :)

So a little while back I entered a comp through SurfStitch called 4K in 24 hours, you had to write how you would spend $4000 in 24 hours for a big adventure. I was selected as one of four finalists (yay!) The winner will be chosen by the most "likes" their entry gets on the SurfStitch blog. A couple of the other entrants have hundreds of vote and I only have 19 :( ... entries close tomorrow at Midnight (28/02). Please help me so maybe I'll win and I can finally purchase some of the many items I lust over in the dShop!
All you need to do is follow this link find my entry (Tess Thomson) and click "like". I would be so appreciative if you have a spare second to help a fellow fashion addict out :)
P.S. I've been avoiding do this as I didn't really want to put a request like this on DDGD, but it seems I really need your help!!

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