HELP! My lips are so dry, they peel and crack.

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I've seriously dry lips. I drink lotsa of water, trust me, and I am constantly using lipbalm/lip treatment but the moment I stopped using lip balm even just for day, my lips will start to peel again, worst is when it crack and my lips bleed. is there any products that will help in the long run?

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  • Peta says:

    I have this problem as well, I can never go for a day without balm, my lips just dry out so much! I also drink heaps of water and I don’t work in air-conditioning either. I have been cutting down on my lip balm addiction by using Dermal Therapy balm, which you are only meant to apply 3-4 times a day and it will keep your lips really hydrated. It works really well, but I am still terrified by the thought that I might leave home without at least 1 balm with me! Any tips for getting over this problem long term would be great.

    • dddorothy says:

      yes, it’s the thought of having to go through a day w/o lip balm is what scares me. :/ Dermal Therapy balm? I’ll def try that. thanks a bunch!

  • Rebecca says:

    In winter I tend to get dry and cracked lips. My hands start to dry out too. I hate it. Right now I’m using a vitamin E lip balm from the Body Shop. It has SPF15 in it too which is a plus. I use it pretty religiously through out the day though. Such a pain if I forget to put it in my handbag. Maybe go down to your local pharmacy and see if they stock anything. I might try looking for that dermal therapy balm Peta mentioned myself. My problem might be mainly seasonal but it’s not even winter yet and my lips are already starting to get painful cracks. :(

    • dddorothy says:

      my place is summer all year long. but my lips are insane. I’ve used body shop’s vit e lip balm for as long as I can remember. it’s good. but yeah, we should give that dermal therapy balm a go. and oh for your hands, I use crabtree and evelyn hand therapy and they are really good.

  • maddisonkatya says:

    paw paw ointment is a classic and works so well, because it’s thick and almost provides a shield kinda. the kind that comes in a red tub and tube is the best type. and it tastes and smells great too!

  • troon13 says:

    Try paw paw cream.

  • Gillianlisa says:

    Vaseline,it has always worked a treat for me.And is as cheap as chips :)

  • Nailart says:

    If you actually go a couple of days without applying balm or licking them, then after those few days you will find that you need to use the balm a lot less, its a couple of days of pain and annoyance, but pays off in the long run!!

    • dddorothy says:

      somehow it does gets better after a few days w/o lipbalm but my dry chapped lips always comes back.

  • alexandrajayne says:

    Paw Paw Ointment is great, and it’s not too expensive. I find Lucas Paw Paw ointment is really good, and it’s available in most supermarkets!

    • dddorothy says:

      thanks, but I cant seem to get those paw paw ointment here in my country. shiznit.

  • taylee says:

    vaseline, the basic

  • laurfree says:

    I wouldn’t go past Carmex lip balm. It says it’s for coldsores, but I use it as an everyday lip balm and it’s amazing. Within a few hours your chapped lips will feel incredible!

    • Meowners says:

      Seconded. Carmex is the only thing that lasts, for me. It’s even better than paw paw ointment.

  • Brides says:

    Have you tried scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush? I know it sounds kinda weird but when I get dry, flaky lips I use a toothbrush to gently scrub away the dry skin. I then apply some lip balm and I find that they’re no longer as dry and it’s like the lip balm can penetrate a lot better.

  • ichigo says:

    What has worked for me is “deep conditioning” your lips once in a while. I lather A LOT of vaseline on my lips, cover my lips with cling wrap to retain the heat to allow the vaseline to work through my lips, and use a cloth to press down in the cling wrap to retain even more heat. I do this for maybe about 10 minutes then take the cling wrap off and wipe off the excess vaseline. It seems to work for me :)

  • Dee Cerminara says:

    Try Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protectant or even the orginal 8 hour cream and smother all over. I have used paw paw ointment, vaseline, blistex and have found none work as good as the Arden product does

  • breanna says:

    The best product I’ve found for dry lips/skin is Bepanthen – I’m pretty sure you can get it from any chemist (perhaps even Woolworths stocks it now?) – don’t be put off, even though it says it’s for nappy rash you can definitely use it for your lips! You don’t need much and I just pop it on at night and let it do its stuff. I used to have terribly dry lips (I was on Roacutane (sp?) for around 6 months and resembled a sultana) and was also prone to windburn when I was younger – this is the only thing that helped soothe the pain and help reduce the problem.

    Still, as other people have said, the biggest thing is to try and reduce your use. Most products dry your lips meaning you want to put more product on (a vicious cycle much like cleansing and then moisturising to get rid of acne).

  • Sophie Egan says:

    I used to be addicted to Lucas Pawpaw ointment but Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is AMAZING!!!!!! Stops the cracking in the corners of your mouth too! Its a little bit pricy but lasts ages!!!!

  • Rosy says:

    I get exactly the same thing and it is really annoying and painful.
    I’ve only recently learnt that vaseline isn’t good for lips like this because it actually coats the lip but doesn’t soak in. It feels nice but is actually making the problem worse.
    Lips need to breathe and heal on their own so be careful when choosing a lip balm as the ones with petroleum aren’t right.
    The best ones are the ones with natural ingrediants

  • Wendy Widdicombe says:

    Try jojoba – found in health food stores. Jojoba is 100% natural, jojoba looks like an oil but it is actually a wax – the closest wax to your skin. Jojoba contains powerful antioxidants and healing vitamins. Jojoba will penetrate deeply into the skin leaving it moisturised, cleansed and hydrated like no other product. I would recommend The Jojoba Company’s as it is an Australian product.

  • HannahMatthews says:

    the body shop has an awesome lip scuff for getting off some of the dry skin and exfoliating before you moisturize them, leaves your lips feeling so soft and helps the lip balm soak in better!!

  • Atrisha says:

    I would simply recommend giving your lips a bit of exfoliation with a toothbrush and sugar paste, and gently work it into your lips for a few minutes and then try some deep conditioning balm of your choice.
    Your lips are just like your legs they need to be exfoliated often but we often forget our poor lips, I know I do until winter sets in and my lips start to dry and peel.

  • darlingnat says:

    I would highly recommend Lipobase (Night repair) from the chemist, previously I could’ve and would’ve recommended Lucas Paw Paw until I recently discovered itcontains petrochemicals mmm petrol on your mouth not so yummy.

  • allybee says:

    On top of using lip balm, try a lip scrub like the sugar scrubs from lush- the sugar exfoliates your lips and the oil will help moisturise them. Also this way you can wear lipsticks without your lips looking dry.

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