Hot topic: Kate Moss V Kate Middleton – which wedding would you prefer?

Hot topic: Kate Moss V Kate Middleton   which wedding would you prefer? | uncategorized  picturesIt's a Kate-off! They are both British royalty in their own way, and they both recently walked down the aisle in weddings which cost roughly the same as the national debt of some small countries. But while one set of nuptials was gigantic and highly traditional, the other was comparatively low key, intimate and understated. So if it was your big day (and money was not an issue) which style would you prefer?

The dress: Kate Moss wore a vintage John Galliano, Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen.

The venue: Mossey opted for a small village church in the Cotswolds, Princess Kate walked up the aisle at Westminster Abbey

The groom: Mr Moss (aka Jamie Hince) is a skinny-jeans wearing rockstar, Prince William is the heir to the British throne.

The guests: The Supe's guest list was strictly A-List including Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Jude Law and Jade Jagger, while the Royals sent out invites to nearly every world leader - and the Beckhams.

The kiss: Mr and Mrs Hince stopped to pose for photos outside the church including a nice big smooch (hubby had a ciggie in hand at the time), The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had to wait over an hour for their first kiss which was basically a peck (although they slipped in a second one as a crowd pleaser at the end).

The reception: The Mosses are thought to have spent close to $1million on a 3-day reception marathon, which includes entertainment from Snoop Dog, Shirley Bassey and Beth Ditto. The royals wedding was followed by an intimate afternoon luncheon for 650 of their nearest and dearest, which was then followed by an evening shin dig for just 300.

So which wedding would be more your style?...




  • Coco Loco says:

    I prefer the more classic style of Kate Middleton (if you can get rid of the boring drawn out bit though)

  • Karyl says:

    I would opt for Kate Middleton’s royal wedding – 1. because it was more my style of tradition and class, but 2. mostly because she became an actual princess!!!…..oh and you cannot go past a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress!!

  • Sarah says:

    I know it was long but I loved the royal wedding. Who doesn’t want to grow up to be a princess one day :)

  • Kyra Pybus says:

    Moss, always the Moss.
    She didn’t have to accommodate royal protocol and the worlds media, she just had a big dreamy romantic party with the people in her world that truly matter.

  • Bianca-Rose says:

    I’d definitely prefer the more casual laid back version, i.e Kate Moss’s

  • Lisa says:

    Love the laid back nature of kate moss’s wedding and party… I’d leave out the too-hard partying and the husband’s chain ciggie’s though! Wedding kiss with ciggie? The Brits like to think they are a class above Aussies, but they can so often be sooo low-rent crusty and gross!!

  • nettyballs says:

    i am definetly a kate moss wedding fan, she’s so rock and roll, 3 day reception hell yes!

  • monisme says:

    Oh there are elements of both that I love, but ultimately they are both too much fuss for what I want. Although, who hasn’t ever dreamed of a princess wedding?!

  • Fiona says:

    I’d like none other than my own.

  • jasmine says:

    Kate Moss, im not much for huge fancy wedding with everything on show to the world, i dont really care about the royals either, there not my cup of tea!

  • caitlin says:

    I absolutely LOVED Kate Moss’ wedding dress and the idea of getting married in the country. However, her 3 day reception is a bit much for me so I would essentially choose Kate Moss’s dress and ceremony and Kate Middleton’s reception. Best of both worlds, is that allowed?

  • Zerotolove says:

    Kate Moss, Rocker/ model wedding all the way! x

  • vavoom says:

    Middletons because she had a real big one!

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