I am big busted and have alittle bit of a belly,What type of cocktail dress looks best?

Hi DDGDers!

I am looking for a cocktail dress for our work Christmas party in a few weeks, I'm keen to make the most of the good Aussie dollar and buy online but I have no idea what shapes will look best. Help!!!


  • Maria says:

    Oh, i love Joan Holloways style! Wish i could help you hun, but i have the opposite question, what about for small busted?

    Plunging necklines, actually might look great for big busted girl, now that i think about it. 😀

  • DDG TEAM says:

    May I introduce you to the DVF wrap dress? Friend of the curvy gal everywhere. A friend of mine has a similar sounding shape to you and she swears by them.

    I love this style because it’s still the ever slimming black, but with a few fashion forward touches. Plus the shoulder detail will help to distract from any problem spots.

    This ones not cheap, but DVF do great sales so suss out the sale section too! http://www.dvf.com/dvf/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=cat20014

  • julia truong says:

    curves are the new trend, well more like its back from the past. Louis Vuitton is one of the well known designers that appreciate it and actresses in Mad Men are absolutely stunning. So for a beautiful christmas party you could consider the 60s look. Classic and chic! Unfortunately Louis Vuitton isnt really the choice of clothes i suggest you get because A) its not Australian label and B)Theres a lot of sacrifice you have to make for a gown from Luis Vuitton. May i suggest Wheels and Dollbaby, a few of my friends are pin up models and they love Wheels and Dollbaby they also have big busts as well. Also Dita Von Teese was the face of wheels and dollbaby and she pulled it of perfectly. This label is affordable and an Australian Brand, i hope you like it :)

  • vavoom says:

    A fitted bustier style on the top with a flowy skirt. Lovely!

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