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I love this shoo and the shop these girls work in where people consign used designer clothes and they can be bought really cheap! Do we have a shop like that in Sydney?

Posted by: bebbageorge

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  • lollyish

    That younger chick with the dirty blonde hair shits me so much I can no longer watch this show. It’s a shame, because I really love it and wish there was a similar store in Brisbane, but her voice and the way she swishes her head from side to side when she talks just drives me mental. Can’t do it.

    • nettyballs

      i thought i’d love this show but after 2 episodes i just can’t watch anymore, they are such annoying people!

  • troon13

    Good luck – there are great shops such as this in Brsbane eg Secondi in Morningside. There is bound to be a good one near where you live!

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