Is white alright (when you’re not the bride)?

 Is white alright (when youre not the bride)? |  pictures
 Is white alright (when youre not the bride)? |  pictures

Kate Middleton did it, so do Kate Moss, and now Kim Kardashian has followed in their footsteps not just dressing her bridal party in the formally bride-only hue, but also requesting her guests wear it too.

So does this mean that the age old rule that you can't wear white to a wedding is now out the window?

What do you think?

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 Is white alright (when youre not the bride)? |  pictures

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  • hennypenny says:

    It must be okay if the bride says it’s ok, such as asking guests to only wear black or white. But if the bride doesn’t say it’s ok, it’s rude.

  • I vote no, however the dress code for KK’s wedding was apparently black and white, but like most celeb weddings… don’t try this at home folks!

  • lauren says:

    I personally wouldn’t (unless specifically asked to) but it seems the fashion rulebook is out the window for good.

  • Tora says:

    I say whatever the Bride intends – goes!

  • Jessica says:

    I think it has to be tasteful & not just an outfit that is completely white- in fact I would try to add as much colour through accessories as I could!

  • vonda0413 says:

    There were rules for not wearing white or trying to out dress the bride for a reason. It is HER day, not yours. I, personally, would NOT.

  • tamika says:

    In my personal opinion, white isnt to be worn by anyone at wedding other than the bride, even if she allows anyone to dress in white. To me its a bit disrespectful. I think its best to go in any other colour

  • vavoom says:

    It seems a bit weird – like they’re trying to have a bit of the spotlight on them or something but if the bride wants it then it’s good!

  • troon13 says:

    I wore white with a pink sash to my friends wedding when I was young(er) and I felt uncomfortable. I thought later that it would have been better to allow the bride to be the only one in white….

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