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I've been thinking it's about time for me to get my jewellery organised as my stash seems to be growing every day - any one have any tips or great things that they use to organise?

Posted by: aislinmcleod

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  • candyice_22

    I keep mine in a huge decorative box each in clear snap lock bags. As I’ve managed a costume jewellery store before I know that if you don’t keep them free from dust they won’t last as long. I am looking to get one of those large mirrors that open up into storage for your jewellery, they’re about $100 on ebay.

    • jessikins

      My friend has one of those mirrors that opens up. I seriously love it. But I just dont have the space in my room for it otherwise I would totally get one of them.

  • aislinmcleod

    Oooh that’s cool candyice – clear snap lock bags sound like a great idea and I’m definitely thinking of getting one of those mirrors that opens up when I can afford it :)

  • Brides

    I haven’t made one myself, but I love this idea. Looks pretty straight forward.

    My jewellery currently lives under my bed perfume gift boxes- it gets tangled all the time! :S

    • jessikins

      I would love to make something life this and I have space in my room to hang photos.
      I also seen a similar idea for make up too.

  • Peta

    I have a jewellery stand like the picture. It works well for things I wear all the time; they are easy to grab and easy to put back, plus it looks awesome. For other things I have a multi-layer jewellery box which I can add to when I get more items.

    • Peta

      The stand is like THIS picture. Whoops!

  • Boo

    For all my necklaces I use those stick on hooks on the back or a door or in the wardrobe.
    Also for bangles etc Howard’s storage have storage with lots of pockets you can hang over the back of a door – easy to see everything at a glance!!

    We are redoing our wardrobe at the moment & I’m thinking of replacing the hooks with a funky piece of wood with some unique different door handles and hanging this up!!

    • Brides

      Boo that’s a great idea! I foretell a weekend project very soon, creating jewellery storage on the inside of my wardrobe door. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • michelle

    I found an old plastic box with compartments that used to hold beads and covered the bottom with black felt using a hot glue gun . I can’t remember where I originally bought it, but you should be able to get them at shops such as Red Dot or The Reject Shop, or craft stores. I hang long necklaces on a hook.

  • Marisa Robinson

    I always found that when I stored by jewellery in boxes I forgot about it and never wore it. So I have started hanging my necklaces on my ceramic jewellery tree which I bought from Hart and Heim and also hanging them around candle vases I have so again they are always in sight and also look pretty hanging from my favourite candles! Then for earrings I bought a vintage glass bowl and put them in there as well as hang them off the sides so I can see what I have. Rings I normally put in a smaller ceramic bowl :)

  • terri_berri

    I bought this Samanatha Wills Jewellery Chest about a year back, not only does it look pretty, but it holds a tonne of things.

    • boo

      OMG I’m so jealous terri_berri!!!
      I am obsessed with SW at the moment! Love love love this chest – unfortunately I don’t think I could justify the spend at the moment! 😉

  • Lucy Margaret

    I have a friend who uses fishing line for some of her jewellery. Not too sure how it works but she has it strung on her wall and I think she just hooks earrings and clips bracelets on it?

  • Amelia Murden

    I have one of these for my earrings & it works great!

  • sue Westlake

    I have a friend who bought me two holders shaped like black dress. One side has lots of little pockets. I hang my earrings of these.They have coarse fishnet so you can put studs if you wanted. On the other side has ties where you could use to hang necklaces. I use a rectangle with cup hooks on the material. I have two ringholders and I put bracelets in the pockets of the dress. Bed bath and beyond and Sam Moon has great holder and displays.

  • Lilian Schulz

    I have to see my costume jewelry, not so much the real stuff, that I put in an old DIOR beauty bag, I inherited from my mother. The big bangles + watches I have in a writingdesk that has a glasstop with pullout drawers from a Fashionstore I had long ago + rings I put in a pretty ceramic bowl + long necklaces I hung on pretty brasshooks in my bedroom + on sconces (wall candleholders). And some jewelry I put in a pretty brasspot which has a handle.I need to see the things otherwise I forget about them + I don’t like plastic.

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