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I'm considering taking the big bold laser hair removal plunge but wanted to know what are people's true tried & tested thoughts on this? Does it actually work? Any negatives? Positives? Do tell!

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  • GMeers says:

    Yes it works and it’s great! It feels a little like being flicked with a rubber band when you first get a treatment, or if you go 3 months between treatments (which is the usual time after the first 6 or so sessions). So it is a little bit, um, surprising when this occurs on your lady parts! But the results are quick, long-lasting and effective at reducing regrowth for light hair, and usually dark hair doesn’t come back at all after a while! (something to do with the darker pigmentation attracting the laser light better). Anyway it’s not super-cheap but shop around for a price you’re happy with and go for it because it’s worth it! (and the place I go, Results Laser, are happy to do a bit extra if you ask!) :)

  • Tess says:

    I’ve been humming and harring about laser hair removal for yonks now! Are there any ladies out there with sensitive skin that have had this procedure? How did your sensitive skin cope with this procedure?? The girls at the salon I go for waxes say they’re sure I’d be fine, but I’m still a bit unsure. The cost also is quite high, I’d practically want a guarantee that my hair would eventually be gone to heaven for good lol!!

    • rochellemara says:

      I have sensitive skin and it was fine for me- a bit red for a short time but no real irritation and not much pain. I got it done thru a cheap offer but should go back for a top up really.

  • GMeers says:

    Well I don’t have sensitive skin but the treatment left me with a little sensitivity for a few hours. And they tell me that blonde hair doesn’t go away forever (and I believe that may be true also for grey and red hair) but darker hair should be banished forever after only 6 or so sessions.

  • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

    Tess you could probably ask to do a test patch somewhere like inside your arm or something, just to make sure??

  • Tess says:

    Hey gals, thanks for the fast responses! Hmmmmm, yeah they have offered test patches Kate, I just keep opting out at the last moment. My hair is natural very dark so maybe I should give it some real consideration….
    Thanks again for your comments :) xx

  • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

    I think that in the long run it will be a lot less irritating than a lifetimes worth of shaving/waxing/creams etc.. but just need to make sure it isn’t painful for you!

  • Monique says:

    I want to take the plunge so badly! I am so sick of waxing myself it is ridiculous, and I refuse to pay for someone else to do it when I know I can do it myself haha

  • bunny_rosa says:

    I personally have had a good/average experience with laser hair removal.
    I completed my 8 courses over a 6 week intervals, and regularly get a 6 month touch up, let’s face it, you should always get touch ups to help maximize the removal, or why bother getting it done at all, IMO it is worth it, it makes sections a lot finer and less hair, and other areas completely gone. Some places offer deals, get this area done, get that area for free, bring friends – free treatment, ect, laser is also great for people who experience bad ingrown hairs!
    As said above, shopping around for a good therapist is probably more important, as you want results!
    In some areas have completely no hair, an others still have bits. I have some of the finest hair though throughout my body, so it is a lot easier for laser to work with me. For those who would like to know what it feels like, I agree %100 as above, it is like a hot rubber band flicking you (I am great with pain and never flinched once) but all in all, I would recommend it more than any other hair removal option :) xx

  • jessikins says:

    I haven’t tried laser hair removal, but have you used an epilator before? It could be a good alternative for some parts of your body if you’re still unsure about laser hair removal.

    It has basically the same results as waxing in that it pulls the hair out at the root, and grows back a lot finer/less coarse than shaving. It’s also suitable for legs and under arms/arms. It hurts a bit but you first use it, but after a couple of weeks there is no pain and its much quicker, convenient and a lot less messier than waxing.

    There I sometimes has sensitive skin and epilating doesn’t irritate it at all.

    I dont really have any cons for epilating. I also save heaps of money not getting my legs waxed at beauticians anymore.

  • Tess says:

    A bit of an update on this: Thanks to the fantastic offer promoted through DDGD via Clearskin Clinics Austrlia, I am pleased to say I tried laser hair removal for the first time last night. It was certainly an eye opener! A little painful, yes, but nothing that couldn’t be handled with the odd grimace.
    I was very impressed with the clinic and the clinician, very professional and made sure I was fully informed of the process, the expectations (they basically can’t guarantee permanent hair removal, only reduction). I had a brazillian treatment and also my underarms and the biggest surprise for me was how super fast the whole process was – my underarms were done in literally seconds each!!
    I left with an at-home care kit, complete with exfoliation mitt and AHA cream and bought a special priced 5 session pack, so I guess we’ll see how it goes in reducing the overall thickness and appearance of hair.
    Can I ask anyone with experience in laser treatments: How long does it take for the zapped hairs to fall out in your experience?

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