Looking for an inexpensive alternative to OPI “Liquid sand” nail polish

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Does anyone know of another (readily available in Adelaide, western suburbs) nail polish in the Liquid sand/ Concrete / Texture style.
I've found a few brands online, (China Glaze, Milani, Barry m etc) but none that are stocked local to me.
Help! i really wanted some for the weekend, but finding it hard to justify $20 for one polish.

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  • allybee says:

    Zoya PixieDust collection is pretty similar I think: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoya-Nail-Polish-Australia/100841826624199

    I’m not sure where you would buy this in Adelaide though. Otherwise you could get the Mariah Carey OPI minis? There are four of the little polishes for $25 and they’re all liquid sand I believe.

    • Miette says:

      Thanks! I will check out zoya! I did consider the minis but I really would only wear the one colour (pinkish coral)
      Thanks for your reply :) Happy Friday!

  • allybee says:

    I’m not sure what it is you like about the liquid sand polishes (textured polish is not my thing) but you could use a glitter polish, then buy a matte top coat to get a pretty similar effect.


    • Miette says:

      Hi Allybee
      Yeah I can see how the texture wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but I just love it! Thanks for your tip ill give that a try for sure! Happy Friday! :)

  • Tasha O'Connor says:

    I would love to send you some nail polish :o) I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts. We can get nail polish here for a lot cheaper than $20.00. Email me with your address…and we can be penpals :o)
    Does anyone write letters anymore??
    Tasha :o)

  • boo says:

    So, I know that OPI is super expensive in Australia (US is like $7!!!!!) but I must say it really is worth it!!
    I can so tell the difference – OPI just applies so much nicer! Just an FYI.

    I would recommend giving one a go, in a colour you know you will wear all the time to see what the fuss is about!!

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