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How do you like to shop? Recently one of my favourite florist/gift shop shut its doors and will be relaunching as an online business. I hope we still have shops to actually browse in the future!

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  • Sianii says:

    Def old school style…onlines good if you don’t have that particular shop(I live in Darwin unfortunately) but I don’t think you can beat being able to try things on etc. I hope there are still shops for a long time coming :)

  • LadyInLace says:

    Definitely old school. It’s never the same unless you can touch/feel and see how it looks in ‘daylight’ (or ‘real life’ as much as possible in sometimes horribly lit stores!) – photos on a screen where colours can be different from one screen to the next is just not the same. Plus for clothing you can try on multiple sizes and not worry about having to send one of them back (SUCH a bother).

    Having said that, once you see it/try it in real life it’s usually likely you can find it online for cheaper so it’s a double edged sword.

  • Rebecca says:

    I think getting to touch and feel something in “real life” is always a mega bonus. Even more important is getting to try things and seeing if the colour really does suit me and that the cut is right for my figure. Of course, online there is a greater range to be accessed and sometimes the price is simply better. That said, the very mast majority of my clothes are purchased the old school way but there are quite a few online purchase that I an eyeing at the moment.

  • Peta says:

    Both! When I don’t know what I’m looking for or want to try a store/brand I don’t know, real life stores are the best. But if I know the brand, know what I want, what size, colour etc, then online is the best. For other non-wearable items (e.g. gifts, books) I also love browsing through stores to get ideas.

  • prittykitty says:

    OLD SCHOOL! Except maybe for accessories, things that don’t need fitting….But I only ever shop in-store for clothes as if I’m spending my hard-earned cash I want to make sure it will fit perfectly.

  • lalacoco says:

    I have to admit that I am a major online shopping addict. I actually work in a clothing store but from my experience everything you see on the racks is out there somewhere online wayy cheaper. The only thing I dont like about online shopping is having to return! But as far as sizes/cuts go, you just have to be careful about the kinds of things you buy online! I would always buy a very fitted dress or more expensive item in a real store. But for bags, shoes, general clothing online shopping has me sold.

  • troon13 says:

    I am loving micro and witchery online. I always check sizing out first in the “real” shop and then when there is a sale, or the store doesn’t have my preferred size or color I can shop online confidently.

  • I love looking at the clothes online and imagining the outfits you could make haha but still I hate to buy things without seeing what they look like on. Most clothes look completely different on different people, if that makes sense lol :)

  • izzy15 says:

    I’m obsessed with online shopping, mostly for the convenience and cheaper prices, but it’s so useful to be actually able to see and feel the item in real life. For shoes for example the sizing always differs online and you need to physically try them on instore. For clothes sometimes the photography makes them look better and in real life the material and look could be completely different.

  • windowshopper says:

    I have found some great online shops. For me if I can return an item then I am 10 times more likely to take the risk in the first place.

  • RTaylor says:

    I prefer online because the selection is much better. I have spent many hours in a shopping center looking for something as simple as plain black pants without much success, yet online I can literally find hundreds with a click of a mouse.

  • rochellemara says:

    For accessories and books I buy online. Unless its a brand I know and and I know sizes and fit I tend to buy in real life. I love online browsing but real life window shopping is so much more fun and fulfilling!

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